Frontier Airlines has increased the fee for transporting antlers, yes, antlers, from $75 to $100. [Frontier via Rick Seaney]


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  1. Myotheralt says:

    They tie them to the front of the plane, right?

  2. backbroken says:

    What’s the fee for the entire moose?

  3. theblackdog says:

    Is it extra if the head is still attached?

  4. tedyc03 says:

    I really can’t see this as a bad fee…really now. :-P

  5. Youthier says:

    Is this really going to increase profit for them?

  6. Chairman-Meow says:

    Oh noes!

    this is an affront to the Antler-wearing community!

  7. mndjkc says:

    You laugh, but as someone who was raised in Wyoming, Frontier is our main airline. They service most of the Northern Rockies. tens of thousands of hunters come out here each year, then fly back, deer, pronghorn, elk and moose antlers. The extra money could be bigger than you think.

  8. Wormfather says:

    Fuck, this is severe bullshit, bullshit I tell you!

  9. Mythea says:

    — It’s not just for antlers. —

    The following fees and policy changes are effective for tickets purchased on or after
    June 10, 2008:

    * Second checked bag – changing from $0 to $25
    * Oversized bags – changing from $50 to $75
    * Overweight bags – changing from $50 to $75
    * Paper Ticket Fee – changing from $25 to $35
    * Checked Pet Fee for 400 series kennels or higher – changing from $100 to $200
    * Unaccompanied Minor Fee – changing from $40 to $50 per segment
    * Antlers – changing from $75 to $100
    * Scuba equipment – changing from $0 to $100 flat fee
    * Segway Transporters, Surfboards, Wakeboards, Wave Skis, Kite Boards – changing from $50 to cumulative excess, overweight and oversized fees as applicable
    * Hang Gliding Equipment, Kayak/Canoe, Poles (Vaulting Poles), Windsurfing equipment – changing to cumulative excess, overweight and oversized fees as applicable
    * Pet In Cabin Fee – policy eliminated; no additional bookings will be taken
    * Infant seat purchase 50% discount – discount eliminated
    * Day before/day after standby – policy eliminated

  10. cmdrsass says:

    I avoid this fee entirely by bringing the antlers in my carryon. For fun, on long fights, I run up and down the aisles playing “rampaging moose”.

  11. theblackdog says:

    @cmdrsass: Really, I had always called it “horny moose”

  12. drrictus says:

    “U.S. airlines, as presently configured, were not built to deal with the reality of 130 cm antlers.”

  13. magic8ball says:

    I know this is really old, OT, and possibly a non-sequitur fallacy, but – seriously, you can bring a whole set of antlers on a plane, but I can’t bring a 16 oz bottle of water??

  14. Kitteridge says:

    Well, they are FRONTIER airlines, after all.

    I’d use them for all my antler-carrying needs just based on the name.