Beware Of Rotten Newegg Rebate

UPDATE: Newegg’s Reputation For Customer Service Remains Unbroken
Reader RJ purchased an Nvidia graphics card from Newegg and submitted his $20 rebate information in January. Nearly 5 months later, he is still waiting for his cash. He wrote to Newegg for answers but received a tepid reply. RJ’s letter and Newegg’s response, inside…

To whom it may concern:

I wanted to let both Newegg and MyRebates411 know that I am displeased with the $20 rebate process for my Foxconn FV-N84SM2DT GeForce 8400 video card. (Newegg Order #72954831) I submitted my rebate in January following every rule MyRebates411 could dole-up including:

1.) Registering at the
2.) Writing my username on the rebate form
3.) Writing my transaction ID on the rebate form
4.) Writing, the promotion code and transaction ID on the
back bottom of envelope
5.) I included UPC code and original receipt.

I have done all this only to be told that Myrebates411 had a server crash that lost all customer rebate submissions information from December and January and not to contact Myrebates411 until April. However I can be assured it will come. This information came from the Myrebates411 web site. My username on their site is also no longer valid to check my rebate status after the crash.

It is now May 7th and no rebate has come. I have contacted Myrebates411 via email and was told by ?John? to email him a copy of my rebate form. (Ticket #8076) I did so and emailed ?John back on three occasions for an update yet he has not responded. Apparently John has better things to do then right a wrong his company made. Why do I have to be penalized because Myrebates411 had a server crash??

It is quite obvious to me that Myrebates411 could care less. I want to let Newegg know that as a long time customer I am thus far unsatisfied with Newegg utilizing a rebate program via Myrebates411. Furthermore I will avoid future products advertising rebates if I find out the company behind them is Myrebates411.

Newegg’s response,

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Newegg.

Please kindly note that all rebates are issued through the manufacturers directly. Any use of the aforementioned rebates is limited to the terms and conditions as determined by the product manufacturer. As for the mail-in rebate, we have contacted our related department for further investigation. Once I receive their feedback, I will update you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.
Ruby Luo
Have I exceeded your expectations today?

Some quick research revealed that myrebates411 is having some serious problems. Aside from the myriad of disgruntled customers, we discovered this statement from myrebates411 posted in March:

Our Customers,

***This is an automated message so please do not respond because it cannot be answered.***

Most of you know that we experienced a hardware crash on our servers at ipowerweb that was not our fault.

This crash affected our RAID drives which made it impossible to restore them on an as is basis. It does not mean that you lost your rebate. You will not lose your rebate. We are in the process of re-entering the data on our own systems from your mailed-in copies, and have almost completed the task.

It was not possible to restore all of the usernames and passwords of everyone on the website exactly as they were because new people are being added all the time and it might create duplications; therefore, some people will have their password NOT recognized when trying to check the status of their rebate.

If that happens, it will do no good to attempt to click the missing password link to get your password. Customers will need to create a new username and password and reregister when they apply for a new rebate. This new registration will not work to see the status of an old rebate. This problem only effects certain months.

We will begin issuing checks for November promotions to customers who have not received them due to the website outage. This will begin sometime next week.

We are asking customers to help us help you.
Attempting to answer the sheer volume of emails just to check a status is slowing down the main purpose, which is to help you get your check-because we attempt to answer every email.

Our priority is to get you your check and the volume or emails is seriously slowing down that process. We cannot possibly answer thousands of emails and get your check issued in a timely manner. We have upgraded our site to insure this never happens again. The site is functional so all new entries and some old entries will be able to track their status; however, some people will need to reregister. Even if you reregister, this will not insure you will be able to track your old rebates. It only insures you will be able to track the new rebates you enter.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Customer Service

Newegg blames myrebates411 and myrebates411 blames “ipowerweb?” We don’t even want to hear ipowerweb’s excuse. It seems like a big game of culpability hot potato. Hopefully, Newegg can put enough pressure on myrebates411 so that they’ll cough up your $20. If not, we would like to see Newegg, at least, step up with $20 store credit as not to put any cracks in their reputation.

