Disney Upset About Risque Hannah Montana Pics, Underaged Girls On Their Billboards In China

So Disney is all upset over some slightly saucy photographs of 15-year-old Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, but it seems in their haste to toss out accusations (Disney spokeswoman Patti McTeague told the New York Times that “a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines”), the company neglected to consider the appropriateness of using obviously under-aged girls on their underwear billboards in China.

From Slate:

Reading McTeague’s comment over coffee yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but think of an advertisement I’d seen a few months ago while on a reporting trip to China. I was walking from my Beijing bed-and-breakfast to a nearby subway station when I was stopped in my tracks by a billboard that made the controversial 1990s Calvin Klein underwear ads look artistic by comparison. Staring down at the throngs of shoppers on Beijing’s Xinjiekou Nandajie Avenue, a busy commercial thoroughfare about a mile west of the Forbidden City, was a white girl who looked all of 12, reclining in a matching bra-and-panties set adorned with Disney’s signature mouse-ear design. In a particularly creepy detail, the pigtailed child was playing with a pair of Minnie Mouse hand puppets. In the upper left-hand corner was the familiar script of the Disney logo.

Not believing my eyes, and on an assignment that touched on images of Westerners in the Chinese consumer’s imagination, I snapped a photo:

After reading of the Cyrus flap, I e-mailed my photo to Disney’s McTeague. I was curious: How did the company square its position on the Liebowitz photo with its risqué billboard in China?

McTeague passed on commenting and forwarded the image to Gary Foster, a spokesman for Disney’s consumer-products division. He called me from a business trip (to China) to disavow the ad. “It has caught us totally by surprise,” Foster told me by phone from Guangzhou. He explained that Disney contracts with a host of licensees, who produce and market products for the Disney brand. Foster said that licensees are contractually bound to clear all advertising with Disney’s corporate offices. “We have literally hundreds of licensees making our products. They are supposed to submit any kind of imagery to us before it is used, but it’s hard to enforce that sometimes,” he said.

Disney responded by pulling the billboard. Whoops.

Mickey Mouse Operation [Slate]
(Photo: Daniel Brook )


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  1. That is a very disturbing photograph. [Normally I’d ask if it’s ‘Shopped, but these days…sigh]. These guys need a sitdown with Chris Hansen.

  2. Pro-Pain says:

    All girls are programmed to be whores by all our media outlets from birth. Until that changes, this behavior is par for the course. No wonder the number of pedophiles has skyrocketed.

  3. ChuckECheese says:
  4. wring says:

    pffft. what about the vanessa hudgens vadge pics? too much fucking ado over hannah montana.

  5. petrarch1608 says:

    haha, that pic is priceless…its in the interwebs now, sorry disney.

  6. Reason no. 5 trillion-and-one I’m glad I was A] Born male and didn’t have to deal with that creepiness growing up and B] ain’t trying to raise a daughter.

  7. bohemian says:

    That billboard is pervy.

  8. Buran says:

    Translation: It’s OK if WE do it, and if we’re caught we’ll act all innocent.

  9. Buran says:

    @Bay State Darren: You only see the bogeyman behind every corner if you “want” to.

  10. AnneofAndover says:

    Hmmm… Although Foster was travelling in China, he knew nothing of the above pictured ad. I smell a rat. I can only say that I am very happy that I have a child who does not watch High School Musical and every other horrible Disney princess movie. We have never been to Disneyworld and have no intention of going. Disney is an evil empire and they know damn well what they are doing marketing to our children. I can see the children falling for it, but it is the adults that seem to love it so much and allow the children to succumb to the marketing that I worry about.

  11. lightaugust says:

    “It has caught us totally by surprise.” I just ran that in google translate and it came out “We are taking it very seriously.”

    I’m sure the kid in the picture is just taking a break from sewing the stuffed animals together.

  12. jjason82 says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen little boys in their underwear in the Sunday circulars. How is this any different?

  13. wtrwlkr says:

    Mickey, why don’t you have a seat right over there.

  14. spinachdip says:

    @Pro-Pain: “No wonder the number of pedophiles has skyrocketed.”

    Wait, it has? Says who?
    (I don’t know where you’re getting the numbers, but I hope you’re not confusing reported cases or arrests with actual number of incidents)

    FWIW, I thought the Annie Liebovitz photos were purdy in a non-porn-y, creepy way (though yeah, it might have been a wee bit too suggestive for a 15-year-old). It wasn’t anything like Britney’s lolita pictorial for Rolling Stone (that David LaChapelle is a perv, I tells ya).

