Microsoft Accuses Gamer Of Tampering With Xbox, Tamper-Proof Sticker Says Otherwise

Reader Jeff writes in with yet another tale of Xbox woe: After sending in his third Xbox 360 for a third Red Ring of Death, he was surprised to receive a package from Microsoft only seven days later. “I figured Microsoft was so efficient and concerned about their loyal customers that the quickly delivered me another 360,” says Jeff. That’s not what happened.

Instead of repairing or replacing his console, Microsoft sent Jeff a letter informing him that his console was not repaired because it had been tampered with. Jeff called Xbox customer support and was told that his tampering had voided his limited and extended warranties, and that a supervisor wouldn’t be available to speak with him for at least a few days. In the meantime, Jeff took his Xbox to a friend who runs a video game store. The friend showed Jeff how Xbox checks for tampering by removing the faceplate and inspecting the holographic “Microsoft” sticker; if the sticker is removed, the word “VOID” appears. Jeff’s friend also told him that his store would buy back Jeff’s console, meaning that in their assessment, the seal had not been broken. Here’s a picture of the sticker in question:

A little smudged, but obviously intact. Jeff talked to a higher-up CSR using the executive customer service number that we posted, but it was no use: “It was his impression that I tampered with the Xbox due to the smudged seal . . . I was also told by him that if I didn’t do then someone I know did. (Yeah, probably my wife or 14 month old daughter- they are big into ‘modding’).” If Jeff purchased his Xbox with a credit card, he might try initiating a chargeback or using his card’s buyer protection program, but the sadder issue remains: “I was an unabashed Microsoft supporter. I have no interest in “modding,” don’t know how to “mod” and don’t care find out. I didn’t even know that seal existed before my buddy showed me. All in all, I am out almost $600 on a broken seven month old Elite (which I bought brand new in a sealed box). Their crappy product fails and I get blamed for it.”


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  1. statnut says:

    Hopefully the power of the consumerist will step up, but thats baloney.

  2. SuffolkHouse says:

    I won’t buy this crap. I bought a Playstation II from my wife years ago. We’ve had no problem with it. But I’ve heard nothing but trouble about these newer systems. They all sound like they are manufactured and engineered like shit.

  3. jblake1 says:

    And the markings of what looks like a missing sticker above the 2 USB ports? Is there supposed to be one there too?

  4. Dobernala says:

    small claims court!

  5. farmerjoe says:

    It is precisely because of Consumerist stories like this that I bought a PS3.

  6. Alex Chasick says:

    @jblake1: On the high-res pics, it just looks like some scratches. I don’t know what good a sticker would be there, as it’s not on a seam like the Microsoft sticker is, so its removal wouldn’t be evidence of an attempt to open up the console.

  7. Krycek says:

    Time for you to get a PS3

  8. Sounds like Microsoft’s bad luck (3 RRoD’s on 1 customer) turned into their excuse to find a reason to deny service.

  9. RST1123 says:

    To be fair, let me just say that there are people out there that are well versed with the sticker that have the ability to take it off without breaking the sticker. In fact, it would look 100% perfect when putting the other half of it back on the other half of the console.

    Microsoft could have looked inside the model, seen the tampering, and saw through this Xbox user’s ploy to get a new Xbox.

  10. I gave up on next-gen systems as soon as my then-new GameCube froze up on me after a couple of weeks. Replacement, same thing. And now I hear all of this noise about these $400+ systems screwing up constantly.

    The worst tech support issue my NES, SNES, and Geneis ever faces was how hard to blow into the cartridge.

  11. Clarkins says:

    I’ve had a Wii for just over a year. Never had any problem with it.

    Would never spend the amount they want for a PS3 or Xbox.

  12. MyPetFly says:

    Issues like this have converted me from “early adopter” status to “wait and see” status. If other people take on the same sense of caution, the gadget companies will start to take notice. And this isn’t a blame the consumer opinion, just my personal philosophy.