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  1. nrich239 says:

    I had a similar issue with a rebate on a video card. Bought the card, did everything the rebate required, and waited…… 9 weeks later, completely forgetting about said rebate, I get a small postcard in the mail, denying me the rebate because “address unreadable”

    I emailed newegg and got the same canned response about contacting the rebate company. I do not even consider a mail in rebate as a purchase factor anymore due to the pains you have to go through, only to get screwed.

  2. buzzybee says:

    Rebates are glorified scams. Might as well play the lottery.

  3. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    How exactly is Newegg in the wrong? Because someone didn’t get a manufacturer’s rebate? If it were a rebate through Newegg, I could see the complaint, but I really don’t see a beef with Newegg here.

  4. SportsCentre says:


  5. gamehendge2000 says:

    at least everyone else got an excuse. my newegg video card rebate fell into a black hole, despite the online status saying – pending payment for 4 months now.

  6. SportsCentre says:

    I meant to say “take longer”. Dammit.

  7. Milstar says:

    Newegg has in the past coughed up rebates due to companies going defunct etc. They are a pretty good company with excellent customer service.

    That said should they really be responsible for a third party rebate?

  8. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    And also, shouldn’t the headline see “Beware of Rotten myrebates411 Rebate”? Or “Beware of Rotten Foxconn Rebate”? Those two companies are way more in the loop on this mishap than Newegg.

  9. buzzybee says:

    @Milstar: Don’t know what Newegg you’ve been dealing with. The one I used to use was nothing but problems. Ordered items continually out of stock, prices advertised but not honored, delayed shipments, ignored rebates, etc.

    Take your business to a company that deserves the business and actually gives a damn about customer service.

  10. SkokieGuy says:

    Sounds like an unfortunate chain of events, but the only possible issue is perhaps New Egg’s bland response. They could have easily put a link to the rebate411 website to help clarify the nature of the problem.

    Computers and systems can crash. It seems like rebate 411’s reply is admirable, given the set of circumstances.

    Exactly what does the poster expect? No one has denied his rebate, he will have to wait longer than he should, but this doesn’t seem like a rebate scam.

    Rebate 411 is not hiding, they are being upfront about what seems to be a rather catastrophic hardware failure and they are making a huge effort to rectify.

  11. @Franklin Comes Alive!: yeah I agree, but those titles wouldn’t have been as catchy and they couldn’t have used that broken egg jpeg they had laying around.

  12. Laffy Daffy says:

    Four months is nothing. It took 13 MONTHS of complaints and cajoling to get a rebate on a computer case purchased at a Fry’s special opening-day sale. But yep, that $49.95 eventually did come.

  13. tcp100 says:

    Unfortunately, 5 months is not actually that ridiculous when it comes to a rebate. Many of the forms I’ve filled out as of late have actually stated, specifically, “12-16 weeks”.

    ..Still waiting on that rebate legislation that was talked about a few years ago.. I’m trying to figure out how delayed, mishandled, and outright neglected rebates are not tantamount to fraud in advertising?

  14. rockstarjoe says:

    I’ve never done a rebate with them, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I have had nothing but great experiences with Newegg and I highly recommend them. Whenever I’ve had a problem with something they’ve always been quick to exchange it or allow me to return it. I’m sad to hear that people are having this issue with them.

  15. tcp100 says:

    @buzzybee: Many, many people, both here and at resellerratings, disagree with you.

    Your experience is not representative of most newegg purchases – so I wouldn’t go so far as to paint them with such a broad brush.

  16. secretcurse says:

    Isn’t this a rotten Foxconn rebate that is compounded by the poster using a third party rebate company? Where did newegg screw up?

  17. KevinReyn says:

    I am a long time Newegg fan and have always directed anyone looking to buy anything hardware related to them for their superior customer service. While I agree with Franklin it is not directly in Neweggs lap to deal with this problem. Newegg did get the sale of the product, most likely due to the rebate.

    Now I am sure newegg is following up on the issue and I could see them in good faith ponying up something for their customers who have been hit by this. Its called taking care of YOUR customers regardless of who is at fault. It would in fact be a charge off for them and it would go a long way to cement the fact that Newegg is the best place to do business period.

