Circuit City Finally Refunds $169 Fraudulent Charge

The lady whom Circuit City charged an extra $169 for an HDTV installation will finally get her money back. The fee was because it was over a fireplace and fireplaces are usually made of brick. However, this fireplace was fake and the wall was drywall. When a local TV news investigation team started asking questions, Circuit City Spokeswoman Jackie Foreman just kept chirping, “It’s resolved.” Two days after the report aired, Jackie told the reporters, “Byrd’s installation was not standard…due to a miscommunication; Ms. Byrd will receive a refund.”

Woman gets refund of Firedog’s extra fee [WRAL] (Thanks to Cheryl!)
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  1. nrich239 says:

    Maybe Bobby (earlier story regarding CC) should take notes on this

  2. crunchtime2k says:

    about time.

    hopefully circuit city is heading for the fireplace also

  3. unravel says:

    I’d love to hear how this wasn’t a standard installation, and it seems that if there were any truth to that claim, somebody at CC would elaborate. “There were giant cockroaches in her drywall, and our Fire Dog technician had to fight them. To the death, even!” would go a long way. Oddly, the installer… labeled it a standard installation.

  4. Jenng says:

    She should get an FULL refund for the entire installation. It sure doesn’t look like who ever installed it centered it over the fireplace. Although I suppose it could just be the angle the pic was taken at.

  5. FreeMarketGravy says:

    @Jenng: She may have requested it off center. I know when I worked for CC and asked customers if we could take photos of the install once it was done to promote the installations on a collage in the store, there were some weird ideas people had about where to hang TVs.

  6. dragonfire81 says:

    Jackie Forman should lose her due to this. Terrible PR IMO.

  7. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    Fireplace TVs… ack!

    Good looking on the refund though.

  8. Meisterjager says:

    @Jenng: That popped into my head, also. Is that her actual install? Makes you wonder why she didn’t just buy a stand, really, especially when the install was… what… $300, $400? WITHOUT bracket? By the looks of that TV in the picture, it can’t be much bigger than 32″, if at all. If that’s her actual setup right there, I’m stumped as to what her motivation for this install was.

  9. officeboy says:

    @Meisterjager: Um to not have ugly ass cables hanging everywhere?

  10. FreeMarketGravy says:

    @Meisterjager: Officeboy beat me to it, but it’s more or less impossible to get away with less than 5 cables hanging off the back of a flat panel TV and the way a lot of them are designed, the reinforced jacketing at the end of the cable sticks out past the back of the TV, so if you’re going to hang it, you need to drop the cable inside the wall or bend them and risk the coating on the cable shearing.

    Or put it on a stand and hide the multi-colored wires… somewhere.

  11. Coder4Life says:

    That lady should be fired from her job. Peopel arguing over $170 from a corporation that makes millions and is also having issues with staying in business does not need bad rep.

    My biggest problem is when people act so incompitent to the truth…

  12. Coder4Life says:

    p.s: I woudl also make sure no one else hires her.. Maybe McDonalds is the right place for her to work…

  13. Buran says:

    @unravel: It was a standard install; the installer noted it as one.

  14. FLConsumer says:

    @FreeMarketGravy: That’s why professional installers use cables meant for permanent installation with 90 degree connectors on them and wire with thinner rubber jackets on them.

  15. unravel says:

    @Buran: I know. My point was that it was odd this Circuit City PR rat dog would say it hadn’t been a standard installation when the guy who had actually installed it, said it was standard & to waive the fee (or wrote it on the invoice, or whatever).

  16. Meisterjager says:

    @officeboy: How does screwing the thing to the wall, in this circumstance anyway, make it any less susceptible to that? I’m fairly sure whatever cable-hiding measures were taken did not warrant the TV actually needing to be attached 3 inches above the surface it could be happily sitting on. Can’t you think of a cheaper way of hiding cables than spending $400?

    Lame arguement, man, sorry

  17. socialone1 says:

    @Meisterjager: Personally, I have no need to have someone install my TV, but there are a lot of people that 1. dont want to waste their time mounting, 2. dont want to risk there new tv, and 3. are just to plain stupid to relize they can do it themself….

    sad to see CC did not instantly refund this. I remember years ago I bought my first computer from them, two months later it died, and they swapped me out right away! I was blown away and they earned my business for years, now I just stick to online due to the rising problems with stores like CC

  18. DpD4ng3r says:

    The install isn’t normal because fishing cables for a gas fire place takes longer then for a standard wall frame. If the install was on brick it would actually take less time and labor because you cant hide the cables (which usually takes the longest)

  19. As much as I love those flat screens… I’m just as happy buying a mega cool flat screen stand and having a full entertainment center, that I can move around with my furniture and rooms.

    call me old fashioned….

  20. FreeMarketGravy says:

    @FLConsumer: How many people do you suppose actually go out and find a professional installer who can give them those cable?

    Not how many SHOULD; how many DO.

  21. csmpez says:

    Our local CCity here in Annapolis, MD would have refunded the $169 with out a problem.

    The TV looks like a Samsung LNT4061F LCD TV.