Attention Hungry Insomniacs: Burger King Will Now Stay Open Until 2 AM

You know how Burger King is always closed and you have to go to Taco Bell? And you don’t even like Taco Bell? No more. Burger King has announced that it will be staying open until 2 am.

“Further extending our late-night hours allows us to meet strong consumer demand and deliver on the ‘Have It Your Way’ brand promise,” said Russ Klein, president-global strategy, marketing and innovation at Burger King, Miami, in a statement.

To promote the new closing time, the fast-food chain will launch a TV spot, directed by Spike Lee. It will feature entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, who has been recruited as the brand’s “Late Night Ambassador.”

Combs seems to be taking his new “job” seriously:

“Everyone knows I own the night,” said Combs, in a statement. “As ‘Late Night Ambassador,’ it’s my goal to get everyone involved, whether they’re leaving a club, concert or studio session. BK is the only place that does late-night right.”

Does this mean BK is going to start serving raccoon dog meat now?

Burger King Now Open ‘Til 2 A.M.
[Burger King]
(Photo: Morton Fox )

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