NJ Gov Interested In Fast Food "Sin Tax"

Not being able to afford to eat at restaurants that don’t have a dollar menu may become a sin in NJ, says the Associated Press. Jon Corzine, the governor of a state in which gambling is legal, is considering a suggestion to levy a “sin tax” on fast food in order to help save NJ’s underfunded hospitals.

From the AP:

New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine said Tuesday he’s open to using a “sin tax” to help provide funding for struggling hospitals.

His comments came after Amy Mansue, of Children’s Specialized Hospital, suggested a fast food tax during a meeting between Corzine and hospital leaders on proposed state hospital and health care aid cuts.

Corzine called it “a constructive suggestion.”

“We would be happy to examine that and debate that with the Legislature,” Corzine said.

But Senate President Richard J. Codey said he wouldn’t favor a fast food tax.

“That’s a tax on poorer people and people with kids,” said Codey, D-Essex.

Detroit weighed a 2 percent tax on sales at fast-food establishments in 2005, but the plan didn’t become law.

What do you think? Can cheap, unhealthy food be a “sin” like cigarettes or liquor? And if so, whose sin is it?

A fast food tax to help NJ hospitals? Corzine open to idea [NJ] (Thanks, Andrew!)
(Photo:Morton Fox)

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