The Best Sales Line Ever

I walked by this DS-Max/Innovage type salesguy who was trying to sell cheap merchandise on the street one and he started to walk by my side. “Who are you voting for?” he asked. Just to mess with him, I said, “Nader.” He screwed up his face like he didn’t understand the words I was saying and then said, “Well you’re definitely going to need one of these.” A few feet away I looked over my shoulder and saw that he had stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and was smiling and holding out some large bound object. Walking closer I saw that he was holding an oversized plastic kitten calendar. He had just unintentionally performed the wittiest piece of political comedy I saw all year. It was also a great sales line. No matter what I said, he could follow it up with the same call to buy. I guess it’s not foolproof, however, as my walls are still devoid of oversized kitten calendars.

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