Consumer Bankruptcies Up Nearly 50% From A Year Ago

The number of people filing for bankruptcy continues to increase, as bad mortgages and the rising price of [insert noun here] squeezes every last penny out of debt-laden consumers. The American Bankruptcy Institute says the number of filings was up 47.7% in April from a year ago, and up 7.1% from March ’08.

The numbers are still nowhere near where they were before 2006 (PDF), when the new bankruptcy laws caused a massive drop in filings. If the trend continues, however, we can expect the number of bankruptcies this year to bring us back up to pre-2006 numbers, says the American Bankruptcy Institute:

“The sharp spike in consumer bankruptcies reflects the growing financial stress faced by American families, saddled with household debt and mortgage woes,” said ABI Executive Director Samuel J. Gerdano. “We expect consumer bankruptcies to top 1 million new cases this year”.

“Consumer bankruptcies up 47.7% from April 2007” [Kansas City Star]
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(Photo: Getty Images)

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