Are These Netflix DVDs Legit?

There are few companies that we love more than Netflix. Usually their service and support are top-notch among DVD renters. However, Consumerist Forums reader “muffinman” has a concern. He has been receiving what he believes are counterfeit DVDs and has some compelling photo evidence. Please help us crack the case and tell us what you think. His letter and pictures inside…

Hey everybody,
I know Netflix is usually pretty cool about problems but today I received a couple discs and for the fourth time now- they’re copies. Not even good ones. I called them once again and was ‘personally’ assured that ‘human eyes check every disc that comes back’ and that they could not be fakes. Its easy to spot them, the labels are wrong, usually obviously home-made, the menus work incorrectly, etc.. they’re shoddy

Here’s the brief history of the 4 incidents:
“Bleach” discs 6 & 7 -Early Feb- Netflix apologized, sent me a bonus disc. That’s right, ONE bonus disc for two horked ones.

“Full Metal Alchemist” discs 2, 3, 4- End of Feb – Netflix guy questions how i could know if a disc is fake. I offer to send pictures, he says that’s not possible. Apologizes and sends bonus disc.

“Full Metal Alchemist” disc 6 – Mid March – This one is from the same batch of fakes as the last. Netflix again questions how I could possibly know its fake. Offer to send pictures of this one, again told no and offered replacement disc.

“Bones” discs 3 & 4 – 4/26/08 – I’m willing to admit i might be wrong on these. If i’m right, these fakes are less obvious but the episodes don’t match up. Says 7-10 but its actually 6-9. Even better, Netflix has taken the actual Bones discs which are two-sided, and given me maybe-bootlegs that are one-sided. So, for example, the real disc 2 has episodes 7-10 on side A & 11-12 on side B. But these are one-siders they sent me, so (even if they are not “fakes”) i still had to waste a disc just to get the WHOLE one. Shady at best, Netflix.!

Here is a “Bones” season 1, disc 3 DVD. Muffinman says it has a paper label. If it is a Netflix split disc should it say Netflix on it?

Here is a genuine “Bones” disc 2 from Blockbuster. Note the only writing is in the center of the disc. (below)
Left: A genuine “Full Metal Alchemist” disc 3. Right: Suspected fake “Full Metal Alchemist” disc 2. Both are from Netflix. (below)

Muffinman also says the play surfaces look normal and silver to him, not purple colored. We aren’t familiar with Netflix’ policy on splitting out double discs and whether they should be marked with a Netflix logo is unclear. We have never heard of paper labels being used in any professional application. What say you, Consumerists? Are these discs legit?

Netflix sending bootlegs? [Consumerist Forums]

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