  13. NikkiSweet says:

    I’ve had 3 360’s as well, and all 3 have RRoD’ed… MS is no help. Buy a ps3.

  14. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    I’ll stick with my PC (& the PSP I bought used) for gaming, thanks. At least if the PC breaks I can fix it myself & I’m not beholden to some faceless corporation. Or out $600.

  15. DoubleEcho says:

    @Alex Chasick: I’m just guessing, but I think it’s covering up a screw. I’ve seen electronics with stickers over screw holes to hide them from view (and to give an obvious clue as to whether the person tried to crack it open).

  16. statnut says:

    @Ash78: Ah the good old days. I also remember having to “jiggle” the cartridge sometimes.

  17. adamsummers says:

    @NikkiSweet: I couldn’t agree with you more. I had ongoing problems with MS not long ago, and they seemed to go out of their way to be unhelpful. I’ve stuck with my PS3 since and couldn’t be happier.

  18. Crymson_77 says:

    There is always the email directly to Bill Gates…it still gets things done…

  19. nadmonk says:

    I’m glad by wife got me a Wii.

  20. td0t says:

    I had a launch 360 that died 2 weeks prior to that whole extended warranty for RRoD. I really enjoyed my 360, but after I did a little research into how poorly these things are manufactured I decided to just stick it out with my PS3. I’ve had a great experience since, save for all of my friends who own a 360 and I can no longer play with.

    My advice would be to just cut your losses, save up and get a PS3. They pretty much have the same content these days anyway.

  21. Here_we_go says:

    The sticker has been tampered with. There is no doubt. When you take the sticker off part of the silver flaking stays on the Xbox which leaves those white marks.

    I can’t say who did it but someone did. This is why it was returned without being fixed. I don’t know where you bought it but the Xbox has been “tampered” with.

  22. Crymson_77 says:

    @adamsummers: At least until you have a problem with it…Sony’s customer support typically makes Microsoft’s look like heaven…

  23. Techguy1138 says:

    @MyPetFly: This is almost 3 years in to the ‘next’ generation. Buying one now no longer makes you an early adopter.

  24. TheDude06 says:

    half the price of your “elite” xbox are removable accessories. in reality, guy is out the cost of a minimum spec xbox arcade (which he can attach the hard drive to in 10 seconds) which is about $279

    (yes, they all have HDMI now)

  25. blackmage439 says:

    And people say PC gaming is dying. Pfffft.

    This is way past the Internet’s ability to make a shitstorm out of a nuisance. There’s no way in hell Microsoft would have extended their Xbox warranty without a flood of criticism. I believe each and every story about the problems with these new consoles. What I can’t understand is why people keep wasting money on them. Go buy a $1000 gaming desktop, and merely upgrade the components as they go bad/become obsolete. I expect the next round of consoles to skyrocket past $600, and I foresee the same problems (companies selling them at a loss [Sony], crappy, buggy systems [360], supply issues [Wii]).

  26. Techguy1138 says:

    My concern is that a 7 month old 360 had a rrod. I thought this was all fixed.

    Are the new consoles still defective, just less so?

    How am I ever going to be able to buy a used 360?

  27. td0t says:

    @Techguy1138: Well you can just buy a refurb with an updated set of problems and a warranty that will expire just a little too soon. I don’t think the newer ones are biting it in droves, but some are still going down.

  28. evslin says:

    @MyPetFly: Yep, buying consoles at or close to launch anymore is such a crapshoot. I’ve stuck to waiting until at least one or a couple really games I really, really want to play come out first before I even think about it.

  29. Kajj says:

    Ever hear of the Just World fallacy?

  30. DreamWalker81 says:

    i work for Game Crazy and although we are not required to check the seals I always do. Most seals like identical to that and we can still take them in for trade no prob. In fact one of my personal ones looked identical and it was repaired by MS.

  31. byrdclaw says:

    The mess at the bottom above the USB ports is a missing sticker. Not sure what the sticker is for though. I checked on my 360 and the numbers on the sticker didn’t match any other serial number or numbers on the xbox.