    As for rebates in general I have had 100% success with redeeming them. I do jump through all the hoops. I keep records I make calls. I have had the various rejection notes because of something like the address issue. But a followup with the company with a more legible or spoken address is usually all it takes. Then again it also depends on how big the rebate is. Fact of the matter is that they do anticipate that most will either forget to submit them, not submit them properly or when rejected for whatever reason not attempt to resolve. But if you stay on them you will get them.

    As for this particular issue. It sounds like they, rebates411, are working to resolve the issue. Unfortunately systems are systems and when they fail it shows how vulnerable they can be. I had a post on my blog at about an issue I had similar but with my mortgage company. Not a small rebate I assure you.

    Hang in there and keep banging on their windows. Though for 20 bucks at some point your time becomes worth more.

  18. Imafish says:

    I hate to be the person blaming the victim, but rebates are nothing more than legal scams. (Unfortunately, our anti-consumer government is not taking any action on these cams, but that’s a different issue.)

    Complaining about being scammed by a rebate is like complaining about being stung by bees after sticking your hand in a bee hive.

    If the price is right, buy it. If the price is not right, don’t buy it. Don’t buy based on promises. Corporations have no problems lying and breaking promises.

    And one last thing, why is Newegg being dumped into this? Newegg has nothing to do with this and it’s poor journalism to drag them into it.

  19. KevinReyn says:

    I agree with all the posters about this not being a rotten Newegg issue yet. Lets see how it unfolds but but I think it should be renamed in the mean time.

  20. MayorBee says:

    @nrich239: What’s great is that even though the address was unreadable, it was readable enough to be able to send you the postcard.

    I’m with you, though. I don’t consider a rebate as part of the price until I have the check in my hand.

  21. barometer says:

    I’ve never had problems with Neweggs rebates, but the “Next day air” shipping sucks. If you pick next day air on Thursday or Friday, even with rush processing, it’ll be at least Tuesday before you get whatever you ordered. Very misleading. There is a disclaimer about this somewhere on their site, but it’s burried in a hard to find place. I called them up to point this out and was told I was out of luck and the $25 I paid for next day air instead of the free shipping option (which would have arrived in the same amount of time).

  22. tcp100 says:

    I need to wonder if Consumerist didn’t post this as a Newegg problem in hopes of getting a response from them. I’m figuring Newegg is more likely to respond to their name on this site than Foxconn or the rebate company. Not exactly fair, Consumerist. Manufacturer’s rebates are just that – rebates from the manufacturer.

  23. Honus says:

    I dislike the pun because while catchy, NewEgg is a fantastic company and hasn’t screwed this up.

  24. unklegwar says:


    Rebates are notoriously based on following instructions to the letter.

    And yes, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH NEWEGG. It’s handled by the manufacturer.

    To counter this story, there are hundreds of people who do get their rebates.

    My rebate check on my newegg purchased video card is stuck on my door waiting for a trip to the bank.

  25. unklegwar says:


    The correct and responsible thing to do would be to redirect this article at the MANUFACTURER of the video card purchased.

    but, I guess that wouldn’t be as sensational.

  26. bovinekid says:

    @buzzybee: buzzybee’s comment says it all. A rebate should be considered a lucky bonus you might get for buying the product, but you should never assume you will get it just because you did everything right. I don’t really see the need for any further discussion beyond that.

  27. Scuba Steve says:

    @Milstar: Yes. Because ultimately it is their reputation that is going to be tarnished.

  28. Boo on the misleading title! Newegg has been great to me, but caveat emptor: REBATES ARE CRAP!

  29. Sidecutter says:

    @gamehendge2000: Foxconn’s rebates, at least on Newegg, ar ealways through Myrebates411. MR411 is a notorious craphole, and the vast majority of people seem to have had to hound them to get their rebate. I myself had to ask after my rebate after about 12 weeks. When I did, I received their absolutely standard ‘We sent it, we’ll resend another’ response. It was clearly a canned response since it matched the letters posted online by others.

    @SkokieGuy: MR411 is apparantly one person trying to process thousands of rebates, as far as the conclusions that everything about them seem to point to. They are absolutely notorious for never sending payments unless you bug them about it. The “server crash” sounds exactly like their standard list of excuses they call on. If there was a server crash, I severely doubt there was even a RAID array as they claim.

