Microsoft Confirms "Gaywood" Is An Offensive Surname, Mr. Gaywood Responds

Microsoft has confirmed to Richard that his name is, in fact, offensively sexual and will not be reinstated as his gamertag. (Kotaku posted their rationale, if you care to read it.) We’ve got Mr. Gaywood’s response, inside.

Richard says:

I have swapped several emails with Stephen Toulouse, the Microsoft staffer who seems to be responsible for the press briefings on this (he was the one who gave the followup story to Kotaku). Firstly, he confirmed my enforced change was /not/ because my tag is the same as my name and /was/ because my tag is deemed to be offensive. I’ve sent him the following as an email querying a few more details.

Ah, good. Thank you for clearing that up. I also noticed last night that I cannot enter my last name in the Real Name field of my Xbox profile, although I can put it in the Bio section — does it become less offensive a few inches further down the screen? I tried Heterowood and Homowood too (both were barred) but Straightwood was allowed, oddly. Even the words “Unix” and “Linux” seem to be barred from the Real Name field, which I find rather bizarre. I also note that this was a system generated response, and not the result of a complaint about me.

So, what about the international issues? Wanker is quite a common surname in Germany, and is very rude to British people but (I understand) doesn’t have as strong a connotation to the Americans — I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it on the Simpsons. Would that be allowed? What about swear words in foreign languages, how do you handle that case?

Basically, because of the international issue I think Microsoft haven’t thought this through. I am conducting a bit of investigative journalism along those lines: getting two friends to register a gamertag that is outrageously obscene but in an obscure-ish language, then getting someone else to file a complaint about it. Want to bet the complaint will be ignored? I think MS are adopting a US-centric point of view here and I don’t think that is acceptable for an international service like Live. If you’re going to start censoring words you have to do it in all the languages active on Live.

Ball’s in your court, Microsoft.


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  1. Truthie says:

    Was the word choice “balls” in the context of “Gaywood” intentional?

  2. flamincheney says:

    And M$ wonders why they are having such a tough time cracking non-North American borders. The fact that we live in such an uptight and intolerant world is truly sad.

  3. SuffolkHouse says:

    I think Microsoft is afraid of pissing off the southern Christ-Fascists.

  4. joemono says:

    How many complaints does it take to get a name banned? I mean, if I find “John Smith” offensive and get a few of my friends to email Microsoft, will they also ban that as a gamertag?

  5. flamincheney says:

    I find it funny that I still see hordes of people with penises drawn from ascii art as their clan names, but a birth name is somehow more off-putting.

  6. missdona says:

    I find Toulouse offensive. Can we get him banned, please?

  7. warf0x0r says:

    @joemono: Did you just throw out a “JS” on consumerist?!? I hope they don’t ban you!!!

  8. flamincheney says:

    To continue while I am rolling I find it interesting that it can be difficult to log onto a game without hearing ethnic slurs, misogynistic tirades, buckets of profanity, homophobic blasts, etc. Once again though a birth name is more offensive. Seems like VERY selective prosecution.

  9. mcnerd85 says:

    Yet another reason this faggot cares not about owning an X-Box 360.

  10. IphtashuFitz says:

    I find Microsoft offensive. They should change their name.

  11. @SuffolkHouse: Can we please stop progogating the stupid idea that every christian is some sort of rebublican gun toting goerge bush loving red neck. Its fucking redicules. The bible really supports none of the shit they talk about like God hating gays and all the bull shit I dont want to make a huge flame war but seriously its getting out of hand here.

    • vaguely says:

      Yes. Yes, it does. Read it. No, don’t go to your Bible/knitting circles where you just read a select psalm over and over again. Read the actual Bible (or whatever terrible mistranslated version is en vogue these days) and enjoy the breathtaking amount of rape, misogyny, torture, war, betrayal, and hate is in the pages. You embrace a religion that has, like most religions, laid the foundation to play to the worst parts of humans, and then absolves them.

    • YouDidWhatNow? says:

      Firstly, your righteous indignation is getting upstaged by your horrible grammar skills.

