No Proof Of Address? FedEx Curses You Out

UPDATE: Reader Receives Apology For Foul-Mouthed FedEx Employees
What started as a routine trip ended in verbal fisticuffs when reader Matthew went to go pick up his package at a local Fedex receiving center in NYC. He thought that his door ticket and identification was enough to get his package but Fedex said he also needed “verification of address” in the form of a utility bill or something similar. Matthew had never heard of this before, but when he questioned this new policy he received a barrage of foul language from an employee and her manager. His letter, inside…

I am writing to you today to share my horrible experience with FedEx. On May 2, 2008 I ordered a new phone through my carrier and had it shipped to my house in Jackson Heights, NY, a suburb of Queens. As many might not expect, Queens is a pretty difficult part of NYC to get through if one does not have a car. On May 5 upon discovering that FedEx was unable to deliver and leave the package at my home address without a signature, they left a door tag. When i got home i read the door tag which stated that I needed to travel to a receiving location across the borough of Queens to pick up my package. After reading this i immediately called 1-800-GOFEDEX, and they assured me that my package could and would be delivered to a location a few blocks away from my house (which as a matter of principle, they should have done in the first place but i digress) as of the next day May 6, 2008. Not only would they do me that “convenience” they would also notify me via telephone and email when my package would be delivered so i could come and pick it up. They did neither.

I called later in the day to inquire on the status of delivery and the operator informed me that not only did they not put a forwarding address and number to call, but yet again it was back on the truck to be delivered. FedEx only delivers 3 times and then returns it to the sender, which would have been a nightmare. So i decide to suck it up and make the trek to the Maspeth location. Upon arrival I was never greeted, and rudely asked, “What do you need?” I handed the woman my ID and the Door Tag. I stated that i had a package i needed to pick up. The woman promptly pointed the sign that read, “Customers Must Present Proof of ID and Verification of Address”. Then she yelled, “Next Customer”.. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing and reminded her who was the customer in the situation to which she responded, “I don’t give a SHIT if you are the customer or not, im not gonna be attacked by customers today, no i won’t”. Finally i asked to speak with the manager and received not only the same attitude, but this statement, “Unfortunately it is what it is. The policy between AT&T and our company is that we can’t give you the package until you show us a bill with your address. You’ll have to call them and work that out otherwise.” I asked him if he could show me such policy that he was quoting, and he said that it could be found at FedEx headquarters. I also told him that if it was of such GREAT IMPORTANCE that I need proof of address that they HAD TO HANG A SIGN, why was he unable to relinquish the FedEx/consumer policy he was attempting to pawn off on me? To which he responded, “Look, there’s nothing i can do God Dammit, now if you have any other questions call the customer service line, NEXT CUSTOMER”.

Furious, irritated, and feeling hopeless, I asked for the first employees name, his name and email, and his district manager’s information and all i got was his business card and a grin. COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. I will never go back, and now due to the fact that i will be at work when they come for the “FINAL DELIVERY” tomorrow i am forced to take off time from work just so i can get my package. PRINCIPLE:#1 If the FedEx employee was able to drop off the notice TWICE, at the listed address, why is isn’t that enough proof of address? Obviously they were at the correct address. #2 Why isn’t that “ID POLICY” stated on the door tag they left?
I spoke to an operator after i returned home and they stated that there was no reason they couldn’t have given me the package, and that there is no existing contract between companies and FedEx that states such policies. I have since complained to FedEx, which will probably get me nowhere, but at least my voice will be heard.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint
Matthew in Queens.

We’re not impressed, FedEx. If the telephone CSR’s aren’t familiar with these policies how are we expected to be? At the very least, this information should be left on the door tickets so that customers don’t have to waste trips coming to your pickup locations. Perhaps if this information were more readily available, your employees would be less frustrated and more able to refrain from swearing at the customers, even if they are in Queens.

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