  30. nightshade74 says:

    Hardware fails. It’s a fact BUT it’s inexcusable for myrebates411 to not have a backup.

  31. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    I document pretty much everything when it comes to rebates. Only got burned once, by Never bought a thing from them since (oh…three years ago…). And I can’t believe Howie Mandell is doing ads for them. Oh Howie…what have you done!?

    So far, Staples has been the easiest. Submit online, and I get the rebates within a month.

  32. macdude22 says:

    Have to say, the title is another knock on consumerist in a long line of shoddy consumerist reporting. First all the Amazon non-stories, then the netflix non-story, now they try to sully newegg’s good name. Newegg’s response was as legit as any I’ve seen, and it’s not newegg’s rebate as the poster seems to indicate. I’ve seen nothing that shows contact with Foxconn, the manufacturer sponsoring the rebate. If consumerist wants to sully someone it should be them. Title should be changed immediatly to Beware of Rotten Foxconn rebate. It won’t, I barely come around here anymore since 90% of the stuff posted anymore is crap stories. Ben needs to put his foot down and bring consumerist back round to what it was made for, real consumer issues.

  33. AT203 says:

    This is an unjustified Digg against Newegg. It is true that they do not handle MANUFACTURERS REBATES. It is right there in the name people. I’m disappointed in the original poster for being deceptive about how he characterized his situation, but I’m more upset at the Consumerist editors for choosing to go with the sensationalized title against Newegg where it is clear on the face that it is not appropriate.

  34. tcp100 says:

    @macdude22: Dude, Consumerist is becoming just like any part of the “media” unfortunately. Headlines are made to get attention – not to be accurate. You start yelling that Newegg did something, you’ll get attention with this demographic. Sad, really. I think Ben should be more careful about crying wolf on situations like this, or the Consumerist is going to lose the clout it has earned as of late.

  35. Some_can_whistle says:

    I refuse to purchase anything from anyone if it has a rebate attached. The companies in charge of them are looking for any excuse not to give them out.

    One of the few things Best Buy has done that I really like is to get rid of rebates altogether.

  36. hi says:

    I’ve never heard anything bad about newegg until today… I still don’t beleive it. Too many people I know get hardware from them and have nothing but good things to say about them. I’m sure this guy will get his $20.

  37. ShirtGuyDom says:

    I shop at Newegg all the time. Gonna have to watch out for that.

  38. blankhorizons says:

    Newegg is fantastic, my411rebates, however, is not. A video card was lost in shipping one time and they replaced it next day, no questions asked.

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve spent almost 8 grand there over the last 2 years (I build machines on the side for people), but I doubt it. They seem to be pretty great to everyone. Newegg would certainly give you the 20 dollars if it was within the CSR’s power, but they must have a separate policy for rebates.

  39. kamel5547 says:

    “Computers and systems can crash. It seems like rebate 411’s reply is admirable, given the set of circumstances.”

    Yes, but good companies backup their data. At most they should have lost one days worth of data (or one week should the facility have been destroyed), not two months. Any company operating without a decent backup system has no excuse and deserves to be driven out of business.

  40. jdmba says:

    I agree – NewEgg is a great resource. How many times do people have to be told ‘do not base a purchase on a rebate’. I personally do not buy things which are subject to a rebate because (1) the rebate indicates an imminent price drop in any event and (2) your odds of getting it are very very very very low.

  41. LS1Andrew says:

    As other people have stated, BOOOO to Consumerist for the unfair digg against NewEgg. Consumerist posts have been going downhill recently (especially the posts crying about showing ID, get over yourselves).

    NewEgg has always been good to me, and VERY fast with order processing and shipping (sometimes getting items the next day with 3 day shipping).

  42. bandia says:

    While most rebates advertised are specifically stated to be “manufacturers’ rebates”, my experience as a retail manager is that the majority of customers go to the easiest target when they have a problem. That’s usually the retailer (online or b&m). We actually had a process in place to take care of these issues – as long as the customer had supporting information (make copies of everything you mail!) we would forward it to someone at our corporate office whose job it was to fix the problem. If the rebate processor wouldn’t send the check, our company did.