      Secondly, your horrible grammar skills only enhance the stupidity you display by:

      A. Being religious.
      B. Not even being aware of what the holy book of your religion says.

    • pgr says:

      Religion is for non-thinking, weak-minded people with no imagination. They have to rely on brainwashing from others to try and figure out how to live their own life.

      Sad, very sad!

  12. hi says:

    You have to understand why they ban certain names and why your name is banned (please tell me you understand). It’s not a big deal. It’s an online name. Make something up (in whatever language you choose).

    This just in the name “John” is not available!!! OMG RUN HIDE! SPAM CONSUMERIST!!!!

    • YouDidWhatNow? says:

      Are you serious?

      It’s his *name*. He doesn’t want to hide behind some made-up name, he wants to use his own name.

      And note that it’s not just the gamertag that MS is banning…he can’t even enter his name into the profile, which is seperate from the gamertag.

      If you think MS has the slightest valid standpoint for banning this guy’s name…you’re wrong. And that’s final.

  13. KIbbit says:

    since when did gay become a “bad” word again, where is the diversity?

    • Elle86 says:

      It’s the fact that all the misguided children are using “gay” as an insult again. It’s ridiculous and sad.
      MS is, however, completely in the wrong in this case.
      You cannot tell a person their name is offensive, that’s grounds for a lawsuit in my opinion. Slander..or would it be liable >.> since it’s a gamertag and all.

  14. nightshadowon says:

    I guess my cousin from the fields of England will be in for a big surprise when he tries to log in to Xbox Live next time. Ben Dover, my cousin, I am with you in spirit! –sorry tasteless joke, but out of all the people in the world someone must have that name.

    • Rachacha says:

      I went to high school with a guy named Michael Hunt…for some reason, he actually preferred to be called “Mike”.

  15. rahmja says:


    Microsoft could be offensive to men impotent men who are below average.

  16. fostina1 says:

    i find microsoft (tiny flacid) offensive also

  17. katekate says:

    @KIbbit: It’s totally ridiculous, in my opinion. It was talked about A LOT in this thread: []

  18. SkokieGuy says:

    @Deadeyereborn: Because the fundamentalist crazies are very vocal, media savvy and respond to political pandering. They impact elections, get books banned and are a pain in everyone’s ass (ooooh homosex reference, I burn in hell).

    The truly faithful that share opinions like yours are sadly generaly quietly going about their lives, doing good works instead of ramming an agenda down other’s throats and generally do not speak up to criticize or censure the fundies.

    • Darury says:

      The same can be said for almost every other group in America. I really don’t give care if Bob and Barry want to live together or even get married, but I do object to having my vacation disrupted by a Gay Pride parade in Las Vegas.

      If you really think there aren’t vocal a-holes in every group, you’re probably one of them.

      • msqualia says:

        Jeez, why do you care if there’s a pride parade in Las Vegas? First, it’s probably put on by people who LIVE there, and you’re just a tourist. Second, there are tourists who do come for the parade, and their money’s as good as yours. Pride parades tend to happen the same time every year, and if you don’t do the research on what’s going on in the area you’re going on vacation in before you go, that’s your own fault.

  19. cynu414 says:

    Too bad Stephen’s first name isn’t Nestlé. MMMmmm cookies.

  20. Shaftoe says:

    Evidently, according to a blog I read and that must be true, Bomboclaat means something horrible in Haiti.
    The blogger found out when the name was suggested for thier dog and they used it.
    the Haitian gardners said what a cute dog what is his name and immediatly quit.
    Try that on XBL

  21. @SkokieGuy: Honestly if you really read what the bible say not the old testament laws (totally different subject from what applys now) God says that he wants everyone to be saved it makes no reservations about what you’ve done honestly the whole “sin an go to hell” thing is pretty stupid considering that the word translated “hell” just means grave. People seem to forget that the bible wasnt written in english. That being said I agree the crazies are really just giving real christians a bad name Case in point Good ol’ GWB

  22. SkokieGuy says:

    From the Urban Dictionary:

    “Common Jamaican expletive” that is used in either extremes of excitment or sadness or vexation at a person or just as an expression.
    1. Why the bomboclaat you don’t leave me alone?
    2. Bomboclaat! what a girl look sweet!
    3. I can’t believe they actually did it to bomboclaat.

