UPDATE: Newegg's Reputation For Customer Service Remains Unbroken

If you read the story, “Beware Of Rotten Newegg Rebate,” you may remember the plight of reader RJ who submitted his $20 rebate information back in January and was getting the runaround from Newegg and the rebate company. RJ is now happy to learn that not only is Newegg giving him $20, they are giving him an extra $20 for his trouble, and not just store credit, real cash. Read Newegg’s letter, inside…

Dear Mr. [redacted],

Thank you Sir for taking the time to speak w/ me today. I have credited your credit card account $40.00 for this inconvenience. Our purchasing dept has been made aware of this situation, and they are investigating this as we speak.

Although the CSR was also investigating this on their end, I feel they should have credited you the $20.00 right away. There is no reason to make the customer wait. Our philosophy is to take care of the customer first, and then take care of the issue afterwards.

Feel free to contact me in the future Sir if you have any issues or concerns. :)

Thank you,

Mike Paulus

Kudos to Newegg for living up to their eggcelent reputation. It appears that Newegg takes responsibility for the rebates advertised on their site that they use to get people to buy their products after all.

PREVIOUSLY: Beware Of Rotten Newegg Rebate
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  1. Skiffer says:

    I love newegg. Just placed another order this morning – never had to deal with their customer service, but their 3-day shipping is a god-send…

  2. ChipMcDougal says:

    Newegg has great customer service. Always the first place I look for electronics.

  3. mantari says:


    Was this NewEgg’s rebate or a third party’s rebate that NewEgg decided to go ahead and cover?

  4. John Whorfin says:

    I’ve been ordering from newegg for years. I have no plans of leaving. Excellent service, shipment, prices.

    They’ve invested in the customer base first. Everything else comes second.

  5. SkokieGuy says:

    Bravo New Egg, will you marry me?

    We cheer and applaud the kind of service that would have been delivered routinely in the ancient times of good customer service.

    Because in today’s world of global corporatization, this type of service has now become the exception, hurrah for those merchants who still get it.

    I vote with my dollars and New Egg is my electronics store of choice.

  6. beavis88 says:

    Newegg rules. Someone else has to have a product substantially cheaper than Newegg to get me to take my business elsewhere.

  7. nrich239 says:

    Newegg is the BEST at what they do.

  8. Echodork says:

    Dear Newegg,

    Stories like this are why you are the ONLY online retailer that gets my electronics dollar.

  9. aixwiz says:

    I’m eggstatic that Newegg.com treats their customers with such eggcellent service. Now I know eggxactly where to go for my next computer purchase.

  10. highmodulus says:

    I heart Newegg. I heart them very very much.

  11. @beavis88: Same here. I’d rather order from them and know that things will be handled properly than risk headaches for a couple bucks. Plus, their prices are usually pretty competitive to begin with.

  12. NoWin says:

    @mantari: It was a 3rd party rebate.

  13. RandoX says:

    I’ve been looking at the 1TB USB drives online. I can find it a few bucks cheaper elsewhere (emphasis on few), but as a longtime Newegg customer I hesitate to buy elsewhere. This story cemented my decision to buy from Newegg.

    If you’re reading this, Newegg beancounters/policymakers, keep up the good customer service. It’s earning you money.

  14. limiter says:

    I bought some ram at NewEgg back in the days when it was $300 for 2GB and one of the sticks went bad past the 30 day return policy. I wrote the memory company and they said “not our problem, talk to newegg.” which is ridiculous.

    I talked to NewEgg customer service and they initially said it was past 30 days, but told them what the company that makes the ram said and they immediately, with no further question, issued a RMA for full refund. NewEgg is awesome.

  15. selectman says:

    @mantari: I once called in to complain about a rebate scam and before I got half-way through my explanation, the CSR interrupted me and issued a credit refund for the full value of the rebate. I heart NewEgg.

  16. Aphex242 says:

    They’re fantastic. The pic is not. Jeez. *cries in the corner away from the scary lady*

  17. William Mize says:

    Nthing the kudos to NewEgg.
    When I finally decide to pony up and get a new Eee PC, they will be my vendor of choice.
    I think I’m going to wait for the 900.

  18. beavis88 says:


    Exactly. And you’re right, I can’t think of the last time price made me buy electronics elsewhere. Usually the things I order elsewhere are specialty items that Newegg just plain doesn’t carry.

