CA Ford Dealership Apologizes For Ad Telling Non-Christians To "Sit Down And Shut Up"

On Monday, we wrote about Kieffe & Sons, the California Ford Dealership that ran a pointlessly offensive radio ad attacking non-Christians and supporters of secular government. Today, the owner of Kieffe and sons apologized for the ad.

According to the Bakersfield Californian, Rick Kieffe, the dealership owner, said he doesn’t remember approving the ad (emphasis added):

“It’s just something that went by us,” said Kieffe, who does not attend church but considers himself “a Christian spirit.” “We’re obviously sorry that it offends a given segment who identifies themselves as atheist.

Kieffe said he received a flood of angry phone calls from people around the world who saw blog posts about the story. Kieffe’s advertiser, or someone claiming to be him, apparently didn’t get the memo, as he has posted an unapologetic screed conflating gay marriage with the purchase of a Japanese car (seriously).

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(Photo: Amy Watts)

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