  15. spinachdip says:

    @jjason82:It’s not so much the item of clothing or the skin exposure, but the suggestiveness.

    I’m guessing those boys weren’t wearing anything that could be classified as lingerie, and they weren’t in typical lingerie ad poses.

  16. DidIDoThat says:

    HAHHA, that sarcasm for you

  17. MissPeacock says:

    @jjason82: She appears to be wearing a push-up bra. You usually don’t see 12 year olds in push-up bras in the circulars.

  18. WraithSama says:

    @Bay State Darren:
    Indeed. I’ve been talking to my wife about the possibility of us having kids… I want to be a dad, but frankly, the idea of raising a girl in these times scares me. I worry I’d end up being one of those super-protective dads that it’s cool to hate.

  19. stacy75 says:

    It occurred to me that if I asked my (8 yr old) niece what she thought about the controversial Hannah Montana Pics, she’d have no clue what I was talking about. She likes Hannah, but I think even if she saw the pics she’d be clueless about what they “mean” and just think they are weird.

  20. camille_javal says:

    @stacy75: Also, if there weren’t so much tabloid freakout and reprinting, how many pre-teens would see a copy of Vanity Fair?

    Having worked at one point for a very large company that targeted to children and did international licensing, I hate to say it, but I can believe that Disney corporate didn’t know. You can think you have every single i-dotted and t-crossed, and suddenly you find out one of your licensees misrepresented themselves, and it’s taken just long enough to get back to corporate for it to, for example, hit the internet.

    I wonder if the Disney rep’s business trip to China was directly related to this issue. This is the kind of shit they’ll call somebody about in the middle of the night and shove them onto a plane. Maintaining image for such companies is exhausting.

  21. thirdbase says:

    @pro-pain: Someone has to teach the girls to be whores. Thank you media outlets. (but wait till they are 18)

  22. kspray-dad says:

    Don’t see how this is any different than the pics in the undergarment section of the Sears catalog when I was a kid.

    How is this worse than a similar aged kid wearing a bikini at the pool? It isn’t.

  23. mikelotus says:

    Americans and their puritanical values. Associating the beauty of the human body with sex. Have you ever been to a beach in France, Denmark, Norway, Germany, St. Martin?

  24. tweemo says:


    Thank you. I like when people are rational.

  25. capturedshadow says:

    It is sure to hurt sales of the Hanna Montana line of bikini’s

  26. SacraBos says:

    Having seen the Vanity Fair site, and the pictures on there, just forget it already. Any given Calvin Klein ad is more suggestive than that, so Miley is hardly going to be the poster child for pop-tarts. My daughters love Miley/Hannah, and the best way to deal with this is ignore it.

    There were professional photos by a world-renowned photographer. Maybe she went a little farther than she should. But far short of the topless phone shots like Vanessa. Give her a break and let it die.

  27. SteveBMD says:

    I’m sure Dov Charney has something to say about this.

  28. LUV2CattleCall says:


    It’s a dead link…did they pull it already?

  29. Trai_Dep says:

    In Disney’s favor, she wasn’t wearing a thong, and the underwear was of the non-edible variety. At least on that billboard.
    But the two Minnie puppets: does that mean she’s a budding lesbian?

    And, I wonder if the Chinese would have allowed a Chinese prepubescent girl to appear in her underwear on a billboard.

  30. Trai_Dep says:

    @MissPeacock: You’re right, that is a push-up bra. On a child.
    Ew. Ew. Ew.

  31. karmaghost says:

    I don’t really understand the controversy regarding Hanna Montana; her back is showing and that’s it. Other than looking like she could benefit from putting on a little more meat on her ribs, there’s nothing really risque or “embarrassing” about her Vanity Fair photos.

    This Chinese Disney billboard, on the other hand? Absolutely disgusting. I don’t care what other cultures might think, your company is based in the United States, where this kind of image is unacceptable for pornography, let alone advertising a children’s theme park. What were they trying to do? Attract pedophiles to Disney?

  32. @karmaghost:

    so you are saying that the only culture that counts is the one in the US ?

    Or shall i follow your logic the other way round. I am from Austria, a country where you can go to a public pool as a woman and bathe topless or lie in the sun topless and nobody gives a damn.

    So The next time when i am in the US with my gf she has the right to do the same thing as she does at home since we are austrians, and your culture simply doesnt count for us ? or did i get something wrong here.