  32. sgodun says:

    Once again now, with feeling: “IT’S MICROSOFT! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??”

  33. BlackWolf2000 says:


    I am the Jeff in this story. The sticker there was a serial number sticker. It does nothing for “tamper-protection”. Thanks for the feedback. FWIW, I call a call from MS today for a follow up to a BBB complaint I filed. We’ll see.

  34. warf0x0r says:

    Worst Console Ever!

  35. Asvetic says:

    My friend just got a PS3 because his Xbox RROD all the time. Apparently you can mod the PS3 (add a larger HD) and that won’t void the warranty, hell it’s encouraged from what I understand.

    So, save yourself some headaches, get a PS3. Gears of War 2 doesn’t even look that much better than Gears of War 1, so you won’t be missing anything… plus Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming out soon, that’ll more than make up for any exclusive Xbox games you might miss.

  36. graymulligan says:

    to the OP, why would you remove the serial number sticker?

  37. watduck says:

    @SuffolkHouse: Well, the 360 was designed poorly enough that thousands of people are getting the RROD everyday.

  38. jurisenpai says:

    I bought a Wii two months after launch and have had no problems whatsoever. I also own a DS (phat) and a Gamecube and neither of those has malfunctioned. I just think that Nintendo, like most Japanese companies, has extremely high QA standards and will not ship an inferior product.

  39. LJKelley says:

    OMG, did you just admit to opening and removing a sticker? And then you act suprised when MS denies you warranty? LOL. You did ‘Tamper’ even if it was just a sticker. The point is you can peel and replace stickers and make them look untouched.

    I cannot hold this against MS as I would have surely done the same thing. MS can’t be held responsible for your potential failed modding. And even though you may not have, it appears you may have.

    Its a crazy world when Consumers think companies owe them everything. I have an AT&T Tilt I unlocked and put custom rom on. I know if it fails I’m screwed and its just as wrong for AT&T to scam me as it is for me to scam them.

  40. domestic consoles. meh

  41. I’ve had a Wii since December of 2006 and had absolutely no problems with the system.

    I’ve been holding out to get a PS3 once the new MGS4/PS3 bundle is released next month. Deciding on a new “next generation” system has been a difficult one for me. The idea of the Gamer Tag and achievements on the X-Box 360 made me really want to get the system, but with all of the horror stories of failure rates & Microsoft’s customer service I’ve decided to set up my fanboy flag in Sony’s camp. I have to hand it to Microsoft though- Despite the way they treat their customers and manufacture absolute garbage for a game console, people keep buying their systems and swear by the Microsoft name. Must be something in the water maybe?

  42. parad0x360 says:

    @RST1123: There is no internal modification that is visible to the naked eye. The mod is a firmware switch which cant be detected without testing but if they notice any issue with the seal which I might add is made of incredibly sticky material then they will deny the repair.

    A smudge one of those types of stickers is an indication of tampering and while I do love to always side with the consumer…how do we know he hadnt tried to open his 360 at some point?

    Also where did he buy this $600 elite? last I checked they were cheaper then that, in fact about $150 cheaper.

  43. nastri83 says:

    Hey Guys,

    I have an identical case to Jeff’s. I have photos of my sticker, and everything. I’ve been fighting with XBox tech support since Friday. They said I would receive photo evidence that I tampered with it but it will take 3 to 5 business days for that to happen. . I’ve contacted the BBB via phone but their site is down today, so I won’t be able to file a complaint until the site is back up. Just thought that it was interesting that another person happens to be going through the same thing I’ve gone through.

    How can I submit my photos to add to this story?

  44. kathyl says:

    I honestly don’t understand how Microsoft is as successful as it is in the gaming market (albeit certainly not the most successful of the next-gen console companies) with the shoddy track record its latest offering has.