  23. jeadie5 says:

    If Dick Gaywood gets banned Im pretty sure that the lady at my company with the surname Cockaday doesnt stand a chance.

  24. SkokieGuy says:

    @Deadeyereborn: So if truly faithful wanted to have a huge impact in the world, instead of going along with the loud and vocal fundie minority, what about a ‘crusade’ to silence the extremists and win them back to true biblical teachings (leaving out the stoning adulterers, sacrificing first borns and a few other things)?

    Frankly, controlling religious extremism should we hasten world peace.

    Are there already such organizations in the religious community that have any significance?

  25. dry-roasted-peanuts says:

    @SuffolkHouse: It’s an online game service. They are worried about pissing off 12-year old brats. Also, Christ-Fascists? Really? That’s honestly as immature and ignorant as the people who complained about the name Gaywood.

  26. KIbbit says:

    @jeadie5: i wish MY name was Cockaday… that has to be the greatest conversation starter

  27. B says:

    Is Piglatin considered an obscure language? Cause I’d really like to get Itheadshay as my gamertag.

  28. @SkokieGuy: They did that once it was called “the way” dont ask anyone about it, it got screwed up pretty bad (it gets called a cult now) but the guy who ran it before it tanked was an amazing man. The reason we dont rebel and do all that stuff is because the profit is almost negligable (with all the infighting argueing and pretty much chaos that would result) the best thing we can do is teach as many people as we can the truth as far as we know it. It says in the bible we werent called here to change the word and that its going to get worse and worse the best I can do is to get as many people saved as I can.

  29. SkokieGuy says:

    @dry-roasted-peanuts: And has been said many times in related posts, who gives a damn what conservatives, whiny parents, religous fundies or anyone else thinks.

    If the nickname of a player is capable of creating offense, that person is far too delicate to be playing the xbox games.

    Let’s chainsaw off the prostitute’s leg, then use it to beat her to death. Should I machine guy or drive my car into the cops……damn! I just noticed another player’s screen name. I am SOOO offended. Microsoft, I’m going to sue because you permitted me to be offended.

  30. Shaftoe says:

    God bless the Urban Dictionary

  31. Truvill says:

    This is slowly starting to remind me of that one episode of “The Man Show” where Jimmy Kimmel made fun of someone’s name, only to shut up later when that same person told him that he had the same name as his father, who was a WWII vet.

    Oh boy was that awkward throughout the show.

  32. SkokieGuy says:

    @Deadeyereborn: We’re totally hijacking this thread and need to stop, but….

    You talk about not much profit. Isn’t profit part of the reason the Church is so corrupt? Wouldn’t true biblical faith shun all the wealth and power and tax-free shenanigans of most organized religion? Isn’t profit the real reason the fundies and politicians are in bed together?

  33. choinski says:

    Since the word ‘gay’ is not generally considered offensive to homosexuals, then its not the word at issue – its the definition. If ‘gay’ is offensive it must be because Microsoft considers Gays offensive. Or the concept of being Gay.

    Booo Microsoft!

  34. @SkokieGuy: Noooooooo nooo I dont mean profit in terms of money I mean profit as in gain. Like by the time you set everything up and start this crusade the infighting and chaos would make it not worth the trouble. Also yeah deffinatly wealth and power and greed have nothing to do with a real beliver the bible teaches that God can be our supplier not collection plate or something. So yeah we should stop hijacking this thread if you want to keep talking about it my AIM is “deadeyereborn” and my email is “” Id be glad to try to answer most questions you might have.

  35. Toof_75_75 says:

    @SkokieGuy: Wait a minute…Conservatives would support deregulation! :-)

  36. unravel says:

    “We want the Xbox LIVE community to have the freedom to express themselves, but we also have a responsibility to create an inclusive, safe environment,” said Microsoft’s Stephen Toulouse.

