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It’s Now Completely Impossible To Sell A Laptop On Ebay
“The cool thing about eBay’s support system is it will always answer your question; unfortunately, that answer will always be a form letter on how to reset your password, as Timothy discovered when he tried to figure out how to sell his laptop to someone who wasn’t a Nigerian scammer.”

Home Depot Won’t Let You Buy Stuff Without Knowing What You Plan To Do With It
“I requested assistance from the employee assigned to the area because again I do not feel I need to report to Home Depot where I plan to use items I purchase. I was told my transaction would not be completed without providing the information requested. I left without my items.”

9 Foods You’re Not Allowed To Buy
“Fortune magazine has compiled a list of 9 “forbidden’ foods that have been banned (for some reason or another) in the US.”

Seagate Sends You A “Mavericks Suck” Hard Drive
“…either someone in the Seagate factory has too much time on their hands, or Seagate has a “Mavericks Suck” model drive now.”

OfficeMax Calls You A Thief For Trying To Recycle
“Chris runs a computer repair business that leaves him flush with empty cartridges. According to one cashier, this makes Chris a thief.”

(Photo: Paxton Holley)


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  1. Zyada says:

    If you’re only going to use the number of comments generated to identify “top” posts of the week, you might want to call this “top posts of the week, and maybe one or two of the stupidest ones as well”