Man Arrested For Complaining Too Much

A Pennsylvania man was arrested for making too many complaints on behalf of his neighborhood to get the local government to enforce noise and air quality laws against a concrete manufacturer across the street from him. Silhol Builders Supply makes ready-mix cement and neighbors say they’re awoken by noise at 2 in the morning from the trucks, and that cement dust coats their windows. Marshall Pappert was appointed the neighborhood pointman to try to prod the local government to action, sending scores of letters and leaving phone messages. It was three messages left with borough Manager Lori Collins that brought the backlash. In them he called for her to resign and accused her of breaking promises to collect and test dust samples from neighborhood homes. She found this harassing and called the cops. Pappert is appealing his conviction. It’s a sad day when someone gets arrested just for asking the government to do its job.

Team 4: Complaining Bridgeville Neighbor Arrested For Harassment [The Pittsburgh Channel]

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