Former Time Warner CSR Arrested For ID Theft

A woman in Cincinnati was arrested this week and charged with two counts of identity theft and two counts of theft, for allegedly stealing the credit card information of a customer who was paying a bill in November 2007. Time Warner fired her when the investigation started and it appears no other customers were affected, but it’s a good reminder to stay on top of your credit report at all times.

It’s alleged that while Jackson worked at Time Warner, she received a payment on a customer’s account through a credit card and kept the victim’s credit card numbers. This allegedly happened at a call center located in Blue Ash, according to a Time Warner representative.

In the following weeks, Jackson allegedly ordered items over the internet and over the phone using the numbers.

Investigators said Jackson had the items sent to her home, but it is not yet clear whether that led to her arrest.

Wait, she used the stolen info to shop and mail things to her own address? We’re going to allege that Jackson was an idiot.

“Former Time Warner Cable Employee Arrested For ID Theft” [WCPO News]

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