Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Children’s Hospital Boston held on to the top spots for general pediatrics in the 2008 America’s Best Children’s Hospitals ranking. [U.S. News & World Report]


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  1. Lemony-Fresh says:

    Ya know, I work at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and it’s bugged me for years that – there’s a McDonalds in the lobby. Mmmpthpthpth… just bugs the heck out of me.

    It’s recklessly waving around the pinnacle of unhealthiness at a place where health is the main event. And where kids are involved.

    I’ve also wondered for years if perhaps I’m overreacting, and if others are bothered by this.

    Any thoughts?

    (similes, metaphors, no errant,, commas or cap-gun apostrophe’s, no smelting errors – do I pass?)

  2. nightsweat says:

    It should be noted that two of the hospitals that moved up a lot (Rainbow and Pittsburgh) in the U.S. News list have been advertising more this year. The list is based on reputation, not on an objective metric like outcomes, so it is vulnerable to PR and advertising efforts to change perceptions.

    That said, if you go to any of the top 20 hospitals, you’ll be taken care of very well. Beyond the top 3 in any list, though, I’d be wary of the PR/Advertising effect.

  3. ReverendDrGladhands says:

    Reputation means a lot. The missus works at a three-year-old childrens hospital that is an offshoot of a top 20 adult hospital. A lot of people in this city don’t even know that it exists because it’s overshadowed by another famous children’s hospital, and it’s on the wrong side of town. It’s world-class hospital that hasn’t been around long enough to build the rep.

  4. AmbroseP says:

    Tell me about it. I’m in the Emergency Department at HUP (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) and I’m disgusted when I see a patient pig out on a heart-clogging burger from McDonald’s.

    It’s terrible because I know that these patients are hungry and the only things there to offer are crackers, ginger ale and water. McDonald’s is the cheapest and closest food alternative…

    Not only do I love the placement of this McDonald’s, but I also love all the people smoking directly outside of the hospital.

  5. alexanderpink says:


    Yeah, there are McDonald’s in a lot of hospitals. Texas Children’s in Houston has one, as does Parkland hospital in Dallas. I know the one in Houston gives all of its profits to the hospital, not sure about the one in Parkland. I too think they should put a healthier food franchise in the hospital, perhaps subway or something similar.