UPDATE: Comcast Responds To Yesterday's Article, Waives $1.99 Fee

If you read our story “Canceling HBO Costs $1.99 But Canceling Comcast Is Free, Which Do You Choose?” you should remember Jonathon who was trying to cancel his HBO with a Comcast online CSR that was offering very little help. Jonathon wrote back to us to let us know that after our story ran he received a call from a Comcast supervisor who apologized and said that the online CSR did in fact have the authority to waive the $1.99 fee. Jonathon’s letter, inside…

Hey, guys. Jonathon here. Just wanted to let you know that a Comcast supervisor called me this afternoon to apologize for the response I got from both the first and second tech. His name is Mike, though I left his last name at the office. Anyway, he indicated that these techs do most certainly have the authority to waive the $1.99 fee and apologized for causing me the inconvenience. I then asked him what we could do to lower my bill even more since I’m trying to save money. He went through all of the specials and crunched some numbers with me. Turns out that the only thing they could offer in the way of a discount was the $99 introductory package they offer new subscribers. Not a bad deal, but would only save me money if I needed phone service. I don’t, so we didn’t.

Point is that Mike was very cool. He took the time to help me, looked up info on the Comcast Tivo rollout for me, gave me the skinny on cable cards, etc. I know that you don’t usually print happy good-time customer experience stories, but I figured if I took the time to bitch about it in front of 6,000 or so people it would only be decent to give them props where due. Granted, it would have been cool if they were helpful from the get-go, but there you have it.


Congratulations. It looks like you didn’t have to choose between the $1.99 fee and the free cancellation of Comcast after all. For other Comcast customers that are trying to save on their bill, don’t forget about the magical “customer retention” representatives, who depending on your location, have broad authority to cut your bill down to size.

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