Recalls: Scotts Caught Selling Fertilizer With Invalid EPA Registration Numbers

Apparently, Scotts forgot that they were supposed to register their fertilizer with the EPA because they were caught selling products that not only had never been registered, they had “invalid” registration numbers printed on the packages and some products had misleading labels with inadequate safety instructions. Whoooops.

Scotts has agreed to recall the fertilizer. The EPA says:

[We] ordered Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., located in Marysville, Ohio to stop selling and distributing four pesticide products. Two of these products are illegal because they were never registered with EPA and display invalid registration numbers on the labels. The other two products are currently registered with EPA. However, Scotts sold and distributed these products before they were registered, which is a violation of federal law. The labels on these two products make false or misleading claims or fail to provide adequate safety instructions to protect people and the environment.

Check your Scott’s products for the following EPA numbers:

Each registered pesticide must have an EPA registration number on its label that is specific to that product. That number may appear anywhere on the label, but is typically found near the bottom of the label on the front or back of the product. It is often designated as EPA Registration No. XXX-XXX or EPA Reg No. XXX-XXX.

If you see the following EPA registration numbers, you have an unregistered or improperly labeled pesticide:

* 62355-4 (garden weed preventor & plant food products)
* 538-301 (weed & feed and fire ant killer product)
* 538-299 (turf builder plus weed and feed product)
* 538-304 (lawn service fertilizer with .28% Halts Pro products)

If you have purchased any of these products, you should stop using them and follow Scotts recall instructions

The recall instructions are located here.

EPA orders Scotts to stop selling certain pesticides [EPA](Thanks, Greg!)

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