    This is beyond bullshit. I’m not sure how you create an inclusive, safe environment by excluding people because their names -which obviously aren’t meant to be offensive in the least- might offend somebody’s delicate sensibilities, oh no! Or how banning the use of the words Linux & Unix work towards that end. Or how they can say this with a straight face while appearing to turn a blind eye to the blatant nastiness that goes on over voice chat. Or while children are obviously playing games like GTA IV.

    There have been times while I’ve seriously considered purchasing a 360 to go alongside my PS3, but to date I’ve failed to do it, and with each new story I hear about the Xbox, I have to say I’m glad.

  37. Islandkiwi says:

    It’s Microsofts party and they can invite who they want. I’m sorry this guys name is considered offensive by some, and that he can’t use his real name as a gamertag. But it’s not going to kill the guy to choose a different gamertag.

    But…good lord, Dick Gaywood? Is Hugh Jass next?

  38. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    Didn’t Conan O’Brien make up a word as a curse, only to have it be used by rappers to describe wealth?

  39. pegr says:

    @joemono: Not sure if John Smith would be banned. Have you tried John Thomas?

  40. MissPeacock says:

    @choinski: Word.

  41. Lambasted says:

    Oh dear god what are we, six? It’s one thing to protect the sensitivities of others but when the man presents evidence that Gaywood is in fact his real name, it’s Microsoft’s actions I find to be far more offensive. Here is Microsoft trying to make the poor man feel ashamed of his own name.

    Gaywood. A name I am sure his father, and his father before him were proud of. A name his mother was proud to take it as her own (assuming she changed her name). A name that has been passed down and received for generations suddenly isn’t good enough for Microsoft. Well please excuse the Gaywood’s for not changing their name years ago to something more palatable. Poor great, great, great, great, great granddaddy Gaywood. He must be rolling over in his grave at the very idea that a “Gaywood” isn’t welcome but “Blackie” would be.

    All this public humiliation Micrsoft caused poor Gaywood could send him into therapy for years to cope with his emotional distress.

  42. Shutaro says:

    @Islandkiwi: No, but I think Juan Cockaday might…

  43. Angryrider says:

    What about people named Laycock? I’ve seen quite a few people with that name.

  44. SkokieGuy says:

    One of my friends is (first name / woman) named Gay. We frequently get dirty looks in public when correctly using her name conversationally in public.

  45. mike says:

    I think we should conduct an experiment. Someone say “ThePieMan Inc” is offensive. I’m usually playing Call of Duty.

    In fact, everyone that has an XBOX live account, report it as offensive. I want to see what it takes.

    And yes, that’s my real gamer tag.

  46. parad0x360 says:

    Unix and Linux are not allowed because they are brand names that are clearly used for just brands. Alot of company or product names cant be used.

  47. Lambasted says:

    @SkokieGuy: People give you dirty looks at the mere mention of the word, “gay”?! The PC Police are like a traveling circus. They sure get around don’t they.

  48. flairness says:

    I’d like to see Harry Johnson start an account.

    Or (and this is no lie) my friend Mike Horny.

  49. crabbyman6 says:

    @Lambasted: This wasn’t public until Dick brought it up with every blog on the intertubes.

    @unravel: How do you propose they police voice chat? That’s a job better left to the parent that should be there listening to it. You don’t like the chat, mute the player. Too big an issue, turn voice chat off completely. You can ignore voice chat, you can’t ignore gamertags.

    This isn’t particularly MS thinking “gay” is a bad word. MS considers it inappropriate for its customers to see these names, so really its a reflection of the times, not the MS mindset since they get outside people to check these names. Also, its in MS’s TOS that they can pretty much do whatever they want, so people should just get over it really. I hate to sound like a MS fanboy, but come on, this is really a non-issue.

    • rooben says:

      Realistically, one would be muting their child constantly whil playing games. We just dont allow our kid to play online at all. sucks, but all of the above is why we cant have nice things.

