Two Dragracing Comcast Vans Cause Accident That Seriously Injures 3-Yr-Old Girl

According to WAFF in Huntsville, Alabama, last weekend 2 Comcast Cable vans were racing each other at speeds of over 75mph which caused an accident that put 3-year-old Kayleen Smith (pictured left) on life support. Now Kayleen is off life support but remains unconscious. Details, inside…

The article says,

They’re (the family) holding onto hope that she’ll regain consciousness.

Three-year-old Kayleen Smith’s uncle Daimen Morrison said, “She loves flowers. Boy, if we had a yard full of flowers, she’d pick every single one of them.”

He adds, “Everybody knows that she’s the sweetest, smartest, little thing you’ll ever meet. She’s just something else though. She makes my father more happy than I’ve ever seen him,” Morrison said. The girl is clinging to life in Huntsville Hospital after an accident Saturday morning.

Witness Wesley Hadley says, “I said a prayer right there. I didn’t know what else to do.” Hadley saw the accident happen as he was traveling south on Memorial Parkway.

Near Sam’s Club and Lowe’s, he says, “Two Comcast vans passed me… I estimate, probably about 75 miles per hour.” In a 50 mile-per-hour zone.

Hadley says one continued straight and another tried to turn right near O’reilly Auto Parts. “I knew he wasn’t going to make it.” Hadley says a woman with her two granddaughters was approaching a stop sign.

The Comcast driver hit the van and flipped before resting upside down. The witness describes seeing the accident in slow motion, a horrible sight with tremendous force.

Kayleen Smith is now off life support, but is still unconscious.

Her nine-year-old sister was also in the vehicle, but escaped serious injury, as did their grandmother. The Comcast driver has been released from the hospital and refused to comment.
Family of the other employee confirms to me he was working that day, but could not elaborate due to the investigation.

Hadley says, “They were racing. It looked like they were racing. They were going in and out and trying to keep up with each other.”

Morrison says, “I just hope this shows anybody out there that wants to act foolish on the road, that people can lose their life and everything that means everything to them.”

Comcast could not provide details on employee procedure or the status of these two employees.

Comcast General Manager Butch Jernigan gave us the following statement: “Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. We will cooperate fully with local authorities, but cannot comment further because of the on-going investigation. At Comcast, the safety of our employees, customers, and the general public is a top priority.”

According to Huntsville Police, no criminal charges have been filed at this time and the accident is currently under investigation.

We’re saddened by this story and hope Kayleen pulls through. We hope that Comcast learns that the money they save in cheap outsourcing has real costs. We’ve witnessed things like the Comcast Contractor Doing Donuts as well as the Comcast Tech Falls Asleep On Couch which were amusing and fairly innocuous. Unfortunately, Comcast has now graduated up to reckless and dangerous. It’s tragic that it takes these kinds of accidents for companies to realize that the value of saving a few dollars is nothing compared to the value of human life.

Witnesses say two cable cars racing causing serious accident [WAFF] (Thanks to Brian!)
(Photo: WAFF)

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