Target's Super Secret Return Policy

Consumer Reports tells us that Target’s strict “No receipt, No return” policy has an “unadvertised” loophole — you can return items of less than $20 for store credit. The catch? You can only do this twice a year.

Consumer Reports says:

According to the posted policy, you’re simply out of luck if you don’t have a receipt and Target can’t verify the purchase through its electronic “receipt look-up” system, as might be the case if you paid cash or received the item as a gift.

But for items costing up to $20, there’s another “hidden” option that you won’t see on the store’s posted return policy. Customers can get store credit, provided they show a driver’s license or other government-issued identification and haven’t already used this option twice during the year. This option actually has been around awhile, although it initially allowed no-receipt returns for items valued up to $100, an amount subsequently reduced to $40, and reduced again last year to $20.

“It is something we look at as an accommodation above and beyond the policy,” says Target spokesman David Fransen. “It’s not publicized or advertised.”

CR notes that Walmart will give you cash back on items under $25 without a receipt, so referring to this policy as “above and beyond” is a little, um, generous. Don’t you think?

Target’s ‘hidden’ return policy
[Consumer Reports]


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