  50. carbonmade says:

    @nightshadowon: I actually knew a Ben Dover. Also a Mike Hunt.

  51. kathyl says:

    The word “gay” =/= “unsafe”.

    The mere idea that this is the summation of the reasoning for the bans (“Won’t someone think of the safety of the 13 year old boys yelling slurs and curses into their headsets as they maneuver their Halo characters to make them look as though they are doing things that most people would label pornographic”) sickens me beyond belief.

    I don’t give a rat’s butt about their ToS, selectively making an issue of a label that sometimes is used as a label to a oft-maligned minority is ridiculous treatment that they deserve to lose customers over, full stop.

    Microsoft, I use your OS because I find it better than the alternatives. Please stop making me want to find a good Ubuntu package and never look back.

  52. Shaftoe says:

    Oh boy we get to play the name game

    The french guy Hugh Jardin and his yank cousin Hugh G. Rection

    Is it possible to create private servers for the xbox like you can in other games? Then you can create your own environment and stay out if the pubs with the 13 yo smacktards

  53. TehRev says:

    The dude has the name “Richard Gaywood”? I’d demand to see a birth certificate. I doubt that is his real name. That or he changed it to that on purpose then i feel no sorrow for him. *insert attention whore picture here*

    Also who uses their real name for an online handle?

  54. mothos says:

    My mom went to school with a girl with the last name of Gobbledick. I didn’t believe her until she dug out her yearbook and proved it.

    Microsoft should step up and let a legal family name stay. People should be able to appeal the auto responder’s decision to unfairly ban a word or name. If the reason is legitimate, an exception is made for that one user. Take it case by case.

  55. FijianTribe says:

    Stop whinning, just use a different name… what kind of moron uses their real name online anyhow

  56. sonicanatidae says:

    This is a sad example of the double std Humans have become accustomed to. There are 2 sets of rules. Those we write down and show everyone to demonstrate just how superior we are and there is the 2nd set that everyone really lives by.

    When you stir the pond, you get judged on the former, rather than the latter. The real irony here is Micro$haft *will* let the truly obscene things go right by, if you’re vague enough, while folks like Mr. Gaywood get nailed to a cross to show “Microsoft takes very seriously and is taking steps to insure that is not subjected to ever again. (unstated/understood: because it’s their job to keep you safe, not sell you XYZ, then leave you the hell alone to rise or burn as you will)”

  57. Here_we_go says:


    I will agree that he shouldn’t be using his real name.

    Also, I can’t see this as being that big of a deal. It’s an unoriginal gamertag and needed to be changed anyway. Have some fun with your gamertag. At least this way they are letting him change it for free.

  58. Buran says:

    @Here_we_go: None of your business what other people choose to be called online. If we want to play that game, I hereby decree “here_we_go” to be boring and unoriginal and in need of change.

  59. Smurfy says:

    I really feel bad for anybody named Gaylord. As if having that name wasn’t bad enough…

  60. fluiddruid says:

    I’m sorry, but can’t the guy see – even for a minute – that having the name Richard (i.e. Dick) Gaywood wouldn’t be a possible fake name?

    Sure, Microsoft could have backed down, but then they’d have to argue with every name banning they do. Then, all of a sudden, they’re corresponding with Gaylord McBumstuff and wasting valuable employee resources asking for birth certificates.

  61. bleh says:

    Is Amanda Hugnkiss banned/taken?

  62. Here_we_go says:


    It’s hard for me to believe that people would get so worked up over something like this.

    If he actually goes through with his plan to make several gamertags that may be offensive in other languages and then get someone to file complaints he is gong to kill a lot of time. You have to pick your battles.

  63. Here_we_go says:

    But if that’s his thing then…….by all means.

