Latest And Best Online Savings Accounts Rates

Now that interest rates have fallen, online savings accounts aren’t offering the same kind of return as before, but you can still stay liquid and get more than what you get in a brick and mortar bank. Here’s some online saving accounts offered by FDIC-insured banks ranked by the interest they pay out:

OneUnited: 3.6% APY (min of $1000) – 3.34% (only for 90 days)
WT Direct: 3.31% (min of $10k)
FNBO Direct: 3.25% (no min)
Savings Square: 3.25% (no min)
HSBC: 3.05% APY (no min)
E-Loan: 3.01% APY (no min)
Erade: 3.01% (no min)
ING Direct: 3.0% APY (no min)
Umbrella Bank: 2.75~3.25% APY (min of $100)
Emigrant Direct: 2.75% APY (no min)
Citibank e-Savings: 2.70% APY (no min)

Hey if it’s just sitting in your account doing nothing, why not make it work for you a bit?

[via Spoofee]

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