UPS Can't Find Your Lost Computer, So They'll Honor Their Insurance Policy

Remember Nick? UPS smashed up his insured computer and then refused to provide any compensation, even after mysteriously shipping it to a stranger. UPS’ public relations folks reached out to us after we posted his story and recently sent us an update: “…after a search of all UPS’s facilities we were not able to recover his computer.” Bummer, but all is not lost.

UPS agreed to refund $300 of Nick’s shipping costs and to issue “a goodwill payment to him for his computer.” Here’s Nick’s response:

So, a happy ending (thanks, I’m sure, to your site). Today, UPS contacted me, saying that since they couldn’t find my computer, they were going to pay out the claim on the package and refund my shipping charges. All’s well that ends well (that is, so long as they can get it delivered to the right address this time). Thanks for help in publicizing this, and the resources your site offers. I swear, you guys are better than the Better Business Bureau.

We don’t really understand how paying for an insured computer that was destroyed adds up to ‘goodwill’ so much as honoring a stated policy, or why UPS searched their facilities after they admitted to delivering the package to a stranger, but hey, Nick’s happy, and that’s all that matters.

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(Photo: The Infamous Gdub)