Stressful Call Center Allegedly Kills Verizon Employee

I’ve heard anecdotal evidence of increased numbers of heart attacks at call centers due to stress, but here’s a local new story from WYFF so now you know it’s true:

“She was sitting at her desk and all of a sudden, ‘bam,’ her head hit the keyboard on the computer and she was gone,” another former co-worker said. Young’s daughters said they believe job stress caused their mother to have a fatal heart attack at the call center last year. “She said every day, that she was going to drop dead at her desk, it was so stressful,” Beth Young said. “She did. That’s exactly what happened.”

EMS has been called to this Verizon call center six times in three months, with chest pains being the most frequent reason. So the lesson here is to be nice to you customer service rep. They’ll probably help you out more, anyway.

Sometimes, Good Jobs Can Have Dangerous Effects [WYFF] (Thanks to Christy!)

(Photo: Getty)

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