  43. backbroken says:

    Was this posted by the same people trying to get Apple to replace a stolen iPod for free? WTF?

    Bad Consumerist!!

  44. NoWin says:

    Agreed: it’s not neweggs fault.

    Bottom line: Any manufacturer that offers a rebate = caveat emptor.

  45. steve says:

    Newegg is great, but I don’t count on getting rebates when buying products from them or anybody, and neither should you. For a while I was getting $10 rebates on RiData DVD spindles without hassle, but on the last one supposedly they were missing some part of the form. I resent it, and of course, never got the rebate. I also bought a Xion computer case from Newegg that was supposed to have a $30 rebate. Naturally I heard nothing for months. The only contact information was a number for Xion which must have been the direct line for the dumbass department. They seemed more confused that they were getting a phone call than of anything else. So yeah.. no rebate there either.

    Anyway, If you really want to take a chance on a rebate, look at the user reviews on Newegg. People will sometimes say whether or not they got a rebate, and you can gauge how often it happens.

  46. pshah says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: Newegg sucks… if you buy anything from Newegg assume you wont be getting a rebate period… Newegg chooses to do business with shitty rebate proc. companies and they say tough luck to the customer…. Also LS1Andrew… u get over urself.

    NEWEGG SUCKS !!!!! Will never buy from there again.

  47. Franklin Comes Alive! says:


    Newegg is not doing business with the rebate processors. They are selling products with manufacturer’s rebates. The manufacturers are the ones dealing with the rebate processors.

    Congratulations for being in the ~.01% of Newegg customers that don’t like them, though.

  48. digital504 says:


    I agree Newegg is Great and has always done a good job with everything I got from them. As for you and everyone else bitching about the unfair post by the consumerist, and the website is going down hill and blah , blah. If you dont like consumerist and think its going down hill then STOP READING IT.

  49. Ben Popken says:

    Newegg is responsible for the quality of the rebates they offer. End of story.

  50. wildazndude says:

    Newegg should be held responsible for dealing with suppliers who can’t even honor their mail-in rebates.

    A few years ago, I purchased a Soyo motherboard from Newegg, which came with a $25 mail-in rebate. I followed the rebate instructions meticulously. Guess what… a year or two later, I still haven’t received the $25 from Soyo.

    I have boycotted Soyo products ever since. Of course, I will honestly admit that Soyo products are wonderful (my Soyo motherboard is still running great, even after having to replace two faulty RAM modules, a defective power supply, and motherboards, i.e. Gigabyte, Asustek, ECS, MSI, in other computers which also gave out.)

    If any representative from Soyo is reading this, I am one of many countless individuals who were cheated by your company for $25.

    I still shop with Newegg. Great prices. Sadly, their service went downhill after using UPS 3-Day Select (damn liars should call it 4-Days Select). I HATE UPS! Of course, it’s cheaper than the FedEx option…. Oh well, you get what you pay for.

  51. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    @Ben Popken:

    I would agree 100% with this statement. But in this case, how is Newegg offering the rebate? They aren’t, Foxconn is.

  52. backbroken says:

    @Ben Popken: Agreed. So where’s the story about NewEgg not honoring their rebates? I’d be all over that.

    NewEgg is not hiding the original price from the consumer, nor are they hiding the fact that this is a rebate from the manufacturer.

    Maybe the argument is that NewEgg should pull all items that feature a manufacturer rebate, but I hardly see how that serves consumers.

  53. Saboth says:

    I’ve had my rebate rejected recently, and they didn’t even bother to give a reason. Everything was done 100% correctly, but my envelope came back unopened with “return to addressee” stamped on it…

    Let’s just face it…rebates are the newest scam going. Don’t buy anything that offers a rebate, no matter what company it is from. Mine was from Kitchenaid, which you would assume is an upstanding company. The fact is, trashy ripoff fly-by-night rebate companies handle the actual rebates, and once their quota is filled, they are just going to reject the rest they receive.

  54. Ben Popken says:

    I haven’t seen the original product page, but if Newegg advertised the rebate alongside the product as an inducement to purchase, then they bear responsibility for seeing it properly fulfilled.