    In the last two generations of consoles, we’ve had an up-to-date PC, a PS2/PS3, and a GC/Wii, and I can’t at all say that I feel like I’m missing out on anything other than the RRoD or scratches on my disks. We really are gamers, too, not just “hard core” or “casual”, but of everything.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re all about to start shouting about Halo or something. Bah. Nothing justifies the chance you’re taking on a hardware headache and then reportedly poor customer service when it does occur.

    (And yeah, I’m not an Apple fangirl or anything taking a random shot at Microsoft. I have Microsoft operating systems on my PCs and have no pre-existing axe to grind with them.)

  45. world-inferno says:

    Whenever one of these stories comes up, I try and always reference back to my story [] and encourage filing in SCC if you can handle waiting 2-3 months.

  46. mrkniceguy says:

    @LJKelley: You don’t have to open it to access the serial number on the front. There is a flap on the faceplate that opens to reveal it. But there is a serial number on the back also, so I don’t think that was the reason. You can’t tamper with the one on the back.

    I’ve seen Xbox 360s with tampered warranty seals and that looks nothing like it. However it is very unlikely an Elite would Red Ring and would most likely be from a very hot environment. If the console is in a closed media cabinet, it’s possible the glue failed on the sticker.. and also caused the RROD.

  47. jslay012 says:

    There are a lot of people claiming the Wii does not have issues, but that is not the case.

    I own all 3 next gen systems and my Wii’s graphics card went bad after 2 months. It is a known issue and you can see other people had the same problem if you poke around message boards a bit.

    My PS3 (20 GB launch model) is the only one that has not had a problem. My launch 360 lasted more than 2 years before it red-ringed out of the clear blue sky a few months back.

    The morale is that all electronics can break, sometimes for no reason. 360s just seem to fail more often. To say that Nintendo is immune from it is fan-boy rediculousness.

  48. Baukie says:

    Serial Number has been removed. Regardless of the console has been opened, it voids the warranty.

    Just like if i tamper with serial number on my tv, i void my warranty.

    Dont ask why, this is just the way it is.

  49. dirk1965 says:

    The upper right corner of the seal looks like there was an attempt of lifting.

  50. world-inferno says:



    Oh yeah, them Elites never RRoD!

  51. BlackWolf2000 says:


    I did NOT remove ther serial number sticker. That sticker is not nearly as durable as the holographic one, anyway. I have no idea why the sticker is gone. The reason MS denied the fix is because of the holographic label anyway (Per Wali, Escalated Customer Service), it has nothing to do with the other sticker. The holographic one is “industrially glued” to the console. Heck, it is probably the most durable feature of the 360.

    Oh, the Elite was $479 when I bought it. Plus, the roughly $60 extended warranty from MS I purchased puts me out ~$550 for this one console.

    It also would be extremely foolish of me to buy the extended warranty if I were to try and “fix” the machine by myself or try to modify it in anyway. Neither of which I could do, nor would want to. The other times I have dealt with MS re: broken consoles the have been decent to deal with. I thought this would be a similar experience.

  52. Dobernala says:

    @LJKelley: LOL, the sticker that is gone has absolutely nothing to do with voiding the warranty of the product. Idiot.

  53. mrkniceguy says:

    @world-inferno: I stand corrected. Oh, wait.. I never said it would never red ring! It’s simply less likely. The old 95nm CPU and GPUs have a very high chance of RROD. (100% of the people I know iwth 95s have had a RROD). The Elite’s USUALLY have the new heatsink and 65nm CPU so they are a little cooler.

    But as Baukie said, the serial was tampered with, so I guess I would agree he’s sol. OP, was serial removed for the photo or before shipped to M$?

  54. BlackWolf2000 says:


    I have no idea when the sticker was removed, but as previously mentioned, that has nothing to do with it. That sticker is above where you plug the usb’s into, hence all the scratches around it. The usb’s are used frequently for plug and play charges, charges for my wireless headset and the wired controllers I use.

