UPDATE: I Am Fed Up With HP And Bought A Macbook Instead

Reader Katy, whose laptop had disappeared into the black hole that is the HP repair department, writes us with an update. HP sent her computer back, but it’s still sort of broken. She’s going to work with HP to get the laptop fixed under warranty (so she can give it to her brother), but she’d had enough and went out and bought a Macbook.

Katy writes:

I got a voicemail on the 15th saying that my HP wouldn’t ship until the 29th. That is when I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the macbook that I wanted. I get paid every 2 weeks, so on the morning of the 16th I came into work early to purchase my macbook online before I started work at 9. I got the confirmation email at 8:30 from Apple. At 9:30 I got an email from HP saying that my computer had shipped the day before. I received my HP that afternoon. It works, but is still having problems with the screen blanking out and with freezing up. I was supposed to get start up disks sent with it as well, and that never happened. I will stay in touch with both the case manager that somewhat worked with me, and the contact that I got from you guys to make sure I get the warranty that was promised to me. The HP will go to my brother, so at least it will have a good home and not be a pain in my ass anymore.

Thank you once again for the help!

Ah yes. Capitalism.

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