High Gas Prices Transform Geo Metros From Weak To Chic

The formerly mocked and neglected Geo Metro is finding new popularity amidst high gas prices. According to CNN, the Geo Metro is making a spectacular comeback, especially on eBay. You might be surprised to learn that the Geo Metro and Toyota Prius get nearly the same gas mileage. Now consider that a Metro can be found for about $7000 compared to a new Prius which costs $21,000+, it becomes easy to see the attraction. Details, inside…

Graphic from CNN:

Marci Solomon considered a Prius but decided the Metro was the best economical choice for her. The article says,

For the most part, Solomon plans on using the car for commuting from her home in Rochester, Washington, to her job. The vehicle she has now, a Honda Element, was getting 28 mpg, and she was filling up twice a week, costing her nearly $100. Stations were charging $3.97 a gallon in her area Tuesday, she said. The Metro is an investment in the future, Solomon said, even if she did pay more than five times the Blue Book value of the car.

“It was all about saving money,” she said. “I don’t think gas is ever going to go down, and these are going to be the types of solutions we have to turn to. I wanted to beat the rush.”

The rush may have begun. The 1996 2-door 3-cylinder Metro Solomon now owns opened on eBay May 7 with a bid of $200. A week later, Solomon won the car auction with a bid of $7,300. In 1995, a new Metro hatchback sold for about $9,000, according to Auto Mall USA.

In May alone, 43 Metros of various years and models were sold on eBay, ranging in price from $221.50 to Solomon’s bid of $7,300. The cars have been hot items, drawing upwards of 49 bids on certain vehicles, with many of the auctions coming down to last-second bidding wars. On Tuesday morning, 34 Metros were still up for grabs.

It’s good to see this little guy making a comeback. Obviously, a Prius is going to offer more in the way of safety, speed, style and features but saving $14,000 on a car that gets nearly as good gas mileage makes good economic sense. So the next time you see a Metro roll up, don’t disrespect, they’re rockin’ 46 miles a gallon!

Gas prices drive Geos from clunkers to chic [CNN]

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