Mysterious Black Hole That Is HP's Repair Division Swallows Yet Another Laptop

We’re starting to suspect that HP’s repair department consists of a giant warehouse inside of which is a nothing but a black hole that eats laptops. Stephen Hawking is their receptionist, and he makes sure the techs don’t accidentally cross the event horizon when they’re chucking your computer into oblivion.

Reader Katy writes:

I purchased an HP Pavilion dv2014 notebook computer in August of 2007. I was about to leave my home of Auburn, WA to work as a volunteer for the Lutheran Volunteer Corps in Baltimore, MD. I felt I couldn’t justify spending the 13,000 dollars on a new MacBook, so went for the HP that was 700 dollars on sale, before tax. What a deal!

Well, about a month into my volunteering adventure the “m” key fell off my keyboard. NEVER had I realized that I used the “m” key so much before this happened.

Still, I had no car, and getting to a Best Buy on the Inner Harbor involved taking my laptop with me on the bus, for a long ride, and then walking to get to the store. I felt I could live without the piece of plastic. I continued to use my computer and noticed it got ridiculously hot when it was on for any extended period of time. Since I live with other volunteers in a provided house we don’t have things like desks, or really any personal space. So most of the time I used my computer it was to watch movies or use the internet while sitting on my bed. My lap started to get very uncomfortable with the heat. However, I didn’t want to make a big deal because it was so difficult to take care of.

Then, in March I came home for Easter to visit my family and my computer wouldn’t turn on. My Step-father is a systems administrator and nerd extraordinaire so he decided to take a look at it, but didn’t want to destroy the still valid warranty. When I got back to Maryland I called HP. They told me it was the hard drive and sent me a box to ship it to them. I was told it was a very easy fix and would be sent back in 2 days. I DID get my computer back, but they had only fixed the keyboard, the computer still wouldn’t start.

I immediately called HP back, was told it was possibly the motherboard and sent yet another box. That was on April 4th. HP has had my computer since April 9th and I have yet to get it back. This is due to a part being on backorder, although I have been told twice that the part was there and the work was done, yet my computer still has yet to be sent to me. The ship date continually gets pushed back, the most recent being May 15th. I know I won’t get it on May 15th because it would have to be shipped today, and I spent a large amount of my day (of which I am on vacation) on the phone with HP.

I have sent multiple polite, yet angry emails about the situation and have been given the number to the executive complaint line. I was even given a case manager who gave me his name and his number and promised to keep me updated and give me a fantastic new warranty for free. I attempted to contact him today and was disconnected 3 times while on hold, and then finally told that someone would “message” him and he would call me back. This was early in the day today. In my recent email I have asked/demanded for a refund. I doubt I will get one, but a girl can always wish. It has gotten to the point that I just want to cut my losses and by a freaking Mac. I never had any problems with their customer service or with my iBook in general before it died a slow natural death. My sister suggested that I contact you and after reading your site I agree that this is a matter that needs to be known.

Thank you for your work in keeping the public informed!


Well, HP. We think it might be time to admit that your current strategy isn’t working. Can you shake loose another laptop for us?

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