Three Comcast Contract Workers Arrested For Torturing, Spray-Painting Kitten

Three Comcast contract workers were arrested when a witness discovered that a kitten had been spray-painted and nearly kicked to death, ABC 4 in West Valley, Utah reports. Jesus Villalovos was arrested for animal cruelty and obstruction of justice and 2 other men were cited with class B misdemeanors. The men were working in the area as contractors for Comcast around the time of the incident. Details, inside…

The article says,

A three-month-old gray tabby kitten was tortured. Mike Merrill, the only witness to the crime, said, “There was four people spray painting and kicking it from side to side.”

When Merrill got to the kitten, he said it looked lifeless. He said, “Basically seemed like it was almost dead…spray painted all the way down its back.”

Animal Control officers rushed the kitten to a veterinarian with concerns of internal injuries and severe shock.

Police said the men accused of spray painting and kicking the kitten are contract workers for Comcast. The cable company released a statement saying, “We are outraged and deeply saddened by this incident. We are fully cooperating with police and will take appropriate action once we have all the facts.”

Jesus Villalovos was arrested on charges of animal cruelty and obstruction of justice. Police said Villalovos spray painted the cat and lied to them.

Two other men were cited with class B misdemeanors.

The good news is that the kitten will be just fine. Merrill said if an owner doesn’t claim the cat in the next three days, he will adopt it.

We are speechless, Comcast. We suppose when there are no little girls to run over, you resort to torturing a kitten. Bravo.

West Valley man arrested for spray painting kitten [ABC 4] (Thanks to Austin!)
(Photo: ABC 4)

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