ProFlowers Screws Up Order But Refunds Entire Purchase

This Mother’s Day story is a bit of a mixed-bag—ProFlowers clearly failed to deliver the arrangement they sold to M., but they refunded him the entire amount of his purchase when he contacted them about the issue. It’s a “fail” for execution, but a perfect example of how to own up to and correct a wrong for your customer.

I just wanted to send in a quick shout-out to and customer service rep Angela. I ordered a $45 bouquet to be sent to my mother today for Mother’s day. It arrived, and she was thrilled, but her description of the flowers was entirely different than the flowers that I ordered — they sent a dozen white roses, but I ordered a “Spring Days” bouquet — about ten dollars more expensive than the dozen roses that were on sale the day I placed the order.

After a few minutes on the phone, Angela offered to refund all of my money and told me that it would appear back on my credit card in seven to ten days. It’s not too often that you get great customer service like this, so I wanted to share the news. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future. Just be sure to ignore their “$10 rebate” after check out — that seems like a big scam to me, especially after reading the recent Consumerist story about “Reservation Rewards.”


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  1. Don’t congratulate them till you actually get the money back.

  2. hills says:

    Of course they should refund – they didn’t deliver what was ordered. Do we really need to congratulate companies for doing the right thing?

    Nice that Proflowers didn’t hassle OP, but they don’t deserve a medal or anything…..

  3. waitaminute says:

    I’ve had consistently excellent results from, even when (once) a delivery got screwed up:

    I had ordered flowers to be delivered to a funeral. I specified the delivery time and location (on a church ‘campus’). When the flowers didn’t show up as ordered, I called Proflowers to find out what my options were, expecting an “oh well, sorry” refund.

    They immediately contacted a local (to the church) florist and had an even better arrangement delivered in person within an hour, then called me to confirm delivery.

    The family never knew there was any delay or problem with the delivery.

    It turns out the delivery problem was a weather delay with FedEx…. not even Proflowers’ fault! Still, in a spot-on effort to say “We’ll take care of this, absolutely”, Proflowers gladly upgraded my order, delivered it in-person and did not charge me the (considerable) difference in price.

    Way to go,!

  4. + says:

    But all that matters is the thought ;P

  5. + says:

    But all that matters is the thought. ;P

  6. + says:

    @Lamburger Helper: Ah, didn’t think it went through.

  7. tcolberg says:

    I’ve read a lot of stories and known several people to have Proflowers screw up an order for them. But each time that person calls in, the CSRs always have made it right. I suppose that’s pretty much what we look for in a company as consumers.

  8. mikesgrrl says:

    ProFlowers is actually pretty good. Last year, I ordered potted flowers for my grandmothers…and they arrived destroyed. Proflowers sent new flowers for them and gave me my money back on top of it. Not too shabby.

  9. camille_javal says:

    Ah, I was just going to call my MIL and see if her ProFlowers arrangement arrived yesterday! I’ve had very good experiences with them, and they tend to have a much less expensive selection than ftd/1800flowers.

  10. Kounji says:

    That’s actually part of contract law. If they fail to complete their terms of the contract they are required to give the equivalent of the consideration given. They followed the law like they are supposed to.

  11. craiggers says:

    I’ve consistently had good service from Proflowers. One time there were flowers to be delivered on a Friday and a major snowstorm hit the area and the order (besides missing the delivery date and occasion) couldn’t be delivered until Tuesday. I called and explained the situation and they sent a new order of fresh flowers – no problem. Kudos to them.

  12. DeltaPurser says:

    @Kounji: Actually, I’d say letting them keep the flowers AND giving the money back is waaaay beyond “giving the equivalent of the consideration given”. Just for the record.

  13. bossco says:

    I also have had good luck with Proflowers. Using a local florist is best, but I have used them a doazen times and they have made good on any problems. I can’t say anything good about FTD or any of the other nationwide florists.

  14. I am glad to see that Proflowers has such consistently (it seems from my experience the the commenters’) good customer service. When I worked at a bakery with a considerable custom cake business I would frequently discuss with friends and new workers the incredible importance of making orders perfect because the cakes, etc. would be an integral part of important celebrations. Flowers serve the same role and whenever someone screws up-whether personal error or rain delay-it’s imperative that they make it right.