  64. UESC says:

    @linus: uh, is that such a good idea? say you do manage to get it banned. what’s the next step? I’d imagine you would have a hard time getting the name back if you explain to MS that this was part of an experment!

    i’d think about all the hours you put in before using your primary gamertag, IMO

  65. unravel says:

    Muting the player in games where new people are constantly coming is not only a bitch, it’s potentially detrimental to my gameplay. Turning voice chat off entirely in games may also prove detrimental to my gameplay. If I owned an Xbox and were paying to use Live, I would feel as if a portion of my payment went towards the ability to use voice chat. It’s kind of like, ohidunno, I go and buy a car, and mention the horrible conditions of the road out front, and the dealer solves the problem by taking the tires off, or something.

    It’s not that I have a problem with Microsoft policing things but if they’re going to do it in one area, they should do it across the board. I’d rather see 13 Richard Gaywoods in a game than have one thirteen year old asshat make comments about what he’d do to my breasts if his mom just would load up the minivan and bring him to my house.

    Maybe I could understand if he’s hanging out in multiplayer areas of games rated E or T, but if he’s sticking to M… :shrug:

  66. 602086 says:

    People give me hell just by hearing me talking in spanish over xbox live. So even if Microsoft lets you use Gaywood, it wouldn be a wise choice if you are planning on playing online.

  67. mantene says:

    What is Steve BALLmer’s tag? Surely it doesn’t allow him to use his last name, since it has the offensive word BALL in it.

    Besides, the man is just offensive. He could be names Steve Pinkkittensandcottencandy and he would still be pretty offensive. ;)

  68. HeartBurnKid says:

    @fluiddruid: Or they could just stop censoring innocuous gamertags that happen to include Gay altogether.

    All that would be required is for a human being, not a computer, an actual frikkin’ human being, to check the banned name and make a judgement on it.

  69. Joafu says:

    SOOO glad I quit Live.

  70. Thumbmaster says:

    But doesn’t Microsoft’s own product name of “Zune” means “vagina” or something similar in Hebrew or something? I suppose that’s why GameStop decided to stop selling them?

  71. Greeper says:

    I played tonight with someone named Bukakke (or some variation of it). I guess they are assuming its a straight bukkake and not a gay one

  72. Mr.Purple says:

    I had a substitute teacher named Mr. McNereny… What an awesome name…

  73. AronRubin says:

    This reminds me of America’s Army game forum filtering all substring occurrences of ass to rear producing many messages about rearaults.

  74. baristabrawl says:

    @missdona: Only if it’s pronounced “too loose.”

  75. crabbyman6 says:

    @unravel: That goes back to the question of HOW. How do you propose they police (which is in fact what you’re asking for “fairness”) voice chat without bogging down the system with voice recognition software or some other system? Generally the people you start a round with are the people you will be playing with for 15-20 minutes and in that there may only be one that needs muting. Its not like everyone on Live comes on and spews hate and profanity(not that you’d know). Its much easier to report a permanant tag than police temporary voice chat. In the end it all comes down to this: Its their system, agree to the TOS or get out, I don’t really feel they have to explain themselves at all.

    @HeartBurnKid: That is what they do, every report is checked by a human, as I was corrected on yesterday.

  76. kyle4 says:

    Maybe this guy should start emailing gay communities and sending them the letter, particularly the fact that “straightwood” is acceptable. I mean, it’s his real name here. No possibility of a lawsuit?

  77. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    Gay = Happy; Thus, Microsoft is banning happiness.

    Also, I went to High School with a couple of brothers with the surname Mycock. Nobody made fun of them though, state wrestling champs and all.

    Sounds like Microsoft just needs someone strong to stand up to them. I’m thinking a class action where the class is people who’s REAL names have been banned from XBL. You PAY for the 360, you PAY for the internet connection, and you PAY for XBL, and they won’t let you use your real name?

    Oh, also, how the hell do they charge you for XBL if they won’t let you use your real name, anyway?

    Credit Card #: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1234
    EXP (mm/yy): 10/10
    Name on Card: Richard Gaywood *

    * ERROR: The name you have provided is invalid. Please fix this error before you continue.

  78. Lambasted says:

    @crabbyman6: Good point.

  79. Heh if they thing gaywood is offensive they oughta hear me after I get shot by one of those damn 12 year old squeakers running around playing halo.

