Top Posts Of The Week

It’s Now Completely Impossible To Sell A Laptop On Ebay
“The cool thing about eBay’s support system is it will always answer your question; unfortunately, that answer will always be a form letter on how to reset your password, as Timothy discovered when he tried to figure out how to sell his laptop to someone who wasn’t a Nigerian scammer.”

Home Depot Won’t Let You Buy Stuff Without Knowing What You Plan To Do With It
“I requested assistance from the employee assigned to the area because again I do not feel I need to report to Home Depot where I plan to use items I purchase. I was told my transaction would not be completed without providing the information requested. I left without my items.”

9 Foods You’re Not Allowed To Buy
“Fortune magazine has compiled a list of 9 “forbidden’ foods that have been banned (for some reason or another) in the US.”

Seagate Sends You A “Mavericks Suck” Hard Drive
“…either someone in the Seagate factory has too much time on their hands, or Seagate has a “Mavericks Suck” model drive now.”

OfficeMax Calls You A Thief For Trying To Recycle
“Chris runs a computer repair business that leaves him flush with empty cartridges. According to one cashier, this makes Chris a thief.”

(Photo: Paxton Holley)

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