  55. mrkniceguy says:

    @BlackWolf2000: Dude, that sucks. You got shafted. I hope Microsoft resolves the issue for you. A chargeback is in order if not. I would encourage you to keep at it. I got screwed over with the DRM issue after sending mine in for a RRoD and took a couple of phone calls and about 2 weeks but they did fix it for me. Good luck!

  56. uberbucket says:

    So if I get a broken 360 on ebay for dirt cheap and pry the serial number off, I can pretend it’s actually the one I purchased a few months ago that’s still under warranty?

    Just kidding.

  57. td0t says:

    @parad0x360: If you buy a MS Wireless adapter, add $100 to the cost of the Elite, plus any other accessories and bam, you’re there in no time. Maybe he’s figuring those costs in as well?

  58. Nighthawk Foo says:

    I wonder how the quality of the Wii is?

  59. metaled says:

    We bought my son a new laptop a few months ago, he came home from school a few weeks ago and had to do a report, the trial version of Microsoft Office had expired. Normally we would have gone down to the local office supply store and bought him the new copy. *HE* stopped me, reminded me about his X-box and the RROD. “Dad, we are going to give more money to Microsoft?”
    We had no problem when he had to send his in to be repaired, but now he doesn’t want to play it on ot days for fear it will blow. Microsoft is handling this entire thing wrong. I never had a problem except the usual cursing of MS and large corporations, but this is straight out robbery. They fucked up, they make my kid afraid to play his game system and they make you feel afraid to call for a repair. Afraid they will deny it or treat you like a thief. What’s going to happen when this extended warantee period ends and ALL of the XBOX 360 start shutting down? Lawsuits are number 1, ton’s of lost customers is number 2. If it hadn’t been for the XBOX, MS would have gotten another couple hundred bucks from me this week on software, instead my son used some free downloadable word processor.
    BTW, when we sent his XBOX in for repair, I pulled out my old Sega Genesis and N64, I’ve had these since I was a teen (now married with a 16 year old son!). Me and my son had a blast playing the old games! He never knew that the old man could play video games. hehe. We’ve pulled them out a few times since, on hot days when he can’t use his XBOX and even blew out the Cartridges a few times (had to explain why ;) ) Too bad he won’t be sharing his Xbox with HIS kids!
    Microsoft is acting like they are doing us a favor by extending the warantees, boy is it going to cost them. A Lot more than replacing their faulty crap. The only reason we are using them now, because we paid for them and they still run most of the time. When the warantees are up, XBOX DIES. That’s why we rent games instead of purchasing them. We won’t be getting another, EVER! They could have saved themselves by putting out the cash and replacing them, it would have paid off in the end.

  60. Nayrlladnar says:

    I can relate to this as I have had a eerily similar experience: I sent my Xbox360 in for repairs due to the RROD. The BRAND NEW (according to the manufacture date sticker on the replacement console, it was manufactured on the same day that my original console was received by Microsoft for repair) console that was sent to me in return was smashed as if someone threw it down onto the concrete and put it in the box. It must have happened outside of the shipping box for two reasons: 1) the little trap door that hides the two front USB connections was not on the console or in the box and 2) the shipping box was pristine. After much back and forth with Microsoft, they determined that I had tampered with the new Xbox360 console because of two very small pry marks on the back of the console where the top and bottom meet. I couldn’t stress to anyone at Microsoft enough that I had nothing to do with those pry marks. I even drafted a 4 page letter detailing my experience and sent it to Don Mattrick and Robert Bach at Microsoft. I never received a response. I later filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau from which nothing positive came. I finally just kind of stopped pursuing anything, which is exactly what Microsoft wanted me to do… It’s a damn shame.

  61. qrius says:

    @SuffolkHouse: uh, maybe “for your wife” and not “from”?

  62. strathmeyer says:

    “You’re friends probably did this.” So you’ve never called the cops after you’ve gotten robbed in a city where the police don’t care? Why are you still bothering them and not just submitting to their authority?

  63. trujunglist says:

    Why hasn’t anyone taken Microsoft to small claims court and asked for a full refund of their hardware and software? Microsoft clearly admitted fault by extending the original warranty as a “courtesy.”