    In fact, they should hear me in regular conversation. I’m a construction worker, I swear, sue me. I’ve yet to have anyone complain about my language, and if anyone does I’m going to tell it to take their complaint and plant it firmly up their ass.

  80. JanetCarol says:

    Even if it wasn’t his name. The word gay shouldn’t hurt feelings in the year 2008. MS needs to get over themselves. Really by not allowing it, they are offending gays.

  81. JanetCarol says:

    They shouldn’t police anything. Parents should teach their children that words only hurt if you let them. And if there is content that a parent deems inappropriate, they shouldn’t let their kids on there.

  82. elocanth says:

    Does anyone else find it hilarious that Microsoft *loves* GTA IV, where you can drive a bike called a “Faggio”, but heaven forbid you name your character that. They seem to have taken a rather schizophrenic tack with this whole thing.

    The simplest solution would be to apply name filters based on the group you join. There are already “Underground” and “Pro” groups, so why not designate one of those as being for adults and let the community police itself?

    Let the kids and those with overly-sensitive dispositions stay in the family oriented groups, while the rest of us adults have fun.

  83. theblackdog says:

    I had better tell Gaywood Elementary School (Yes this is an actual school in Maryland) to change their name as they might offend people.

    If Microsoft really wanted to create a safe and inclusive environment, they need to start monitoring the audio then. Of course, if they do that, 95% of the XBL community will be banned within a week.

  84. Sasquatch says:

    I’m really starting to regret buying another year of XBL service,
    seeing as I never use it now that my girlfriend bought me a PS3.

  85. The Porkchop Express says:

    @IphtashuFitz: I think Microsoft is offensive as well…..maybe it’s my e.d. but i still think it is offensive.

  86. gover57 says:

    My brother actually got banned for a week for using offensive language in underground on XBL. some little kid complained, and got him booted for a week. My brother tried to argue that the kid shouldn’t have been in underground if he couldn’t handle it. It does say “anything goes” when you choose underground, so apparently not “everything” really goes.

    dick should make minimal changes to his gamertag, such as using some special characters or leet speak. then he can say he changed it, but it still looks the same. or maybe use some of those vowels with accents on them..

  87. thesabre says:

    @jeadie5: Is her first name Anita? Because “Anita Cockaday” would be perhaps one of the best names I’ve ever heard.

  88. Charred says:

    <Insert semi-inappropriate witticism based on homosexually-themed wordplay here>

  89. S-the-K says:

    Sounds like some damn bible-thumper going out looking to find something even remotely offensive just so they can cause trouble and infringe on other people’s liberties.

  90. Khuluna says:

    Quick! Someone register QuimBasher!

  91. wackyvorlon says:

    I, for one, would like to hear from James Schweinhund or Michelle Tabernac. (Both last names, BTW, are fierce swear words in their own languages) That being said, gay doesn’t have only one meaning. It can refer to something happy, or an ornament. Or to something brilliantly coloured.

  92. wackyvorlon says:

    Good grief, I just realized. His first name is Richard. Dick Gaywood. That is… unfortunate.

  93. SayAhh says:

    Two words: Gaylord Focker.

  94. @joemono:

    3. It takes 3 specific complaints, from separate people. You can not make the same complaint twice. If you call it in CS will tell you to log in and file through the 360 dashboard. A person can have a theoretical 20 complaints and if they are not 3 of the same you just have to wait until a third is filed.


    I feel like the point that has been trying to be made here is that you should get what you pay for. If I am paying $60 a year for a “Gold” Xbox Live account in addition to perhaps $100 or more for content, I should in theory be allowed to have a non offensive gamertag that can easily identify myself to my friends and potential friends. Because Microsoft seems to keep changing their conditions beyond the TOS it is becoming increasingly difficult for people other than the average male gamer to feel welcome in the “live” pond. This is going beyond a free speech issue and becoming a class war.