  19. orielbean says:

    NewEgg for the parts, Monoprice for the cables

  20. Dirtnaps says:

    As nearly everyone stated, this is why it takes a deal thats nearly a steal to make me even consider anyone else. 98% of my purchases come from newegg, and they have always put the customer first. This is a very lost art in todays gimmie gimmie now society. In Neweggs case they keep the gimmie gimmie coming to the customer and that’s why they are #1. CEO’s take note. It’s real simple. The customer first will reward you in the long run many times over than an outsourced job or a CSR paid pennies to pass the buck.

  21. @orielbean: damn skippy!

  22. KevinReyn says:

    Bow down bow down. As the rest of you I too am a desciple. Newegg gets my tech dollars. Its a shame that more companies havent seen the light of superior customer service. One only need look at the legions of followers who have seen this with newegg. They get it. Customer first. Period. For they are the reason there is a Newegg in the first place.

    I sometimes cannot fathom why people simply allow companies to walk on them and continue to give them money. even if they are the only gig in town, anything can be found online and a long enough campaign can bring any company to its knees. Remember folks we are the power, we have the money, they want it. MAKE THEM EARN IT!!

    Newegg once again proves why they are the best

  23. Throtex says:

    NewEgg rocks … and I always tick off the “rush processing” box as my way of tipping them (I wish I actually could tip them!), since they would probably get the order out just as quickly without it most times. Been using them without a hitch for years and years!

  24. Pro-Pain says:

    Newegg FTW!!! Seriously!!! Finally, a company that “gets it”. I always go to them first when looking for electronics. If a new company wants to succeed in business they need look no further than the Newegg model. Happy customers = more business. More business = success! How hard is that to understand? Best Buy are you listening? Didn’t think so…

  25. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    It’s surprising how they’ve been able to maintain a high level of customer service, considering they’ve grown so much over the years. They’re a pretty good example of how a company should treat its customers.

    On a side note: Here’s a tour of their facilities..


  26. mike says:

    I wish NewEgg would price match. That’s my only real complaint. But I do agree; newegg is awesome!

  27. davere says:

    Meh, the only time I decided to try NewEgg I had a basic question about the product and the online chat rep not only told me that she could not answer the question but was rude about it and ended the chat session immediately.

    I never bothered going back.

  28. thefezman says:

    I’ve ordered more then $150K from Newegg for myself, family, and my work, and they have been impeccable. I just wish they still gave away free hats and shirts…

    The only order issue I ever had was when they had some major warehouse issue, but they worked their butt off to make it right, and gave us credits to make us happy.

  29. catcherintheeye says:

    Has NewEgg announced any plans to go public?

  30. dugn says:

    +1 for NewEgg.

    Been buying lots (over $10K worth) of stuff from them since 2000. Used to use other online retailers to save a few bucks on one part or another. In every case, it always turned out better to order directly from NewEgg even if it was a couple dollars more.

    Their excellent customer service, unparalleled speedy delivery and untainted reviews of items that allow me to make a truly informed decision take the cake every time.

    As in this post, NewEgg has always done their best to make things right. The original complainer probably should have tried a little harder before posting the anti-NewEgg sentiment to Consumerist.

  31. coren says:

    @mantari: Third party’s rebate that Newegg covered – they’re great like that. Last time I had a rebate question, the company it was from couldn’t tell me what to do, but a newegg agent spent half an hour helping me figure it out – it wasn’t even their rebate. I’m a loyal customer for life

  32. coren says:

    @catcherintheeye: I hope they do, I’d buy that stock in a heartbeat

  33. ichiban1081 says:

    I love Newegg. I just purchased a ton of fans, fan controllers, mobos yesterday and guess when I received it? TODAY! Newegg is pretty much the first place I look for electronics, sometimes their prices are not lower than some sites but most of the time I will opt to buy it from Newegg because of the no hassle and usually 1 day delivery if its in their NJ warehouse (I live in NY). If more companies were like Newegg we would be living on cloud 9.

  34. BeastMD says:

    Newegg has NEVER let me down and I buy from there about twice a month.

  35. Norskman says:

    Newegg is the only place I confidently buy items online. Their customer support is awesome, their return/RMA is painless and their shipping and expediting is bar none.

    I put Newegg is the same category as Costco. A company I don’t mind giving my money to.

