Arby's Coupon Entitles You To Save 1 Cent

Reader Brent wanted to pass along this valuable coupon that entitles you an Arby’s Flatbread Melt Combo for $4.99. Brent thought he would get in on the action himself and headed down to Arby’s, but then realized the normal price for the combo is $5.00, merely 1 penny more. He used the coupon anyway. Brent’s letter, inside…

Let me start out by saying that I love your site. I try to limit the fast food that I eat and that I buy for my family, however I do eat at Arby’s now and then. I also check the newspapers for coupons whenever I can. This evening my wife saw the Arby’s Philly Flatbread Melt commercial and asked if would go get her one. I knew that I had clipped some random coupons this past weekend, so I grabbed my coupon folder and headed to Arby’s. Upon arrival I pulled out my coupon folder and fished out the Arby’s coupons that I had. I ordered a Philly Flatbread Melt Combo. I had to double-check the coupon after ordering. I took a picture of the coupon, and a picture of the menu board at the Arby’s.

When I got to the window, I handed the young man the coupon I had and asked him why they would even bother printing these. He laughed, and said he wasn’t sure….then asked if I wanted to use it. I laughed and said sure, and saved a penny. I guess they figure if someone thinks they are getting a deal, it’s enough to get them to the store.

Thanks for the heads-up, Brent. Don’t laugh, if you use this coupon 500 times you got yourself a free lunch, buddy. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this coupon is only valid until 5/31.

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