  15. ColoradoShark says:

    @hypochondriac: Chris, I would also love to see a follow up. I can see this turning into a 3 month ordeal and the OP never getting his money back.

  16. TheSpatulaOfLove says:

    I have to add that ProFlowers has taken care of me as well. For Valentine’s day, I ordered my wife two dozen roses to be delivered, as I was out of town on business and could not pick them up locally. Unfortunately, we had a brutal sub-zero cold snap that week my wife wasn’t home for delivery and the FedEx guy left the flowers sitting on the front porch.

    Needless to say, when my wife opened the box, she found two dozen rose-cicles that didn’t last the rest of the week.

    When I got home, I saw the packaging they used (top notch, I must add) and chalked it up to the bad weather that ruined the arrangement. I also found a ‘how did we do’ email in my personal email box.

    I was honest. I explained that the order process, shipment, packaging, etc was perfect. Then it asked if I would order again, and I said no because of the weather killing the arrangement, stressing that I didn’t blame ProFlowers for something far beyond their control. Three days later, I received a phone call from their customer service department offering to refund my money or replacing the arrangement. I explained that I had no reason to give flowers until September (anniversary), where the rep suggested Mother’s day. I said I’d be happy with an arrangement for my mom and said to just pick something that fit the amount of my previous order.

    My mother called yesterday and was BLOWN AWAY by the arrangement!

    Based on my experiences, ProFlowers is a top notch organization.

  17. Howie411 says:

    I’d have to give two thumbs up to Proflowers. For some dumb reason I ordered my flowers to be delivered last week instead of this week, well I called 1 day before they were suppose to be delivered to try to change it, they canceled the order and re-ordered it, and said it may be to late and my first order might get delivered anyways, but they would not charge me. My grandmother ended up with flowers last week and this week.

  18. brendanm14 says:

    ordered some roses for my wife from my kids for delivery on Thursday. Wife received them, however most of them were wilted. Emailed ProFlowers Customer Service and they are sending me new flowers of whatever choice I make next week. They are usually pretty good, we’ll see how these new flowers are.

  19. beboptheflop says:

    @hillsrovey: Yes, we do need to let companies know once in a while that they do have good customer service. It’s not so much the company but the individuals who work for the company that really, honestly appreciate positive feed back. Especially the ones who work the customer service end. We as a society are so quick to voice our opinions when something doesn’t go our way,(this website being a clear example) but we seem to keep silent when we see something going the way it’s suppose to. Customer service associates LOVE to hear praise. It simply makes them feel like they aren’t constantly being pounced on.

  20. timada says:

    if we won’t make compains about the customer service when it’snot ok, nothing wil change!

    Ada Wakeman

  21. toddiot says:

    There have been a painful amount of flower-related stories today.

    Almost like it’s Mother’s Day or something!

  22. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    Here’s a good one….

    My sister in law ordered Mothers Day flowers to be delivered to my mother in law, who lives about 5 miles from a small town. The florist called MIL on Saturday and said she would have to come in to town and pick up the flowers because they don’t deliver that far out of town. MIL said she would be in town on this coming Wednesday and would pick them up then. The florist said no, that would not be ok, since the person who ordered the flowers said they must be delivered by Mother’s Day.

  23. 12-Inch Idongivafuck Sandwich says:

    I have always had outstanding service from ProFlowers. They always send fantastic flowers, of much higher quality than those from 800flowers.

    110% recommend ProFlowers!

  24. arlomore says:

    I have had the same experience with Proflowers that everyone else had last Mother’s Day. I ordered roses, they arrived dead because Fedex was too stupid to get the order out on time with a week’s notice. I called PF and they very kindly delivered the same bunch…but they arrived dead again. Finally PF sent an order gratis, and it got there the Tues. after Mother’s Day. Still not in the greatest shape, but at least it was free.

    This year I ordered from a local florist.

  25. jennej says:

    I did not have such good service from Proflowers. Last year, I ordered flowers for my mom. She never received anything, so I called Proflowers and they said they were sorry and they would refund my money in 7-10 days. 10 days later, still no refund, so I called again. The CSR promised I would get a refund this time. But 10 days later, still no refund. I then sent several emails and each time they responded saying I would receive a refund, but nothing ever appeared on my card. After about a month, I filed a Paypal dispute and then Proflowers finally refunded my money within 1 day. Don’t think I’ll be using them ever again.

