Dear Steve Jobs: FedEx Stole My Mom's Mother's Day iPod, Please Help!

Reader Matt CC’d us on this sad email to Steve Jobs. It seems that some #$!@#$ at FedEx stole his Mother’s Day gift right out of the box. Now he’s asking Steve Jobs to help him get the stolen iPod replaced in time for Mother’s Day.

My name is Matt [redacted]. Last week, I purchased a refurb iPod nano 4GB from for my mom for Mother’s Day. Today, it was supposed to be delivered to my work. When I received the package, the seal was broken, and all that was in the box was the packing slip and the packing material. No iPod. It has been stolen by FedEx. I filed a claim with FedEx over the phone a few munutes ago.

What I need is for you to replace my iPod in time for me to give this to my mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday 5/11/08. Please help. I am a loyal Mac user and have purchased several iPods in the past

We’re not actually sure what effect emailing Steve Jobs will have in this case, but Matt’s Mom… if you’re out there… you have a very nice son who wants you to get your gift in time.

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

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