  33. As the dad of an 11-year-old, my best guess is the kid on the billboard is 11 at most. Probably closer to 10.

    Which makes it worse.

  34. weakdome says:

    I swear, officer, she told Mickey she was 18!

  35. Snarkysnake says:

    Have you ever noticed that when a company such as Disney gets caught doing something this stupid and tasteless that it’s always a “rogue employee” or “unauthorized use” of the company’s image ?

    Now this is from the same company that all but stands over our kids in third grade to make sure that they don’t doodle the mouse ears logo on their notebook without paying a royalty fee.

    The picture above is about as suggestive as they could make it THIS TIME without a major backlash . (You can bet that they never thought that this pic would circulate in America)As fro the HM spread in VF- They knew exactly what was going on and when. And I just about gagged when I read that Ms. Cyrus wasn’t happy with the pictures. She posed for them. What the hell did she think they were going to do with them ? They’re in business to sell magazines.

    Just don’t step in the bullshit as you navigate this “controversy”…

  36. alfundo says:

    “a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell hannah montana paraphernalia”

  37. swedub says:

    @LUV2CattleCall & @capturedshadow:

    Here is a photo still on Disney’s server of the Hannah Montana Bikini they (used to?) sell. The style looks like something out of the 50’s.


  38. RandomHookup says:

    @swedub: You have to love the plunging neckline.

  39. WhirlyBird says:

    Only perverts see perverts everywhere they look. Maybe other parts of the world aren’t as concerned as our fine christian retard protectors of western decency.

  40. WhirlyBird says:

    @Redwraithvienna: Of course the culture in the US is the only one that counts. As I recall, Austria is the land of “lock your daughter in the basement and have sex with her for decades”, right? Don’t make us spread some Democracy over there (as soon as we’re through liberating the Middle East, of course).

  41. citybuddha says:

    I remember in the olden days (1960s n such) That catalogs such as Sears & Robuck, JC Pennys and others would have children modeling underwear. Why do you think it was fine then and not now?
    Just trying to start a discussion….

  42. @SacraBos: “There were professional photos by a world-renowned photographer. Maybe she went a little farther than she should. But far short of the topless phone shots like Vanessa. Give her a break and let it die.”


    Seriously, has anyone ever been to Abercrombie and Fitch? THAT’s borderline kiddie porn. The Miley Cyrus photos were not, and you’d have to have a really, REALLY dirty mind to think otherwise. Leave the girl alone.

  43. AlexDitto says:


    …I read that Ms. Cyrus wasn’t happy with the pictures.

    Where did you read that? I read the article. Sounded like she liked them. Said they were “artsy,” and besides she was “covered in a big blanket.”

    Frankly, I see nothing wrong with them. They are artsy. You see worse things in a Klimt painting.

    @citybuddha: The billboard, on the other hand… it’s not so much the fact that it’s kids modeling kids underwear, which sort of makes sense, but why would you put that up on a billboard? It just seems… unnecessarily pervy. Sure, in a catalog, fine, but it just seems strange on a billboard. Is there an untapped children’s underwear market out roaming the streets of China that they want to seize? They’re selling underwear for goodness sake. Who gets that excited about underwear? 3/4 of the people who see it are going to be businessmen on commute. Uncomfortable.

    It’s not that big a deal, really. It’s just that OMG DISNEY IS A CORPORATION AND NOT THE MAGICAL HAPPY LAND OF ICE CREAM WITH INNOCENCE SPRINKLES seems to surprise people every day.

  44. @Bay State Darren: @WraithSama: It makes you both awesome for being concerned while having Y chromasomes. :)

  45. MeOhMy says:


    I can only say that I am very happy that I have a child who does not watch High School Musical and every other horrible Disney princess movie.

    Why? Is it some kind of intellectual superiority thing? I can see not wanting to spend $200 on a day at a Disney theme park or not wanting to be a walking Disney advertisement but the movies are a lot better than most of the other garbage you see peddled as “family entertainment.”

    Of course, I have to admit I rather like all of the “I Love Troy” merchandise that HSM spawned. You should all buy that stuff.

  46. BigElectricCat says:


    “I’m sure the kid in the picture is just taking a break from sewing the stuffed animals together.”

    Now THAT’S funny. :D

  47. citybuddha says:

    It is what we make it.
    Only thinking makes it right or wrong.

    Double that funny!

  48. Wormfather says:

    How old is this picture. Think she’s 18 now? Is she single?


