Dear Steve Jobs: FedEx Stole My Mom's Mother's Day iPod, Please Help!

Reader Matt CC’d us on this sad email to Steve Jobs. It seems that some #$!@#$ at FedEx stole his Mother’s Day gift right out of the box. Now he’s asking Steve Jobs to help him get the stolen iPod replaced in time for Mother’s Day.

My name is Matt [redacted]. Last week, I purchased a refurb iPod nano 4GB from for my mom for Mother’s Day. Today, it was supposed to be delivered to my work. When I received the package, the seal was broken, and all that was in the box was the packing slip and the packing material. No iPod. It has been stolen by FedEx. I filed a claim with FedEx over the phone a few munutes ago.

What I need is for you to replace my iPod in time for me to give this to my mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday 5/11/08. Please help. I am a loyal Mac user and have purchased several iPods in the past

We’re not actually sure what effect emailing Steve Jobs will have in this case, but Matt’s Mom… if you’re out there… you have a very nice son who wants you to get your gift in time.

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)


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  1. smythe says:

    What I need for you to do?

    Wow, I’m not sure Steve Jobs NEEDS to do anything for you. It would be nice if he helped you out but this is not his responcability.

    Fedex NEEDS to replace your Ipod not Apple.

    You emailed the wronge CEO.

  2. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    I do hope Matt went through the appropriate channels before crying to daddy.

  3. SpenceMan01 says:

    The problem here is that once every Tom, Dick and Harry start firing off emails to Steve Jobs for things of relative insignificance, it’s going to cause it to become ineffective and nobody will be able to get useful help.

    Save it for the big stuff.

  4. Myownheroine says:


    I agree. And the same with Consumerist. If they post every little thing, no one will take the Consumerist seriously.

    Thumbs down on this article. At the very least, it should have been addressed to Fedex.

    Maybe someone at his work took it, as well.

  5. backbroken says:

    Someone stole my car. Anybody have the contact info for the CEO of Toyota? I’ve bought several Toyotas in the past. What I need is for them to replace it.

  6. bravo369 says:

    He sent this to the wrong CEO. If maybe he received a broken Ipod or the wrong model then maybe Steve Jobs could/would do something. I’ve read on here that he will actually answer emails but I hope he passes over this one. Fedex losing a package has no reflection on Apple and/or the products they sell.

  7. madrigal says:

    How is this Apple’s fault? Steve Jobs doesn’t need to do you anything.

  8. levenhopper says:

    @SpenceMan01: Exactly. Emails like this ruin the channels for when we auctually need them for cases where front-line support hasn’t worked.

  9. heavylee-again says:

    Oh Jesus. This has nothing to do with Apple. They did exactly what they were supposed to. Yeah, it sucks that your mother’s day gift was stolen, but the only appropriate reaction is complaining to the company responsible, not one which (you seem to believe) will give you an easy quick fix.

    This is the perfect way to numb Jobs and other CEOs to the valid pleas and eecb’s from consumers in the future. As soon as I started seeing more of these stories on Consumerist in the recent weeks, I knew this would happen. Thanks for screwing the rest of us over, Matt.

  10. FreeMarketGravy says:

    Sounds like someone read the story of Steve Jobs forwarding an e-mail to a subordinate and took it way too far. If Steve’s feeling way too generous, he may help, but as others have said, this has nothing to do with Apple and phrasing it with the word “need” is in extremely poor form as there’s nothing anyone at Apple did wrong and nothing they “need” to do for him.

  11. Part-Time-Viking says:

    Sorry to hear that the iPod was stolen/lost, however, Apple should not, and most likely will not do anything about this.

    Hopefully FedEx will step up to the plate though.

  12. witeowl says:

    “What I need is for you to replace my ipod in time…”

    No, Matt, what you need is for someone to give you a swift boot to the head.

    The thief’s third grade teacher is more culpable in this than Steve Jobs is.

  13. metrophage says:

    @backbroken: I was thinking Ferrari, or somesuch, myself… Enzo, you listening?

  14. goodcow says:

    I’ve E-Mailed Steve when regular support channels and managers were unable to help, and I got results. So yes, I feel it should be used only as a “life line” a la Millionaire.

    BUT… has anyone here E-Mailed Steve with general, well thought out and well written suggestions about the Mac software and hardware lineups? If so, have you gotten a response?

    I feel like I have much to say to him in regards to that, but I also don’t want to piss him off such that if I have another severe problem in the future that needs escalation that he won’t bother helping me.

  15. ARPRINCE says:

    @witeowl: lol I agree 100%. I would also suggest a Kick in the arse!

