Seller Gets Scammed On Ebay, PayPal Won't Help

Matt just got his first taste of Ebay, and it wasn’t good—as soon as he mailed off the Best Buy gift card to the buyer, the buyer reversed payment on Matt’s PayPal account and stopped communicating with him. We’re pretty sure he’s screwed on this one, but does anyone have any good advice for what he can do next?

I was just scammed from selling a 100$ valued best buy gift card selling it on ebay for 96$. I wanted to get an mp3 player but not from best buy because they have no selection of mp3 players greater than 20 gb at all.
Everything looked fine because someone bought this gift card and “supposedly” sent me the money. It was shown i had 96$ on april 3 in my paypal account, so of course i did the “right” thing and sent my card to the unfortunate fraudulent buyer.
Then the same day after I say i sent the package, the money gets somehow reversed. I get this notification from paypal that i might have been dealing with fraud. They notified the man and even received confirmation via email. Paypal finally gets back to me on April 22nd just saying that I did not have seller protection so they will not refund me in any sort of way.
I have his address, phone number and e-mail, but I do not know what to do. He has not responded to my emails though.
I need some advice in dealing with this besides any more pointless responses from paypal. Where is the justice? What can I do to get my money back if possible since paypal will not help or refund me? Why should only certain sellers get seller protection but not others? I would like to sell more stuff on ebay but after this risky transition I’m not so sure if I still want to. Thank you.

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