    Yes monitoring voice chat would bog down the system. In theory Microsoft could just make filing complaints as easy as buying their content. Yes its Microsoft’s party and if you do not agree their TOS then fuck off. But all you are saying is the same crap as “Major Nelson” and his “just play with your friends” statement. It’s as if your all really saying “Don’t you chicks and fags have other shit you should be doing instead of ruining our hetro-kill-fest”. If Microsoft could just say this more concisely, I would be happy to GTFO. But no one does, we all just have to “read between the lines” and “get the hint” and it’s the same “pussy” behavior I am accused of and condemned for.

    Thankfully I live in “the big city” and there are other(faggy) things I could be doing, but gaming was one of those things that I could do to get away from gay bashing and blatant misogyny. Back then on the PC I could find FPS clans that shared my interests and opinions and it was pretty great. Now, however, all of the good games are on the 360 and it’s not like the same stuff didn’t happen in the other games but PC servers didn’t single me out like “Live” does. But you know, your right, I should not connect to live, and since your opinoin matters more than mine please ask Microsoft to allow me to not log on and still get my updates, patches and achievements so I do not have to be an enemy combatant infiltrating their squeaky clean fishbowl while still buying their games and giving them my money.

  95. Torley says:

    I *feel* for other people with grossly, mistakenly offensive names too, like Cockburn, Woodcock, and heck, I might as well put Dick and Johnson on there too if “Gaywood” is absurdly going to be counted.

  96. Mama Kinn says:

    Vegan is banned too, which I don’t get.

  97. Ben Morin says:

    I’m getting increasingly sick of being reprimanded for the ‘greater good’ which consists of homophobes, ignorant douchebage, psychofantic religious freaks, and parents who suffer from some form of mental retardation that makes them think they can police the entire world because the kids they pumped out should live in a ‘safety bubble’. Especially when the same parents buy their kids GTA4, Gears of War and Halo.

    To all you parents out there. I’ve worked with kids for years. I can tell you this, every kid older than 8 knows words far worse than anything he’s going to read or hear on Xbox LIVE.

  98. John A. Piazza says:

    Cry me a river will ya, if you think that gays and lesbians are gonna be excepted in a rational society that has any brains at all you should all move to San Fransisco and be done with it already. Use your heads.

  99. Anonymous says:

    There was a time when a businessman was allowed to determine who he did business with or not. There was also a time when people thought independently for themselves and owned up to their own short-comings and faults. Now if one person is offended, or feels the least bit slighted, every ambulance-chasing, self-appointed legalist is there trying to defend their moronic right to their stupid position. It’s really too bad that America is not a democracy where the majority rules. No, today we have to be sensitive to the state’s position, and everyone else’s position and react just like everyone else! When do we get our red shirts Chairman Mao?

  100. k1oik says:

    Too bad his name wasn’t something less offensive like goddamned communist queer goat-blower jizz-faced president Obama. But that might be too many characters.

  101. PortlandBeavers says:

    I guess Dick Pole wouldn’t stand a chance of using his real name. Fellow ballplayers Rusty Kuntz and Pete LaCock wouldn’t fare so well, either.

    There was once a guy I knew with the last name Speed. He couldn’t get some type of user name based on his real name because “speed” had a drug connotation.

  102. framitz says:

    Microsoft is obviously offensive, please change it at once.

    Micro Soft

  103. ballistic90 says:

    If the gamertag was banned because you’re not supposed to use your first or last name in your gamertag, let alone both, then it would have made sense. As it is, it’s stupid for that to be the reason.

  104. SmokeyBacon says:

    I had a similar problem with Microsoft years ago when I tried to sign up for a hotmail account – my last name was always deemed offensive and I was not able to proceed. Now, the fact that my cousin. with the same last name, works for Microsoft and has for years didn’t seem to matter to them for a long time (I sent them a lot of complaints at the time). I think it was offensive in a different way (Hitchcock – guess which part was a problem) but it is stil ridiculous that they have a problem with a last name in this day. Too bad it is offensive – it is the guys last name! (I have had this problem on other sites too by the way, not just Microsoft). Maybe try to find someone at the company with the same last name (or similar at least) and see what happens if you point that out.