UPDATE: Best Buy EECB Scores A Direct Hit

If you read yesterday’s article Best Buy’s “Same As Cash” Credit Card Conceals Major Hidden Fees, you should remember Jason who got socked with some serious fees on his Best Buy/HSBC credit card. Jason wrote back to us to say that within a mere 3 hours after the deployment of his EECB, Best Buy reversed all of his fees. Jason’s and Best Buy’s letter, inside…

Just an update, after the post was made and an EECB linking to the Consumerist article you posted on my behalf, I have received the following from Best Buy’s spokesman, Robert Feivor (three hours after the EECB, if anyone is counting):


I appreciate you sharing your comments with the Executive Offices of Best Buy. I did review these and I wanted to follow up with you further regarding this. I have reached out to HSBC Bank on your behalf to make them aware of your concerns. HSBC did confirm the Account Shield was signed for at the time of application in 2005. They will send out a copy of this to you for your records. However, I can confirm that all of the fees associated with Account Shield ($172.37) have indeed been refunded to you.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and appreciate your continued patronage.

Robert Feivor
Best Buy Co., Inc.

I appreciate the quick turnaround on the story submission. I hope everyone else affected by these charges contests them in the same way, to be signed up for something without your consent is not good business and just makes people more aware and more likely to not do business with you in the future.

Congratulations, Jason. That’s the kind of news we like to hear. So what to do with your Best Buy credit card now…We’re thinking confetti.

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