  55. UnStatusTheQuo says:

    Wow they have some really nice RAID arrays if they can’t recover the data. I can hear it now:

    IT MORON 1:”So RAID 0 is the one that is redundant?”

    IT MORON 2:”Yes, the zero is for how much information you will lose if there is a failure!”

    And seriously, ever hear of OnTrack, guys? Sheesh.

  56. Lambasted says:

    I have not had a problem receiving a rebate but they are too much trouble than they are worth. Between filling out the form, making copies of the paperwork, mailing it off, waiting in long bank lines to cash the check, all this doesn’t really seem like much of a savings to me. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops if the manufacturer and retailer want me to spend my money.

    As someone else said, I consider them a bonus but a rebate offer will not entice me purchase if the underlying price isn’t right. I want my savings up front and not at the whim of a manufacturer 4 months later.

  57. timmus says:

    Yeah, I’m going to have to give a thumbs-up to NewEgg. They’ve always been good to me.

    That said, I pretty much avoid items with rebates. It’s only a discount I may or may not get, and I don’t really have time to mess around with this kind of paperwork.

  58. LeopardSeal says:

    Newegg is the new Tigerdirect!

  59. digitalgimpus says:

    I really don’t get the deal with blaming the retailer here. Is this an SEO move or something? ;-)

    Newegg always seems to label their rebates as being from the manufacturer (newegg’s rebates are otherwise “instant” and done at checkout).

    “RJ” is pretty dense based on this:

    I want to let Newegg know that as a long time customer I am thus far unsatisfied with Newegg utilizing a rebate program via Myrebates411.

    I blame The Consumerist for my soda being warm because I left it out while I was reading this post.

  60. Absolutely love NewEgg, have spent thousands of dollars there over the last few years, using the exclusively for all things PC. However, I’ve also been burned by the mail-in-rebate scam their suppliers pull (HIS Hightech boned me on $40), and I do place some blame on NewEgg for even supporting this practice. Sure, I learned to always avoid MIRs, but NewEgg could really do some good by preventing other poor saps from falling for them in the future. I know this is insanely wishful thinking, of course.

  61. neilb says:

    I lost on a Foxconn/myrebates411 video card too.
    I had the exact same experience as was described, including similar emails to me and from me. The first few were answered and the last few have gone unanswered.
    Only ONCE out of years of rebates has this happened…and that was a manufacturer rebate in which the manufacturer went out of business. My opinion is that Foxconn ultimately owes the money on this, otherwise all companies could use third party rebate processors that do NOT pay out. This would save a lot of money, but is obviously fraudulent. Newegg (or zipzoomfly, in my case) only hurt their reputations a little by advertising a product for less than what they expect customers’ AR prices to be. I hope retailers spend so much on customer support regarding this that they find that it is no longer worthwhile carrying shoddily-rebated items.

  62. na2rboy says:

    Dear Newegg,

    You could solve this problem for the rest of time by not allowing these stupid mail-in rebates (which I have noticed you doing more and more of). Yes, it is not actually Newegg offering the rebates, but it is your store, and you could mandate no more mail-in rebates. Help yourself, help the world.


    The World

  63. JoeVet says:

    I want to add my voice to those concerned about The Consumerist bashing a fine etailer like Newegg because some of the products they sell are covered by manufacturer rebates. The manufacturers are the sole responsible entities for their rebates. If the manufacture fails to honor their rebate it is a relfection on the company not on the retailers who sell the product on good faith. Newegg is one of the few honorable elctronics etailers and has always offered service beyond reproach. The Consumerist owes a big apology.

  64. bobhope2112 says:

    Months ago I purchased a graphics card from NewEgg that had a MyRebates411 kickback of $10. Immediately upon attempting to file for the rebate, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. The whole application was packed with disclaimers warning that if you screw up on one tiny bit of the process, your claim would be denied.

    Midway through, I had to pick a very specific product identification from a drop-down list. Unfortunately, my *exact* item was not in their list. After explaining myself to a NewEgg rep, they instantly gave me a $10 credit on my charge card. I can see why though, they would not want to make wholesale coverage of MyRebates411 this time. It looks like a colossal f*ck up, and may well be the end of that company.