    Seriously, this whole thing is bullshit, they so own Hannah Montana and it is beyond me to think that those pictures hit the press without someone from Disney giving the ok, ok.

  49. MissPeacock says:

    @citybuddha: See my comment and Spinach Dip’s above. She is wearing a PUSH-UP BRA. Whether she really has breasts or not, there is a distinct outline of her right breast. She is posed in a traditional lingerie pose. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  50. @WhirlyBird:

    Damn you got me there … but on the other side as far as i remeber the USA are the country of “Hey lets start a ploygamist sect and force 14 year old to marry much older men and have as many kids as they can” right ?

    I do think that both countries have their fair share of sickos … so i really think we shouldnt take those into account.


    I do think that it simply wasnt a thing in the 60ies … or in other parts of the world.

    When i was a kid, me and my cousin ran around naked at the pool until we were i dont … 6 or so ? At least where i live there is nothing sexual associated with that (at least not in the mind of non pedophiles).

    But from what i am reading here it seems to me that in the US everything automatically sexual as soon as there is a kid running around naked, in underwear, in a bathing suit, whatever. Isnt there something gone wrong in the thinking of the “normal” people when everything you can think about when you see a half naked child is “omg sex!”

    The Disney add is well … in my eyes something i would rather be pissed about as parent cause my 11 year old daugther will now cry so long until she gets disney underwear and not the normal, not branded kind. But it doesnt have any sexual content.


    Why is it good in a catalogue but not on a billboard ?

    I mean a pedophile will sit at home and wank to the catalogue. He cant do that to a billboard on the open street.

    And honestly … i doubt that a pedophile will even then use teen underwear as a wanking tool … i mean come on … he probably has a computer and the internet.

  51. @MissPeacock:

    The lil sis of my gf is 9. Last year she wanted thongs cause “Mariella is having them too” and Mariella (the big 24 year old sister) is the big role model. What she does is great, what she wears is godlike.

    And i guess its the same here. All girls / woman in China wear push ups (and yes they do … ). So the kids want the same thing their mummys, and big sister wear.

    There is nothing wrong with that … its just immitation of a role model. It has no sexual context.

  52. MissPeacock says:

    “All girls / woman in China wear push ups (and yes they do … ).”

    Really? Please back that statement up with a reference.

  53. weakdome says:
  54. defectivesealion says:

    The reaction in the US to any image of a child in a semi-sexual pose as “omg sex” is really an example of parents trying to protect their children. Whether or not this is misguided is up for debate, but the vast majority of people’s reaction to this and pedophilia is fear. Parents are afraid for their children, thus they are afraid that pedophiles exist, and so they object to this. The view is that this image will encourage those who are already predisposed to violence and sexual feelings towards children to act on their urges. Or even give them the urges in the first place. Really, the reaction isn’t “omg sex” it’s “omg my child will be hurt either emotionally or physically because of this image”. It’s a worst-case-scenario thinking. It certainly doesn’t help that we live in a sex-obsessed culture where talking about anything of that nature is taboo.

  55. CRSpartan01 says:


    *eye roll*

  56. PropCulture says:

    Awesome. Maybe now Disney can do something about the underage girls making their products in China also.

  57. revmatty says:

    Quick reading comprehension note for those decrying “our media outlets” for this image: China is not actually part of the US and they have their own media, mostly state controlled and highly risque averse. This sort of envelope pushing campaign is only recently being seen in the bigger cities and isn’t being greeted favorably by the public in general.

  58. @MissPeacock:

    Does personal expirence count ? From numerouse trips there for buisness and pleasure ?

    And yes i should have said “All Girls / Woman who live in the big cities on the coast (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fuzhou) and who work in the service industry and who want to live a “western” live style. -> Which basically means the group which can afford disney branded clothes.

  59. SacraBos says:

    “I can tell you thinks about Peter Pan, or the Wizard of Oz (There’s a Dirty Old Man).”
    “When correctly viewed, everything is lewd”
    – “Smut”, Tom Lehrer

  60. ryan89 says:

    I’m getting sick of all the sexually suggestive clothing being pushed towards all the youngsters these days. I’m 26 now and I sure don’t recall 12 year olds wearing that kind of stuff when I was that young.

  61. 3drage says:

    lol, lots of people here saying “back in my day” stuff. Has the Internet reached the golden age? People are way too uptight around here about this kind of stuff. Live a little and stop being so prudish.