  26. sgodun says:

    I’ve ordered from ProFlowers about half a dozen times now and they’ve only screwed up once (they missed the delivery day and it arrived a day late). To their credit, they immediately refunded my money and gave me a $10 gift code. I stopped using FTD because of their pro-spam position, and I stopped using 1800flowers because of consistent poor quality service and half-dead flowers.

    My only complaint about ProFlowers is that their web site doesn’t use a true shopping cart. You can’t, for example, go to ProFlowers and order two arrangements at the same time, nor can you have them delivered to different addresses. If you want to send flowers to your wife and your mother, you’ll need to visit ProFlowers and go through its checkout system twice.

  27. fukngrvn says:

    i once filed a complaint with them also because the flowers they sent were very wilted. i think it was a dozen roses in a glass vase. they emailed me back and actually sent out a 2nd dozen roses to my wife that were in much better condition.

  28. vermontwriter says:

    I received roses from them for Valentine’s Day. The roses were okay, but they’d obviously been freezer burned a bit – Vermont in winter does get wicked cold and the Fedex driver left them outside while we were at work. So I filled out the online survey stating that. I know it wasn’t Proflower’s fault. Fedex has my signature on file and the driver didn’t use common sense. So I called and complained to Fedex which got me no where.

    What bothered me was that Proflowers called me multiple times a day leaving messages demanding I call to further discuss the situation. I’d said all that needed to be said, stated I didn’t need a refund and that no follow-up call was needed, yet I’d come home to two or three calls per day for a week. Then when they got no response that way, they started emailing me multiple times per day. I have them blocked now and won’t use them again.

  29. Gokuhouse says:

    I had a very similar experience with 1800 flowers…Except instead of sending the wrong flowers they didn’t send any AT ALL! I emailed them my complaint and said I wanted a refund for the entire purchase price including shipping and everything and I wanted the flowers delivered still although too late for my wife to receive them on her birthday. I guess it kinda worked out though, free flowers…

  30. theysaidwhat says:

    I’ve used ProFlowers often and they always heave done well.

    Glad to hear that when things occasionally go wrong, they step up and fix things as best they can.

    My mom lives in a remote area so many of the ‘flower services’ don’t work out when I order for her, since many services use local florists to complete their orders. (The local florists frequently either don’t have the necessary flowers or don’t have any clue how to do the arrangement. ) This has not been an issue for me with ProFlowers.

  31. sysak says:

    They hunted my girlfriend down on campus once. I gave a description of her and where she would be passing at a specific time.

    I put an order for mother’s day and the flowers arrived a day early. I think I paid a service charge for delivering them on that Sunday, so I sent an email this morning.

    Also I have found that if you stop your order right before paying, they eventually send an email offering 20% if you complete your order around the holidays.

  32. LouisaMenestheus says:

    I’ve had the same experience with proflowrs – my boyfriend sent me two
    dozen roses, but we only received one dozen. They were courteous and
    refunded the full amount, and I still got the flowers and a vase.

  33. AlannaCorinthus says:

    Contract law may apply if the bouquet is not the same type as ordered, but
    not if they were delivered late. Contract law would allow provisions for
    Acts of God (weather, FedEx equipment breakdowns), so to fully refund is
    going above and beyond the law.

  34. privateer says:

    ProFlowers did the same to me last year, and the year before, on Mother’s Day. They sent terrible quality flowers, though that is, at least in part, the fault of the companies they contract with to provide the flowers. They vary by area.

    But both times, I called ProFlowers immediately and they sent out something of better quality for free. However, after two bad experiences in a row, this year I went with 1800flowers. They got it right on the first try.

  35. skeleem_skalarm says:

    I don’t deal with ProFlowers any more. The first time my husband ordered flowers for me, they were perfect. The second time, they died within three days, and ProFlowers sent good replacements. I ordered some flowers for my mom on her day, and they arrived bug-eaten and wilted, so I contacted ProFlowers about it. Again, they sent replacements, which arrived in as sad a shape as the ones they were sent to replace! I’ve not ordered from them since, and I tell everyone I know not to use them.

  36. googlefrank26 says:

    Yep – for Valentine’s day I ordered my wife $120 worth of flowers from their site – they arrived late, dead, and ugly as hell. I promptly called and they issued me a full refund. I couldn’t be happier.