  36. Geekybiker says:

    Newegg would be a contender for america’s *best* company if they run a poll for that too.

  37. Landru says:


    Pray that they don’t go public. I’m sure that if they were ever to do so, it would signal the end of their great customer service. Eventually some bean counter would decide that the way to better profits is higher prices and cheaper, bot-based customer service. They would start advertising what great customer service they have, at the same time cut back on payroll and offshoreing jobs.
    Wow, where did that cynicism come from?

  38. dottat1 says:

    This is why newegg destroys tigerdirect.

    Tigerdirect even has the balls to run their “3rd-party” rebate processing site from the same IP as their main sales page.

    Very shady deal coming from southern florida

  39. heintzer says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Newegg is the best online retailer I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

  40. highmodulus says:

    Consumerist should run a “best company in the world” contest. Instead of reinforcing that we should avoid Best Buy (is this a surprise anymore?), we may learn of some much companies to use instead.

    I hereby nominate Newegg.

  41. Canoehead says:

    Newegg is generally very good, but I had one bad experience. I had ordered a NAS box from them, and it arrived just in its own retailish box, which was pretty dinged up. When I openened the box, I discovered that it had no cables, no keys, no software – nothing but the NAS Box itself. Newegg was willing to take the unit back (and pay for the shipping) but the total turn-around time would be the better part of a month. That didn’t work for me, so I asked if they could just break open a box and send me the accessories, then send that box back to the manufacturer (instead of my box). They would not even entertain the idea, so I was forced to return the box to them for refund and buy another unit at a local store. Not an unfair outcome, but not great customer service either, and ultimately far costlier to Newegg than following my proposal.

  42. Woofer00 says:

    @Canoehead: Sorry, but that sounds more like unhelpful customer to me. If they broke open the box and there was still some accessory missing, the process would just repeat. It’s much safer for them to send you an unopened package than to piecemeal it. For you, it was more cost-effective to return and buy the unit locally. For Newegg, it’s just too much of a hassle.

  43. Paranoid2000 says:

    I’m also a fan of Newegg. I bought an item with a rebate several years ago, and was having problems getting the rebate paid. I contacted neweggs rebate dept. by email and received a form letter saying they try to help when possible, but ultimately it was between me and the manufacturer. I replied asking them to help, as I had proof that I followed all the terms&conditions of the rebate. The reply from the newegg CSR was less than helpful, to say the least.

    Knowing that newegg monitors resellerratings.com, I gave them a negative review, expecting a response from them that would solve the problem. As expected, within a day I got a call and an email from a newegg rep, and the problem was immediately corrected; an additional credit was applied to my CC as compensation.

    I saved that email address, and any problems I have had with Newegg since then are immediately corrected after sending out an email asking for help. They have paid off on a couple of rebates that never showed up, after I made every effort to contact the rebate center/manufacturer.

    I have asked them to match another online price on one or 2 rare occasions when they had a (significantly) higher price, and it was done immediately, and the shipping charges waived as well.

    I always check newegg first when ordering computer hardware, but I still check a few other sites for lower prices as well. It’s rare that I find a lower price elsewhere.

  44. Metropolis says:

    This is well above what NewEgg needed to do which was nothing because this was a manufactures rebate. I aplaud NewEgg and it will continue to be the only store I deal with. I have had nother but excellent service with them.

  45. marsneedsrabbits says:

    I ordered a small electronic device from Newegg on a recent Sunday afternoon, paid regular shipping, not expedited.

    I had it on Tuesday afternoon. They had the best price on the internets, too. Excellent customer service.

    Newegg rocks!

  46. parnote says:

    Just another reason for me to CONTINUE patronizing this fantastic company! I have never, ever experienced any problems with Newegg. They not only offer fantastic prices, but they also have extremely fast shipping at reasonable rates. I have had to deal with their customer service department once when I received a notebook hard drive that was DOA. No problems, no questions, no hassles whatsoever. Just an RMA and rapid re-shipping of a new hard drive to replace the defective one!

    Hurrah! I’m glad to see their virtues paraded on Consumerist. Lots of other companies can surely take lessons on how to provide GOOD customer service. Best Buy, AT&T, Circuit City, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. … are you listening?

  47. Newegg_Support says:

    Dear Customers,

    Thank you all so much for your kind posts, we appreciate it greatly! Be sure we will do everything possible to make every customers shopping experience a great one :) And if for some reason you had an issue, we will work round the clock to make sure that issue is taken care of accordingly.