  64. My money is that the sticker was improperly placed by Microsoft when they refurbished/repaired this console. I assume that someone at MS cracks open RROD’d X-Boxen to repair them, which would break the original warranty seal. What I’m guessing happened is the last guy to do this didn’t put the new sticker on right, or accidentally touched the sticky side when he was putting it on. Hence, the weird looking sticker.

    As for the missing stickers, if they had serial numbers on them, they would be removed during refurbing since refurbs get a new serial number.

  65. DH405 says:

    I call BS. The silver backing on those stickers comes off in that same exact fashion if you try to peel it off. You can try to razor-blade it and it usually ends up looking exactly like that one.

    Also, the serial number sticker above the USB ports has been removed.


  66. Televiper says:

    Personally, I think XBox is the right kind of product for unlimited warranties. For them the real money is in services and software. So, instead of wasting resources trying to weed out the X-Box that got kicked down the stairs, just fix the damn thing and make the customer happy. The sticker has been tampered with? So What? It takes seconds to detect real tampering inside the system. When you see that, send the customer a PO. If you see no signs of tampering, just fix the damn thing and make the customer happy.

    …and if you’re reading this thread and still thinking about buying an X-Box 360.. what is wrong with you?

  67. rolla says:

    and this is the reason why the xbox isnt selling more. MS should just redesign the f’ning thing and be done with the bad PR that the current one is generating

  68. rioja951 - Why, oh why must I be assigned to the vehicle maintenance when my specialty is demolitions? says:

    I’m amazaed with my 360. The White monolith Withstood 15 RRoD, then while playing Lost PLanet (vs. green eyes), the thing finaly had its 16 RRoD and could not recover.
    MS in mexico when over themselves to replace it, I heard the tech telling the guy they were amazed the thing recovered after the ring and held even after multiple rings until that one. (guess they toght i was on hold, or they had their phone muted)

  69. fordman99166 says:

    I sent my 360 nightmare story to this site because I had a very similar experience with M$ recently. Last month my second 360 (which was a refurb M$ sent to replace my original launch system) died so I called to setup a repair. I get the same console back with a letter stating that it wouldn’t be repaired or replaced. I call the idiot line and I’m also told my console has been tampered with!!! Same deal as Jeff except mine wasn’t an elite.
    I filed a bbb claim and then called the escalation number listed here. Talked to a lady who said someone would be assigned to my case. A rep (John) calls when he gets the pics and requests an override saying the pics were not sufficient proof but it did look as if a sticker was moved and a part loose? Careless workers at the repair center right! I also sent emails to Robbie Bach and others (again thanks to a post here) and get a second rep assigned to my case (Glen). John calls me Friday saying M$ still won’t repair or replace my system. Figuring that was the end I took all my 360 stuff to a local gamestop and got what credit I could. I also send Robbie and co what I thought was a final email telling them thanks for nothing and that I’m moving on to Sony.
    Yesterday Glen calls and tells me he gets approval to have my console replaced at the repair center. I told him I had already traded everything to gs but would call today and see if it was still there. I call the manager and of course the system has been sent off but he offers to call Glen and see if he can help. Glen calls me later to say the GS manager has agreed to sell me a working 360 back. Initially I was satisfied with this but now I don’t have a hard drive and M$ won’t provide me one at all. Basicially M$ has done jack squat in my case. If I can get in touch with the manager Thursday and get a hard drive then I might keep this system. Otherwise there’s a good chance I’ll either return it or take it somewhere else.
    I use to love the 360 but after this crap M$ has pulled (and there are others besides Jeff and I that M$ has pulled this on) I can’t stand them. They don’t give a beep about their customers.

  70. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    @Krycek: I have a PS3 and would NEVER buy an XBox console. However, even PS3’s now are getting their share of ‘deaths.’ Mostly though, its the blu-rays not being read. Unfortunately… it’s the blu-rays not being read. Heh.

