The Worst Landlords In The World

If you thought your landlord was bad, check out this story. This San Francisco couple is facing several felony counts after conducting a campaign of terror against its tenants in an effort to get them to to leave the building. The crazy things they did include:

  • Cutting a giant hole in one renter’s floor
  • Breaking into a tenant’s apartment and pouring ammonia on their clothes, bedding, and electronics
  • Cutting the support beams to a renter’s apartment
  • Illegally entering a renter’s apartment and dismantling their furniture
  • Turning off the water,power, and electricity to tenant’s apartments

Suffice to say, landlords aren’t allowed to do those sort of things just to get you to skedaddle. What’s the worst landlord you ever had and how did you deal with them?

S.F. landlords charged with tenant terror [SF Gate] (Thanks to Paul!)

(Photo: Getty)

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