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7 Confessions Of An Apple Macintosh Specialist
“If you fill out the survey and rank us 6 or lower, a manager will call you the same day or the next, corporate policy.”

10 Ways To Save Real Money
“The champagne is dry and crusty, and all the hundred-dollar bills used to light cigars have crumbled into ash. It’s time to tighten our belts and get real about spending less and saving more.”

Disney Upset About Risque Hannah Montana Pics, Underaged Girls On Their Billboards In China
“Staring down at the throngs of shoppers…was a white girl who looked all of 12, reclining in a matching bra-and-panties set adorned with Disney’s signature mouse-ear design.”

Sprint Sends You Bill For $32,669
“Had his cellphone been used as a call-home payphone for a neighborhood of Tajikistan émigrés? Or by NASA as a Space Station communications channel?”