  62. j-yo says:

    I thought the Vanity Fair photos were fine although I am offended that they even devoted space to this no-talent child and her “Hey this is my second 15 minutes of fame” dad.

    The billboard in China is the stuff of predator dreams.

  63. @j-yo:

    why is this billboard a predators dream ?

    Personally i would say that a preadators dream is an unattended child,alone,and far away from other people.

    Or do you really think that a pedophile looks at the thing and thinke “Hey cute girl … now i have to go home and rape the daughther of my neighbour”.

    This is not how such things work.


    Back in my days (and i am the same age) 12 year old girls didnt wear bras cause they didnt have the boobs to justify them.

    But disney inspired underwear ? Oh come on i remeber my Donald Duck boxer Shorts very well.

    The thing is : Times are changing, and so is the taste in clothing.

    Children want to immitate their brothers, sisters, mums, dads, friends, role models, and so on …

    So if they wear that stuff, kids want to have it. That is nothing bad … i mean kids also want to eat with a fork at some point and not cause they think its superior to the spoon but simply cause their parents do it. And they wanna use the “Big Toilet” and not a potty seat …

  64. potohead1 says:

    Since noone wants to say I will she is hot and that’s all. Just wait until she is eighteen and ask her out.

    On another note her parents sign the consent, they let her be on the picture and got paid take it up with them.

  65. ablestmage says:

    @spinachdip: Yes, because lying on your side demonstrating proper Minnie Mouse handpuppet technique is soooooo suggestive. Suggestive that you’re a complete retard. I wager it will create more Minni Mouse handpuppet fetishists than more pedophiles.

  66. revmatty says:

    @3drage: It’s funny, because whenever there’s some news story about how awful it is with kids these days (sex, drugs, clothing, music, attitude, work ethic, whatever) there’s a whole wave of “When I was that age we weren’t like that”. Where the hell did these people grow up? Montana?

    I’m almost 40. When I was a teen we said and did all the same things the teens are doing today, our music was just as vapid, our attitudes just as bad, our clothes just as embarrassing. I think a lot of superficial things have changed (and even those not all that much) but kids are still kids, teens are still teens, and you could pick up a 12 year old from 1962 and drop him down in 2008 and he’d be just fine.

  67. Megatenist says:

    IMHO,this “controversy” over the Miley Cyrus pics is so overblown and overhyped,it’s pathetic.

    All I see is a girl with an anorexic back.

    The billboard,while might be considered “risque” here in the states,is probably not that big of a deal in China.Different country,different culture..

    Jesus,some of you folks are prudes.Get out of the ’50’s and welcome to the wired…

  68. mariospants says:

    The cultural differences are astounding: in the US they hang the marketing company for slapping a pre-menstrual child in her underwear on a billboard but in China they hang the sexual offenders.

    I’m no perv or prude but I do find the image bizarrely suggestive. I wonder what a 12 year old girl makes of the image?

  69. jennieblue22 says:

    May I add… that in most Asian countries (including India, and I would assume China as well) that such suggestive photographs (or, until recently, any photo revealing skin that wasn’t on your face, lower legs below the knees, or arms) are (were?) frowned upon as dirty and suggestive – and still are by most conservatives of many religions in the region (Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism…)

  70. jennieblue22 says:

    @mariospants: A 12 year old wouldn’t know what’s wrong with it because she’s still too innocent to understand…

  71. FerryPrincess says:

    I think the Austrian and Eurowannabee(?) mikelotus only contibute so that they can mention topless beaches…hellooo context here. We’re talking about underage girls in seductive poses in order to sell sell sell-not inconsequential topless beaches. Yes, Americans are repulsed by the billboard. If that’s what you call puritanical, then so be it, mikelotus. Meanwhile Europeans hate us b/c we are so commercial…we’ll advertise anything. Make up your minds. Are there billboards of 13 yr old girls in Disney underwear or 15 year old superstars half-naked in European magazines? I’ve never seen them in northern countries stated above…it’s been awhile though. Maybe they’re catching up with us.

  72. P_Smith says:

    Don’t they use puppets in therapy to ask kids, “Did he touch you there?”

    First it was Spears as a Disney sex object, then Aguilera, then Spears’ sister, and now Cyrus. Disney’s kiddie porn is getting younger and younger.

    Given that the poster was put up by pro-republican Disney (look up the “Spocko” incident sometime), this is no surprise.

  73. slowenuff says:

    It goes Spears (mmc) Aguilera (mmc) Lohan (parent trap) Vanessa Hudgens (musical movies) Jamie spears doesnt count she belongs to nickelodean.

