Searing Sword Of Schmutz Taints Aunt Millie's Bread Loaf

UPDATE: Aunt Millie’s Searing Sword Of Schmutz Is Really Just “Food Grade Oil”

Reader Christina wants to know why there’s black schmutz all over her Aunt Mille’s homestyle seeded Italian bread.

She writes:

On Wednesday I went to Meijer to purchase bread. I purchased Aunt Millie’s (Home style seeded Italian) because they were out of my regular brand (why the heck not its HFCS free) When I got home I wanted to make myself a sandwich,but to my surprise I found some mystery black stuff on my bread in diagonal slashes. At first I thought is was mold but looks more like residue stuff from some machinery.

We’d take the high fructose corn syrup over the bread-staining industrial gunk. Can anyone identify the mystery marks?

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