Travel Light: Fees For Extra Luggage Multiply Like Crazy

Starting May 5th, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, and US Airways are limiting coach passengers to one checked bag per passenger. No biggie if you travel light anyway. Business and first-class passengers will get an extra bag or two, but beware of the excess luggage fees.

If you fly Delta, for example, and you bring one extra bag that weighs over 50 pounds, you will be charged: $25 for the extra bag and $80 for going over the weight limit. If you needed a bigger bag to carry all that gear, that’ll be another $150 for exceeding the size limit. Other airlines’ fees follow suit.

Know what you are in for before you get on the plane with extra luggage. At these rates, it would be a lot cheaper to ship your extra gear via train.

New Luggage Limits: Sky High Fees for Extra Bags [Mouse Print]

(photo: dwrichards)

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