  65. rellog says:

    If a website (Newegg in this case) advertises said rebate as a method to entice a buyer into buying the product, they are as responsible as anyone.
    If Newegg had any links or mentions on their website or the rebate, then they have entered into the rebate frey. Now if this was a direct manufacturer’s rebate that the OP got from the manufacturer’s website, then NewEgg has no responsibility…
    Plain and simple….

  66. backbroken says:

    @na2rboy: Great idea. Just pull all items as soon as the mfg offers a rebate or refuse to advertise the fact that a mfg rebate is offered for the item.

    Next month on the Consumerist: “NewEgg forgot to advertsie that there was a $50 mfg rebate on my item and they won’t compensate me for this.”

  67. backbroken says:

    @rellog: The NewEgg price is always listed more prominently than the after rebate price. So I don;t think you can say they are deceiving the customer as to the true cost of the item. Would you rather they not list the rebate at all? Because I’d like to know that I might get $50 back from the mfg.

    Damn, but I’m sounding like a NewEgg fanboy. Sorry about that.

  68. backbroken says:

    FWIW…it ain’t hard to go take a look at the NewEgg website and see how they advertise products with rebates. I’m pretty sure they aren’t blocked by your ISP. Yet.

  69. rellog says:

    It doesn’t matter how the rebate is advertised, it is still included in the advertisement.
    If they didn’t want to shoulder any responsibility then they should not list any rebates for the product, or simply put a “see manufacturer for any possible rebates” on their pages.
    No matter how proment they post the before rebate price, that lower number is still a deciding factor for many individuals.
    For example- If NewEgg had video card that was $175 before rebate, but $125 after manufacturer’s rebate, and Zipzoom had the same card for $150 OTD, who would most people be more inclined to buy from?

  70. Anonymous says:

    Yeah… I’ve had nothing but the best service from Newegg. Fry’s and BestBuy? Well, they’re the ones that drove me to Newegg in the first place.

    This has got to be a fluke.

  71. backbroken says:

    @rellog: Right. Less information is better than more information. Why trust the consumer to make an informed choice.

    I just don’t get it.

  72. Franklin Comes Alive! says:


    So let’s say Best Buy (or Circuit City, or Fry’s, or whoever) advertises an item with a rebate, which I buy and then don’t get said rebate. Should I be able to march into Best Buy and demand my rebate money? I’m thinking that’s not going to get me very far, and after reading some of the stories on this site, possibly arrested. How is this situation any different?

  73. crazydavythe1st says:

    had something similar happen to me at Newegg. Hound them some more, they’ll eventually issue you a store credit….

  74. ShadowFalls says:

    Pretty bad rebate company here. Sounds more like a made up lie than anything. For you to have those kind of issues, it would require a significant failure. Ofcourse that wouldn’t be an issue if regular backups were made, something I would be interested in hearing their reponse to.

    I would call Newegg up, you get far better service over the phone than via email. You can always argue you that as Newegg advertised this rebate, and you fulfilled the requirements, that they are partial to blame.

    Try to be nicer about it though. Don’t see too demanding, you could just easily talk calmly and get a credit issue to your card.

    I’ve never had an issue with any rebate from Newegg before, but since many companies handle them, there is no way to know. I have never had issues with ones processed via aka Continential Promotion Group Inc.

    Don’t give up so soon, email customer service is always the worst of any company, you are likely to get a better response from phone customer service.

  75. pshah says:

    talk with ur $… I won’t be buying HIS products anymore… Customer’s are getting disillusioned by the rebate scam… NewEgg must be receiving a ton of complaints and still they continue dealing with these companies… Its NewEgg’s loss in the end. Shame.

  76. rellog says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: Legally speaking, yes you can. You may need to sue in small claims, but you are without a doubt legally entitled. Just because it takes some wrangling doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

  77. rellog says:

    @backbroken: It isn’t an “informed” choice, is it now? The consumer is being offered an incentive to buy from a specific retailer, with the promise of a rebate. They are advertising the price of the product after rebate (even if it is less prominent that the retail price) and as such become responsible for that rebate fulfillment. If the store doesn’t like it, then they don’t need to participate in offering the rebates.

