Tim Horton's Fires Single Mom For Giving A Free Donut Hole To A Baby

We pause this blog to bring you a message from Canada: A single mother has been fired by the iconic Canadian donut chain Tim Horton’s for giving a free donut hole to a fussy baby. The chain said the worker was caught on video “stealing” the donut hole, which, in the mysterious Canadian language, is apparently called a “Timbit” and looks freaking delicious. Reader Chris, who alerted us to this story, explains: “It’s important to understand that Tim Horton’s is a Canadian national icon. That makes this story so much sadder.”

From the Toronto Star:

Nicole Lilliman, 27, was fired yesterday from her Tim Hortons job for giving one of the 16-cent blobs of fried dough to a tot.

“I have been fired for giving a baby a Timbit,” Lilliman said yesterday.

“It was just out of my heart – she was pointing and going `ah, ah…’ I should have gone to my purse and got the change, but it was busy.”

Lilliman, who has worked at the store for three years, said she thought little of the incident since Timbits are often doled out to dogs and children.

She said the baby was about 11 months old, and she gave her the treat to quiet her, since her mom – a Tims’ regular – had been “having a bad day.”

“I could see (the dismissal) if it was a sandwich or something,” she said. “But it was a Timbit.”

Three managers greeted her yesterday, saying she had been caught on video giving free food to a child.

“They said, `Remember, Monday you gave out a free Timbit,’ ” she said.

“I had to think, then I was like, `Oh yeah,’ and I smiled because I thought I’d get a warning.”

Instead, she was fired for theft.

That’s harsh, Tim Horton’s. Very harsh.

Tim Hortons fires single mom over free Timbit [Toronto Star]

(Photo: FlyGuy92586 )

UPDATE: Hey, she’s been rehired!“We’re working with the store owner on this policy,” said a Tim Horton’s spokesperson, calling Lilliman’s firing “an overreaction and not appropriate.”

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