Personal Finance Roundup

9 Ways to Save on Gas This Summer [Smart Money] “When you add these seemingly small things together, it adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings.”

Political donations: 3 things to know [CNN Money] “Here’s how to get the most out of supporting your favorite candidate.”

Risk management [MarketWatch] “The top five risks you face in retirement, and tips on how to handle them.”

5 things you should never rent [MSN Money] “With prestige items such as big-screen TVs, renting can cost more than twice the price of buying. But there are some things you should always rent.”

When to Accept a Job Buyout [Kiplinger] “Consider the severance package, health benefits and pension payments.”


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  1. AD8BC says:

    Every week some magazine/newspaper comes up with the same ways to save gas that another magazine/newspaper came up with the week prior.

    We get it already. We know how to save gas.

    Lets save the zeros and ones for real news now.

  2. Akamaru says:



  3. ilovemom says:

    Didn’t we just see an article claiming that fuel injected engines don’t suffer decreased mileage from clogged air filters posted in the last week or so? Or was that somewhere else? And if you’ve been buying premium fuel and your car doesn’t require it you’re just plain stupid. It’s not going to clean your engine out or do any other magical/impossible things like the posters tell you, it’s just got more additive to prevent pre-ignition in high compression engines(not magical engine cleaning fairies).

  4. cmdrsass says:

    @AD8BC: I came here to post that. Some guy in 1976 wrote up a short little article on gas saving tips and it has been recycled 300,000 times since. We get it already sheesh!

  5. AD8BC says:

    @cmdrsass: @Akamaru: Believe me. I know every gas saving trick already. I have a 27 gallon tank to fill every week. It hurts, sure, but I don’t complain. I just budget more.

    Have I been obeying the speed limit? Most of the time. Are my tires properly filled? You betcha… they may even have an extra PSI in them, too. I don’t accerate hard (anymore). And I run the air conditioner as little as possible, however for a couple months each year in Dallas, it is slightly impossible.

    On the plus side, about 50% of my job involves travel, so I get to spend company money on gas in my rental cars lots of the time.