  16. kallawm says:

    Well, as has been discussed on here before, he SHOULD be contacting Apple and not FedEx. Remember, Apple is FedEx’s customer, not Matt. Can’t remember which story had this discussion before….. But yeah, not directly to Steve Jobs…

  17. Sounds like a cute kid who doesn’t have the cash to lay out for another iPod before the holiday and is making a ditch effort to get Apple to send him a new one in time for the big day. Likely to be successful? No. Probably would be cuter if he were like 12 though, which seems unlikely since he is a Consumerist reader (cue all the people going “I’m twelve and I love Consumerist).

  18. bonzombiekitty says:

    @kallawm: Well he should probably contact both, just to be safe. But you are right, technically, Apple is the one that has to deal with FedEx. He should be calling Apple support and letting them deal with it.

    It seems the OP skipped over the normal channels and went straight for the nuclear option. Which is silly and short sighted.

  19. Wreckoner says:

    “What I need you to do…”? Entitled much? Yeah, wrong CEO. Steve Jobs may very well laugh at what he “needs to do.”

  20. juiceboxonfire says:

    Wait, so is Steve Jobs now some kind of genie who can fix everything? Because if he is, he should come fix my Soviet history midterm.

    Really, don’t abuse knowing his e-mail address. Just because he did one really nice thing for someone doesn’t mean he has to do it again. If people keep asking him to replace everything, he’s going to get pretty annoyed. Plus, that’s no way to run a business.

    Go complain FedEx. You’re doing no good by telling the wrong guy.

  21. unklegwar says:

    What, he can’t walk down to the local big box store and buy one?

    Dear Mom, your son has very poor problem solving skills. Wants everyone to fix things FOR him.

  22. dookas says:

    …and it’s a REFURB’D iPod, Steve’s does not give a shit about cheap bastards who buy used goods for their mothers. Fork over the extra $40 and get a new one. WEAK!

  23. Consumer9 says:

    This has happened before. Keep contacting them and you will get a new one.

  24. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    Nothing says “I love you, Mom” like a refurb’d iPod!

  25. Trai_Dep says:

    Yup. The poster emailed the wrong exec. Blame FedEx, not Apple.
    And FedEx requires that I sign for delivery. What happened here?

  26. WingZero987 says:

    Did Matt have to sign for it? Why would you sign for a package like that? Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  27. Did you use a credit card to buy it? I think Amex has some sort of automatic insurance, but I still don’t know if you’ll get it in time for Mother’s Day. Good luck.

  28. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I think you guys are missing the point.

    Steve Jobs controls the universe!

    He can resolve Matt’s problem in a snap!

    Just kidding. I think Matt was hoping to bully FedEx with some negative PR. I wouldn’t be surprised if he contacted the consumer reporter at his local TV news station too. This story needs the “bad consumer” and “wahmbulance” tags.

  29. E-Monet says:

    This is definitely a FedEx thing, and good luck dealing with them. They allowed a cell phone I shipped to be stolen off their truck (only one CSR admitted it, everybody else “couldn’t see what happened”) and made it a three month process to get half of the value back.

    That was before I knew about this website, but not very long ago.

  30. lincolnparadox says:

    I think it would be funny if Apple stopped using FedEx because of this email.

    If it does happen, Matt, I suggest you run. FedEx will find you, within 24 hours or less.

  31. jmschn says:

    LoL wtf was OP smoking…cuz i want some of that!!

  32. HunterZ says:

    WAIT WAIT WAIT. There was a story similar to this a week or so ago, in which the person who had their item stolen by the shipping company (I think it was an Apple laptop) started harassing the shipping company about it, and everyone on Consumerist told them to contact Apple instead. Now something similar happens and everyone is saying the submitter should be contacting the shipping company instead of Apple. Which way is it?

  33. This is what happens when every other post on has the “OMG fire off an EECB!” at the end of it.

  34. camman68 says:

    @smythe: Hey smythE. Your using too many E’s. “wrongE”

  35. xthexlanternx says:

    Why not go out to the store, buy a new iPod, wait til FedEx replaces your stolen one, and return the one they give you, instead of bothering Steve Jobs and perhaps making sending emails to him (or that address) less likely to be helpful for future consumers who actually have real problems?

  36. Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:

    The recipient usually can’t do anything as far a filing a claim. They have to report it and submit the package for inspection, but I’m pretty sure the shipper (Apple)has to file the actual claim for damages.

  37. Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:

    And did you make the FedEx driver wait while you finished opening the package?
    If the security tape was damaged, that should have been a clue to say “Wait a minute, Mr/Ms FedEX Driver, while we see what’s going on with this.”

    And if you didn’t actually sign for it yourself, does your company have a stock clerk, or someone in charge of receiving deliveries? I’d start there.

  38. SomeoneElseNotMe says:

    “Dear Matt:

    What I need you to do is . . . prove it. Show me the receipt, show me the Fed Ex slip, show me proof that (A) you actually BOUGHT an iPod and that this isn’t a scam and (B) that it actually was stolen and not removed from the box by YOU and then reported as stolen.”

