UPDATE: Newegg's Reputation For Customer Service Remains Unbroken

If you read the story, “Beware Of Rotten Newegg Rebate,” you may remember the plight of reader RJ who submitted his $20 rebate information back in January and was getting the runaround from Newegg and the rebate company. RJ is now happy to learn that not only is Newegg giving him $20, they are giving him an extra $20 for his trouble, and not just store credit, real cash. Read Newegg’s letter, inside…

Dear Mr. [redacted],

Thank you Sir for taking the time to speak w/ me today. I have credited your credit card account $40.00 for this inconvenience. Our purchasing dept has been made aware of this situation, and they are investigating this as we speak.

Although the CSR was also investigating this on their end, I feel they should have credited you the $20.00 right away. There is no reason to make the customer wait. Our philosophy is to take care of the customer first, and then take care of the issue afterwards.

Feel free to contact me in the future Sir if you have any issues or concerns. 🙂

Thank you,

Mike Paulus

Kudos to Newegg for living up to their eggcelent reputation. It appears that Newegg takes responsibility for the rebates advertised on their site that they use to get people to buy their products after all.

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