    And BTW, many of these rebates may be from the manufacturer, but those rebates are conditional on where you purchase. So while something may have a rebate offered by the manufacturer, the store is usually deeply involved.

    People that expound on how companies should have the right to do whatever, whenever piss me off.

  78. gomakemeasandwich says:

    Isn’t this why Office Max did away with rebates all together? Anyway, in my limited experienced with Newegg, it’s been ok.

    The first time I ordered thermal paste UPS shipped to the wrong place, and I ended up waiting 10 days for it (I had ordered rush processing, which actually isn’t any faster than regular processing, and which makes this story even worse). I got the product after 10 days, but at around day 7 I said fuck it and went to Worst Buy and got better paste for the same price (that will probably be the only time I will ever say a positive thing about Worst Buy unless they close up shop and start giving away their shit for free). Yes, Newegg/UPS were so bad in that case that I had to end my unofficial boycott of Worst Buy for a day.

    The second time I ordered from Newegg was a week or so ago, and the product (a DVD Burner) had an awesome price and was delivered to my door in two days. It couldn’t have been any better.

    I guess the moral of this story is that Newegg isn’t as bad as some people claim it is, but in some cases it isn’t as good as people claim it is either (you’ll hear a lot of people going on and on about Newegg, and like everything it should be taken with a grain of salt). BTW, just because Newegg has a high reseller rating on X website doesn’t mean it’s a perfect company.

    With all of that said, Newegg is probably where I’ll be mostly shopping for computer stuff from now on, given that CompUSA closed and Worst Buy/Circuit City are a joke. There is always Office Max too, but they usually have a limited selection of everything. I don’t know what happened to Office Depot, but it used to be a great store that’s just ok now. The deals are hard to find there.

    Also, I have no idea what Newegg’s rebate system is like, but it sounds like something I might stay away from.

    As for your problem with the rebate, if you put more pressure on Newegg and the rebate company and you still get bullshit, you might want to consider small claims court.

    Curiously, I got a laptop from Circuit City in 2004 that came with $300 in rebates, all of which I had no trouble getting. You would think of all companies, Circuit City would be the one to fuck something like that up. Then again, that was in 2004.

    Good luck.

  79. rellog says:

    For the record, since I hadn’t really mentioned it, I don’t think this is a negative for Newegg yet. I’m speaking in general about ANY store that advertises with a rebate…

  80. digitalgimpus says:

    @na2rboy: Why should the rest of us pay more because your lazy? I’ve gotten back hundreds over the years.

    If you don’t want rebates, don’t participate. It’s simple.

  81. backbroken says:

    @rellog: How did I ever say that NewEgg has the right to do whatever, whenever?

    Simply saying that if they sell a product that comes with a rebate from the manufacturer, you are better off knowing that than not knowing.

  82. Metropolis says:

    How is this NewEgg’s fault? They don’t issue the rebates.

  83. rellog says:

    @Metropolis: Take a look at Newegg’s rebates…. First off, the ADVERTISE the rebate on the product’s page. That is an enticement, plain and simple.
    Second, many of the rebates on Newegg are specific to NEWEGG. That means that the rebate is inextricably linked to said rebate.

    Which means they are completely complicit in the offering and therefore legally bound to fulfill it if the manufacturer or “fulfillment center” should fail to do so.

  84. rellog says:

    Argggggg! I hate not being able to edit my posts! How about adding that feature mods…

    For clarification…
    “Second, many of the rebates on Newegg are specific to NEWEGG. That means that the store is inextricably linked to said rebate.”

  85. The-Joker says:

    All i want to know is.. where do i buy all my computer parts! I’m going to build a computer for my cousin next month and i need cheap parts! And please don’t tell me tigerdirect, their shipping is brutal…

  86. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had a similar problem also. I don’t blame Newegg, they are wonderful. It’s the rebate companies they contract through.

    I don”t know if it’s the shear volume of rebates. Postal service error…lost in the mail somewhere. Newegg is now using Status Now and I’m been waiting over 5 months for my $50 rebate.

    I called Status Now and they said I should receive it in a week…sometimes, maybe it takes just a phone call…but we will see if in a week.