  39. redheadedstepchild says:

    Matt went to the right place, but he should have just called Apple Care Customer Support. They’re pretty good about this kind of thing.

  40. edosan says:

    I can only assume someone else signed for that package for Matt at his workplace. If he signed for an opened and empty package, he is probably SOL as far as FedEx goes.

    Don’t just sign for stuff with UPS or FedEx without giving the package a quick once-over. In their minds signing for the package equals “I am happy with how you shipped this to me.”

  41. Imaginary_Friend says:

    I sold an iPod a year ago, boxed it in generic packaging, took it to FedEx, watched them scan it into their system, bill my account, and went home. The next morning, it went missing. Never even shipped.

    I think this proves one thing: FedEx likey iPods.

    Took me two months to get the claim paid, so I can see why Matt complained to Apple instead of FedEx since he was in a hurry to get a replacement before Mother’s Day. Still, Steve Jobs is overkill. Regular ole Apple customer support should have been fine.

  42. seamer says:

    The demand to Jobs probably only happened cuz the email was displayed for public knowledge.

    That’s why CEO/CFO/CTO execs try to hide contact info as much as possible. Its too easy to write a ‘fuck you/gimme plz’ email because there’s no punch factor and its easy to copy/paste.

  43. 00exmachina says:

    @madrigal: Apple can lean on fed ex from the other side because until the recipient receives the item Apple is still considered the owner, thus they are the only ones that can file a claim against FedEx’s insurance. (I used to work in shipping)

  44. thalia says:

    Matt, you emailed the wrong guy. Fedex needs to replace the iPod, not Apple.

  45. wesrubix says:

    Um. Who says Fedex was the thief? Anyone between the package delivery and his desk could have been involved (e.g. a shipping or mail room person, or a co-worker). Insufficient information!

    Moreover, Steve Jobs has nothing to do with your mom’s iPod being stolen. Maybe you should have refused receipt of the package when you saw the seal was broken, or I don’t know FILED A CLAIM WITH FEDEX?


  46. Mykro says:

    @wesrubix: “Um. Who says Fedex was the thief? Anyone between the package delivery and his desk could have been involved (e.g. a shipping or mail room person, or a co-worker). Insufficient information!”

    Uuuuuhhmmmmm… Why would an apple worker steal an refub ipod? Why wouldn’t they just use thier (possibly uber) discount and get a new one?

  47. Comms says:

    “What I need is for you to replace my iPod in time for me to give this to my mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday 5/11/08. Please help.”

    This should be addressed to Fedex not Apple.

  48. Lazlo Nibble says:

    @Mykro: If the OP works at a large enough business, the package went through his company’s mailroom on the way to him.

  49. trujunglist says:

    How about wait like 10 minutes to find out if your FedEx claim is accepted before firing off e-mails to everyone in the country? It IS possible that they’ll believe you and get you a new iPod. Probably not in time for Ma’s Day, but fuck, it’s really the thought that counts anyway, and you clearly held up your end there.

  50. Anonymous says:


  51. theblackdog says:

    Dear OP Matt,

    Thanks, you’ve ruined Mother’s Day for Consumerist by abusing the EECB.

  52. farker says:


    If our buddy Matt here works in an office, it’s possible some intern signed for the packages, and then went about delivering them to people.

    Hell, the intern could’ve been the one to steal the iPod!

    I don’t think emailing the Steve will get Matt anywhere, but good luck. Insurance claims with a shipper can take several weeks!

  53. ninjatales says:

    Not a good time to be Steve Jobs but I agree with farker.@farker:

  54. IssaGoodDay says:


    And you’rE not using enough.

    If you are really desperate, go buy a new one from an Apple Store… Sure, it will cost you a bit more, but at least you’ll have it as a gift for mothers day?

  55. cametall says:

    I have had UPS “lose” a game I purchased from Walmart online 2 years ago (Madden 07).

    They made me contact Walmart because UPS couldn’t do anything about it (WTF?).

    Walmart took $25 off the $50 it cost me originally and shipped me a new one.

  56. ps1086 says:

    Fedex managed to “lose” an ipod of mine too, I had sent it back to apple for repairs and it never came back. Apple sent me tracking number and when I checked it fedex claimed it was delivered and I had signed for it! After 2 hours on the phone with them I managed to get an incompetent member of there staff to but me on to there regional manager who put a trace on it. 2 months later a new one was sent from apple but they wouldnt tell what had happened to the first 1

  57. applestabber says:

    I work at FedEx, and this kind of stuff happens all the time. We try to prevent it with security screenings on the way in and out of the Hubs, and requiring people to register Iphones they carry and putting a “special” blue stick on them. However, we cannot prevent 100% of thefts. If we get caught trying to steal something, however, we are fired. Also, technically it is a federal offense to tamper with the mail so that could be bad news. Your claim should’ve gone through long ago. We should’ve replaced it and refunded your shipping.