Sam's Click 'n' Pull Is Lame 'n' Broken

Will in Georgia thought he’d try to take advantage of the Click ‘n’ Pull program offered by Sam’s Club—you make your shopping list ahead of time (the “click” part) and the store pulls it all for you and calls you when it’s ready to pick up. Based on Will’s experiences so far, the program isn’t quite ready for Georgians.

My first experience was about a month ago when my order contained some freezer items which had to be collected when I arrived. The associate rang me up and then told me to wait at the exit for my freezer items. I waited there for 20 minutes. I then approached the Customer Service desk and after some searching around one of CS agents found my freezer items just sitting alone by the registers. Needless to say a 20 minute wait defeats the purpose of Click N’ Pull. Not to mention the rudeness of just leaving frozen product around for someone to ‘find’.

Then today (May 29th) I noticed that my most recent Click N Pull order was wrong. I hadn’t received the ‘order is ready email’ so I thought I would call and make sure it was fixed. I was on hold for 15 minutes before I eventually hung up.

I then tried the SamsClub Online number and spoke with an extremely helpful man (Darnell I think) who wrote down the SKUs of the items I needed removed and the items I needed added. He even offered to call my local store and get the changes made. After ten minutes on hold the system hung up on me.

Then five minutes later I get an email saying my order is ready for pickup. Of course I now have no idea if it’s right and will have to deal with it at the store.

It sort of ruins the goal of greater efficiency if you have to double- and triple-check the order and call customer service to remove items—or if your $36 “tiny-quart” of ice cream is melted by the time an employee tracks it down.

(Photo: Getty)

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