  74. kristy34c says:

    I agree it’s a bit creepy to see photos like this on billboards but I think we are all missing the bigger issue..

    this isn’t a single photo but one of several dozen photos taken by Shanghai Zhenxin Garment Company who is offical licensee of disney.. they were run on billboards, magazines, etc throughout china & the asian world.

    all of the photos have a single thing in common.. young white american preteen & teen girls scantly clad in their undies ..while trying to pretend to be cute or innocent by wearing mouse ears.. ask yourself this question… Why in China, if you attempting to sell product to chinese girls (or thier mom’s) wouldn’t you not have chinese girls in the ads? how many times do we see middle eastern women in bra ads here in the USA? never.. you see american women.. so the goal of the ads is not to sell product to chinese women but something much more sinister.

    if you consider the fact that China has secretly invested over $2 trillion in U.S. treasury bonds & we have a large trade deficit. Many enconomists agree China could wreck the U.S. enconomy (and has already threaten to do in the past) by selling all of it’s holdings immediately spining our stock market into chaos .. if we were to remove move favoured trading status, or speak out against thier human rights record or the olympic games in 2008.

    given the age of consent in china is 14yrs old and it’s common practice throughout Asia called Enjo Kosai (older men with younger girls) this ad exists for one purpose: The Global enslavement of our precious innocent america girls for the pleasure of chinese men.

    if you think I’m kidding, on a recent trip to DisneyWorld in florida with my 12yr old daughter & 15yr old son several things happened that appear to be innocent but reveals Disney’s hidden agenda.

    1)while in line for pirates of carribean ride – a pirate character came up to my son teased him for awhile about being a pirate, then looked over at my daughter, took out his sword and placed it on her shoulder and asked “and what about you lass.. is it your first time to pirates carribean ride” she took it in good fun said yes.. he replied.. “hmm..you’ll fetch a good price at auction..” she was a bit confused then he left..then during the ride I notice several girls lined up hands tied together being auctioned off as “turn a wench into a bride”

    after we exited the ride it opens up into a disney pirates store.. we told the kids to look around while we went outside to buy some food. when we came back 5mins later a 30yr old disney store employee had my son dressed up as pirate: hat, sword etc. and my daughter had a toga type robe over her clothes and shackles on her arms & legs.. yes disney is selling plastic toy shackles.. she said to me ..mom I’ve been taken prisoner.. the Disney employee thought it was cute. it distribed me a little but I took it in good fun.. until…

    The next day we were approached by a disney rep on property if we would be interested in a FREE trip to Disneyland Hong Kong (which of course is in China). long story short after being taken to a room with about 100 other mom’s and thier daughters ages 11-16yrs old. they basically were looking for “models” to travel there with thier moms for disney characters or possible ads. they wanted to take profile (front side & back)photos of my daughter and fill out forms include her height weight & bust, measurements. The Disney rep also asked if I had an older daughter ages 18-22yrs to work at the park, the girls would be traveling alone but Disney would provide Security & housing for the girls from all across the U.S. & Europe in harem …I mean dorm type rooms

    I believe this is proof of Disney’s overall goal of the enslavement of our innocent girls as objects of pleasure for chinese men. Please protest to Disney against these ads to protect the virtue of our girls.

    kristy :)
    contact me if questions

  75. jamar0303 says:

    @kristy34c: Whoa… Perhaps you should be educating yourself a little more. First off, “Enjo kosai” is primarily Japanese. In China it’s mostly foreign men with Chinese girls, so I could very much turn “The Global enslavement of our precious innocent america girls for the pleasure of chinese men” back on you. And thirdly…
    Screw this, you’re beyond help.

  76. kristy34c says:

    my previous posting was a joke..

    but I think it would make a really interesting movie plot. if a “family friendly” company like Disney that is aimed at kids, with theme parks, tv, movies etc and an icon of american society.. was involved in something much more sinister. say international Trafficking and the so called innocent billboards,catalogs and other things I mentioned above had a dual purpose..

    eventually you would find Disney had enough power to bring down foreign governments by scandal with key political figures, censor the internet and coerced nations into forming a ..one world government… if you think I’m kidding how many generations of children (perhaps even your own) have Disney’s National anthem …”it’s a small world after all…” rammed into our heads..

    the Billboards are the first step.. it started with DisneyLand.. now DisneyWorld they have thier own Mayor, police fire, they issue thier own passports, world domination is the goal.