UPDATE: Reader Receives Apology For Foul-Mouthed FedEx Employees

You may remember reader Matt from the story “No Proof Of Address? FedEx Curses You Out” in which he was treated very rudely by FedEx employees when he could not produce a utility bill needed to pick up his package. We were happy to hear that after our story ran, FedEx contacted Matt and had his package swiftly delivered to him at work. Additionally, he learned that the Maspeth location already had over 50 similar complaints filed, and that FedEx is now diligently trying to update their door tags and email with current information regarding “proof of address.” Matt’s comment, inside…

Hello, I would like to inform everyone that posted or read my article, that I received a call from a corporate executive from FedEx in Memphis, TN who acted very promptly on the matter concerning my recent article and complaint that I filed with FedEx about the Maspeth location. He offered to have someone pick the package up for me right at that time, and deliver it to me at my place of employment.

I reiterated to him that the service provided to me at this location was highly unconscionable, and my main concern was that if in the future I needed to go back to this location would i receive the treatment?? He informed me that their actions were totally uncalled for and that there is an existing investigation regarding not only my complaint but at least 50 other similar issues with this branch, and that they are currently working on providing the customer with policy information on notices, i.e. doortags,emails, etc. also providing me with his email, and direct line in Memphis should I have any further issues.

I have to say that it was very comforting to know that my story was heard and acted on in a way that every customer should be treated on a daily basis.

Thank You 🙂

That’s great news, Matt. It’s good to see that FedEx is still interested treating people with respect, even in Queens.

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