Watch For Baloney "Reservation Rewards" Charges On Your Credit Card

You know when you buy tickets at or Fandango and at that end that annoying popup window makes a noise and asks you if you want to save $10 on your next purchase? Yeah, don’t enter your email address. In the fine print it tells you that doing so…

gives them the right to sign you up for a $10/month bullshit “Webloyalty” monthly membership service, which, as far as we can tell, consists of access to a website with a bunch of deals you could easily find on Google. Then you’ll start seeing charges like these show up on your credit card:


If you call to cancel, they will cancel you and refund all your money, because they know their “service” is bullshit and if people really start complaining to their banks and credit cards companies, then they’ll really get in trouble. Shame on these guys, but even more so on Fandango and Movietickets for letting these lampreys attach to their site.

(Photo: Getty)

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