    And I remember Sony being NOTORIOUS when it came to warranty issues (then again, every company is nowadays, right?).

  71. I’ll stick to my old school nintendo system… to get my system to work, all I gotta do is blow into do the door and the bottom of the game… insert…. BAM!

    As much as I love newer crap, nothin beats my Mega Man 3 game, getting lost around the map of Zelda, or watching Mario being able to fly in Mario Bros 3. After 20 years…. I’m more amused with those games and fightin that darn sandstorm in Mario Bros. 2, then I am playing GTA or Gran Turismo.

    Call me crazy!

  72. HOP says:

    gee, after all this, i’m scared to buy anything….i’m going back to space invaders…….

  73. First off, I must point out ONCE AGAIN that there are two other competing platforms out there and thats not counting the PC. By the time that third Xbox Failed, instead of looking for a new one, I’d be seeking a refund.

    Secondly, who wants to bet Consumerist will have an update later on displaying Microsoft’s generous sudden change of heart?

  74. Ausoleil says:

    @Papa Midnight: Don’t you have to have a heart to change it?

  75. Hopanoe says:

    Those two USB ports don’t have a sticker. There’s an open hatch on the faceplate to access them.

  76. elmuchachos says:

    must have done something to piss xbox off because i have removed the sticker several times when modding and never had an issue when i had to send it in or when i had one replaced by best buy.

  77. ZerounKaplah says:

    I am having the same runaround with M$. My son has 360 Elite that got rrod.
    We called immediately and received shipping box, sent it back, received
    emails it was being fixed and when it shipped back. Once it arrived, letter
    inside said system was tampered with. NO WAY!!! After dozens (truly) of
    calls and promises to send pictures (which today I was informed was against
    company policy since we had our units returned to reference), I found out
    reason for denial was no warranty sticker under flap by front USB ports. We
    were not aware that a sticker should be there, but there clearly NEVER WAS
    one. Smooth as a baby’s behind, no residue, glue or scraping as shown in
    picture just CLEAN!!! Holographic sticker smooth as can be … there was
    definitely no tampering! Supervisor I spoke with today seemed more helpful
    than most AND located in the United States (though company policy will not
    let them say where there support center is located and they are not allowed
    to provide last names and there is no direct number to a particular
    supervisor). But he did bump a report up the line back to service with our
    dispute of their denial, our contention that this is how the unit came from
    their authorized dealer, Cirtcuit City, so we should hear back in 48 hours.
    Hopefully the squeaky wheel will get the grease; we’ve been trying to
    resolve this for over a month! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

  78. cheviot says:

    This sticker looks very similar to how the sticker looks if a case opener is used to open the case from the opposite side. When this is done the case hinges open at the sticker, loosening the sticker at the seam between the two halves.

    Not saying the OP did that, but I’ve seen this done before and it looks very much like the OPs picture.

  79. John Sem says:

    i sent 6 360 back to microsoft so and my warranty stickers were way worst than yours but they fixed them anyway and i sold the 360’s they all had the xclamp on them before but i put the originals back on before anything happens so next time make sure your sticker is straight not crooked but i think you were at fault not microsoft because i know i deal with xbox everyday myself but i haver seen a sticker crooked like that before that’s just my 2 cents …

  80. Rickfin says:


    I feel your pain. I too own a few Xbox 360’s, purchased extended warranty and own several games. I went through the exact situation. It was actually a relief reading your post as I recall the same feelings of emotion as I waited for up to 30 min. at a time as they looked into my case, and looked for a manager. When I called back the last time I stated that “I’m being wrongfully accused, and feel helpless. Can you provide me with any suggestion of what I can do?”. The person’s response was to write a letter to Microsoft’s Legal department stating that all I want is for my Xbox to be fixed. Also to include photo’s of all my Microsoft products (not sure what that’s all about). I have yet to write the letter however after seeing that my case was not an isolated one I feel much more compelled to proceed. I will post again if I’m successful in my efforts.