Kohls Violates Visa's Merchant Agreement, Refuses To Accept Credit Card Without ID

Inelegy writes:

This afternoon I visited the Kohl’s store in Moline, Illinois. When I was checking out I elected to pay with my Visa card. After sliding my card through the card reader I signed the screen when prompted. My cashier asked to see the card, which I handed over to her. She handed my card back to me and then asked to see my identification, to which I respectfully declined. She said I had to show my ID or I could not leave the store with my purchases…

I explained to her that customers using Visa credit cards do not have to show identification as a condition of purchase as long as the back of the card is signed (mine is) and to compel them to do so is a violation of the store’s agreement with the credit card company.

She flatly denied that this was true and again asked for my ID. It was at this point I realized I was dealing with someone who through her persistent need to argue with me has no interest in customer service and told her I was not going to show her my ID and demanded she void the transaction. I told her I did not need to give Kohl’s my money if they were going to argue with me about something which I know to be fact.

I found her request especially odd since she took my Visa card, handed it back, and then asked for my ID. What was she going to do with the information on my ID?

I thought I would bring this matter to your attention. Perhaps the management team at the Moline store need to be brought up to speed on merchant’s agreements with credit card companies.

If there are questions about this matter, I direct you and the Moline store’s management to please see page 29 “reporting them. Here’s how to contact Visa:

Phone Number: 1-800-VISA-911 (International: 1-410-581-9994). Or call the number on the back of your card
Mailing Address:
Visa U.S.A. Inc.
P.O. Box 194607
San Francisco, California 94119-4607
Online: Your card issuer’s website may let you send them complaints about merchant violations and start a dispute if your were charged a fee to use your card.

Visa will fire off a stern letter to the store in question, and your next shopping experience should be hassle-free.

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How To Report Merchants For Requiring A Minimum Purchase Or Making You Show ID
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