    Newegg Support

  48. simplegreen says:

    I think the consensus is that most love new egg. But I’ll still add my experience. I’ve only had to deal with CSR’s and RMA’s twice. One of those times, I didn’t even have to send anything back, I guess from shopping frequently they knew I’m not gonna BS about a 30 dollar mouse. They just sent a replacement.

    Lastly and most recently, the CPU I purchased dropped in price by 40 dollars 2 days after I bought it. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask if I could get the difference credited to my account. Unfor. they couldn’t but they offered a 20 dollar credit from their company. I declined. Why?

    Well I’m literally so happy with dealing with NE that I would rather them keep the cash in return for the continued customer service.

    Note to newegg: Always stay humble, never get too big you forget whats really important. You’ve done a fabulous job to date.

  49. farker says:

    I love NewEgg so much. I’ve probably bought about 90% of my electronics purchases in the past 3 years from them, totaling over $1500. So clearly customer service begets repeat business.

    My second-favorite retailer is probably Fry’s, for certain things that you wouldn’t want to wait for, or would be expensive to get from NewEgg (like a new office chair and nubless plastic chairmat to protect a wood floor…)

    Recently I bought an eVGA video card from the Egg, and when May rolled around, the rebate form link changed to the new form. I was kind of miffed as to why a “previous month’s rebate form” link was not available, but after chatting with a CSR for about 40 seconds, she came back with a direct link to the PDF I needed fairly quickly.

    Go NewEgg!

  50. Monster Rain says:

    Hey Newegg, if you’re reading…

    This case is just another example (in addition to my own experiences) of why I will avail myself of your services whenever possible.

    I regularly build PCs for friends and family, and I always have them buy their parts from Newegg.
    Also, I myself am quite an computer component junkie, so I buy a lot for myself as well.

    I’m planning to buy both a laptop and an expensive TV in the very near future… Reading this today cemented Newegg as the vendor that I will be purchasing from.

    If only I could convince my employer’s purchasing department to switch over to Newegg!! *sigh*

  51. Serpephone says:

    I once had a problem with a Newegg.com order. I received an empty box. I emailed customer service and they issued a full credit on my card, and told me not to worry sending the “empty box” back!

  52. JoeVet says:

    While I never doubted that Newegg would make this customer happy, I am still distress that The Consumerist expects a retailer to make good on a manufacturers rebate. The retailer is selling the product at a specified price. You pay that price and the retailer gives you the product. The manufacturer on the other hand is giving an additional incentive to by their product through the use of a rebate that is out of the retailers control. Its like forcing a sale on the retailer. Newegg clearly tells customers what its price is to purchase the product. When the manufacturer fails to make good on the rebate, that is in no way a fault or responsibility of the retailer. In this case we have a retailer who goes beyond good business practices to make their customers happy by paying the added expense of the manufacturers dishonest rebate program. This extra mile service by Newegg is what drives their reputation. Newegg should have never been blamed for this incident. That honor goes directly to the manufacturer offering the rebate, in this case Foxconn.

  53. Paranoid2000 says:

    Many rebates on Newegg’s site are exclusive to Newegg, and don’t apply if the product is bought elsewhere. To me, that makes newegg at least partly responsible for making sure the manufacturers pay the rebates as advertised. Besides, newegg can apply a LOT more pressure to manufacturers/rebate centers than an individual consumer can.

    If I were running newegg, I would also make the customer happy by paying a (valid) rebate that the manufacturer didn’t pay, then simply deduct it from the invoices when paying the manufacturer for their product.

  54. ZenNootrac says:

    Newegg is truly one of the best customer oriented company out there. Right
    up there with Amazon and Costco.

  55. TTFK says:

    In the electronics world, Newegg’s technical/customer support ranks right up in my top 4, the other three being Logitech (no-questions-asked warranty mouse replacements), Sandisk (technical support is SUPERB, no 1-800-INDIA here!) and Thrustmaster (sent me free parts for a 15 year old FCS Mark I that was completely worn out)

  56. neosoul says:

    I wish more companies would follow their business model. They have earned enough money through customer satisfaction to allow this kind of service. It causes customers like me to not dig for the lowest price but go with service I could depend on.

    Kudos to newegg.com!