Credit Card Skimmers Attack Arco Gas Stations In California

UPDATE: $300,000 Credit Card Skim Was “Model Employee” Scam

Criminals have been attaching credit card skimmers to gas pumps at Arco stations in California, stealing over $100,000 so far from about 80 people.

The victims purchased gas at Arco stations, which only accepts cash or debit cards. Thieves attached a card-reading device to the payment machine’s keypad that allows them to steal bank card numbers and personal identification codes.

It can be hard to spot a modded card reader or ATM machine, although if you see something that looks blatantly tacked-on you might want to think twice before swiping your card there. Snopes suggests you “get into the habit of using the same ATM for almost all of your transactions so as to better recognize when something is different with the machine.”

“ATM card thieves have struck statewide” []

(Photo: blmurch)

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