Chrysler: Want $2.99 Gas For 3 Years? Guaranteed?

Chrysler is betting that you’re worried about volatile gas prices. So worried, in fact, that you’ll leap at the opportunity to “lock in” a price of less than $2.99 a gallon for 3 years by buying a new Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep.

ABCNews explains:

The automaker unveiled a “gas card” program, guaranteeing $2.99-a-gallon gasoline for three years to people who buy or lease new cars from Wednesday through June 2, 2008. Customers will be limited to 700 gallons each year and must buy one of 23 models. Chrysler will pay for the cost of gas exceeding $2.99 — an incentive with a psychological twist.

Are you interested?

The Chicago Tribune says:

Chrysler’s major competitors, Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp., General Motors Corp., and Honda Motor Co. all said they would not follow with their own subsidies, but Suzuki Motor Corp. has made a similar offer in the U.S. with free gas for the summer.

Chrysler tries luring buyers with gas deal as sales drop [Chicago Tribune]
Want $2.99 Gas? Buy a Chrysler [ABCNews]
(Photo: greefus groinks )

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