Hey Burger King, This Cigarette Lighter Makes A Less-Than-Ideal Kid's Meal Toy

A South Bend, Indiana family is a little ticked off after finding a cigarette lighter in their child’s Burger King kid’s meal, says WSJV.

The family checked the bag before giving it to their child and are thankful that they did. Now they’d just like to remind other parents to make sure your child’s meal doesn’t contain anything flammable before you toss it into the back seat…

Angela Vanderhuyden says, “I’m really disappointed. I want people to be a little more aware and a little more cautious. It’s something that most parents just say, ‘ya, know here guys’, and hand the bag to the back seat because it’s supposed to be just food, that’s it you know. The food and the toy.”

Good safety tip, Angela.

Lighter Found In Kid’s Meal[WSJV]

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