AT&T Customer? No Go Phone For You!

In case you though AT&T wanting to run a credit check before they sell you a prepaid phone was as dumb as AT&T could get, reader Dan writes in to tell us about an AT&T store that wouldn’t sell him a phone because he was already an AT&T customer. If he hadn’t copped to being an AT&T customer, he could have walked out of the store with a lovely LG CG180 Go Phone. But since he admitted he had an AT&T number, the sales reps at the store wanted him to put an extra $100 down. More, after the jump.

Well the AT&T refusing to sell a go-phone isn’t a isolated incident.
I go in.
Me: “Ya, can I get the CG180 go phone?”
First Guy: “Just the phone, No SIM?”
Me: “Ya.”


First Guy:”What’s your current AT&T phone number?”
Me: Like an idiot I tell him.
First Guy to Shift Supervisor: “Can he buy this?”
Shift supervisor:”Sorry sir you can’t buy this phone your not a go-phone customer.”
Me: “Well…maybe I want to be one now, can’t I just buy the phone?
Shift Supervisor:” Well if you want, but you have to buy 100 dollars worth of credit with it.”
Me: “It doesn’t say that anywhere in the store, isn’t that why its called pay as you go?”
Shift Supervisor: “New Go-Phone customers don’t need to, but since you already have an AT&T account you have to.”
(The account isn’t even in my name. Its in my mom’s.)
Me: “Well, let me get this straight. if i came in and didn’t tell you I was an AT&T customer I could get it?”
Shift Supervisor: “Yes, but you are, so you can’t. But you can buy a better phone for a little bit more, as long as you do it as a qualified upgrade.”
Me: “No…I want this phone. my friend has it and I really like it.”
Shift Supervisor: “Well you would have to buy it at Radio Shack or Best Buy, corporate stores don’t do it.”
Me: “But isn’t the online the same as the corporate stores? I can buy one on there.”
shift Supervisor: “I suppose you could.”
Me: “Fine…I will.”


What a bunch of BS. I called AT&T because I was that pissed and asked. They said “the shift supervisor must have been misinformed about policy, she should have sold you the phone.”

Store was 6th ave in NYC


Even if Corporate claims it’s not policy, it’s strange that the store would be under impression that current customers have to pay more for a product. Isn’t that a little counterintuitive? Wouldn’t you trust your current customers, who have a billing history with you, more than strangers? Oh, wait. It’s a prepaid phone. It shouldn’t matter in the slightest. Time to add to AT&T’s file of Bizarre Customer Service Blunders.


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