AT&T’s one-iPhone-per-customer rule lasted only one day before the company went back to its three-per-customer policy. Apparently they found some more iPhones in the back. [Information Week]


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  1. privateer says:

    Or they wanted to get rid of them even faster. I asked an AT&T store employee on Tuesday morning if they still had them in stock and she said, “Oh sure. Plenty.”
    I also asked if they had been told anything about a new iPhone coming this summer. She said they haven’t, but really would like to know so they can answer the many questions they’re hearing from customers.

  2. firesign says:

    the store reps are always the last to know anything, and what they do know is usually wrong anyway. i still remember when i got a t-mobile sidekick 2 back in the day, and the rep didnt even know what the sidekick was.