TigerDirect bought CompUSA, and just announced a grand re-opening of 15 stores and the regular opening of one store.


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  1. MustyBuckets says:

    Seems they really like Florida. Taking advantage of the higher population of the elderly, I assume.

  2. Xkeeper says:

    @MustyBuckets: TigerDirect is actually based in Florida, so…

  3. lefty_redhead says:

    Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico. Are they marketing to Spanish-speaking computer geeks? I’m not judging, every company needs their niche. Those are just three places with a lot of people who speak Spanish.

  4. @lefty_redhead: So what exactly is your point? Woot runs out of Texas :/

  5. differcult says:

    Isn’t this a crime. I though brankruptcy forced you to never open at the same location again….

  6. riverstyxxx says:

    I think they’re going to hire the same malcontents they paid to stand on the corners with 30% off signs as full-time employees from here on out.

    That was a really long sentence. I know.
    They probably won’t reopen any here in OC since the competition is fierce. We have Microcenter and Frys beating each other up, Best Buy is still lingering with their thumbs in each others’ asses.

  7. lefty_redhead says:

    @Papa Midnight: Nothing. No point, it was the first thought that popped into my head. I’ve been working with kids learning English, most are native Spanish speakers. I’m getting jealous that they speak two languages, and apparently I am still having trouble writing in English.

    No hate here, sorry if that was the impression.

  8. Joedragon says:

    I go the Naperville IL one that is part of the warehouse and it is packed most of the time.

  9. Bryan Price says:

    I’ve been to both in Jacksonville. Nothing I really had to have.

    I was truly hoping for an opportunity to get Microcenter down this far south, but it appears not (Atlanta is the closest to me I’m afraid).

  10. Damn! Not a single re-opening in GA. They were the only store in town that had a decent selection of useful parts. E.G. No one carries an ATX 24 pin power extension cable. I had to order one and pay twice the cost of the price just for shipping.

  11. thewriteguy says:

    Hopefully, Tiger is aiming to make CompUSA more tech-geeky (in terms of selection of tech merch and price/deals) in order to position the stores better against Fry’s and Microcenter. The original CompUSA tried to go after the Best Buy customer and failed.

  12. CPC24 says:

    @differcult: They never actually went bankrupt. Carlos Slim just gave up and sold everything. These 15 locations and the website were sold to Tiger Direct. Everything else was sold to Gordon Brothers, a huge liquidation firm. They then liquidated and closed those stores.

  13. felixgolden says:

    The store in Deerfield Beach never really closed. I stopped in there last month, and it was a mess. The store in Palm Beach, which is a couple of miles away from me, is a completely new store. It has saved my butt a few times since it opened unofficially a few weeks ago. They had it opened while they were still setting it up and getting inventory.

    A decent amount of DIY parts, as well as items geared towards actual office use, as opposed to just the home/soho market.

    Prices are surprisingly good, and the staff has actually been very nice. Was able to walk into the store today and buy an 8-port router for less than it would have cost me from Newegg with overnight shipping (needed it by tomorrow).

  14. The Stork says:

    @Joedragon: I popped in that Naperville location once. Absolutely nothing I looked at was much cheaper than BBY or CC and there were mail-in rebates out the ying-yang. I understand they have to charge more at a retail location since there’s more overhead, but it was still disappointing.

  15. lonewolf333 says:

    Was going to take a job there as a PC tech, but decided not to.

  16. lonewolf333 says:

    @thewriteguy: Nobody wants nerds as customers, they just want the Bestbuy morons.

  17. Maulleigh says:

    But not the Fifth Avenue NYC location. I must admit I’ve bought stuff there but the customer service is/was really spotty.

  18. Josh says:

    Can you believe, a salesman at BestBuy told me he knew more about computers than me even though I have never seen/spoken to him before? All I said was (when my brother was buying a laptop) “we can just put more ram in it if we need to” (talking to my brother) and the salesman was like “are you sure about that?” and I was like “do you know something I don’t” (i dunno, maybe something new came out) and he was like “probably”

  19. RvLeshrac says:

    @James Sumners:

    Micro Center in Gwinnett and Marietta…

    Though yeah, I haven’t seen any 24-pin extenders. I don’t know what you’d need one for, though – most PSUs I see come wtih a 24-pin cable that is twice as long as it needs to be.

  20. telepheedian says:

    One thing is certain, if I was launching a TigerDirect retail store, I wouldn’t be recycling the CompUSA name. It’s like Kmart. They should just ditch the brand altogether.

  21. Orv says:

    @telepheedi: They could call them TigerIndirect, maybe. ;)

  22. letoofdune says:

    I grew up in McAllen, TX, where they’re reopening one of the stores. That same store installed a 56k modem into my Packard Bell back when I was 12, so I have a warm spot in my heart for it.

    Unfortunately, it turned into a bit of a shithole. Poor customer service and poor selection of anything actually computer related.

    They make tons of money, though, because of the border traffic. McAllen, TX is about 4 miles from the border, and that location is popular among Mexican families that come over to the states to shop – it’s a boon to the whole region, but especially for technology. It’s not unusual to see people walk out of that store with thousands of dollars in equipment. I’d wager it was probably one of the highest grossing CompUSAs before the shut down.

    Good for them to reopen it, though. And good to them for closing it, because I picked up a 500gb external HD for peanuts when they were going out of business the first time.

  23. bobosims says:

    I live in McAllen, TX and I agree with letoofdune… the place was a real hole. CompUSA moved to the other side of the plaza they were in, and that will afford them a better chance to layout the merchandise in a more navigable arrangement.

    As far as sales volume goes, the location is immediately adjacent to a massive mall (LaPlaza), which holds records as far as the most sales per square foot for a mall in the country, etc… We have 4 of the top 10 grossing WalMarts in the country down here too. The whole retail economy down here is really driven by cross-border Mexican sales… so it’s no surprise that this store was reopened!

    I’ve yet to check it out (saw their grand opening sign the other day when I drove by), but I’m hoping that TigerDirect will have done something good with it.

    I also have seen people leave the store with thousands of dollars of equipment too… sometimes it is mind bending! The shopping mindset down here isn’t as much about saving money and getting the best deal, it usually leans more toward getting the most stuff at the same time at a convenient location. And, many of the customers unbox their newly-purchased merchandise so they can say that it’s used (as in “it wasn’t just purchased”) which means they can avoid import taxes that are levied on the MX side of the border. It’s weird (and sad) to drive in to the parking lot and see a bunch of empty boxes scattered around. You know what’s just happened, but I find myself wishing that folks would at least take the time to throw away their trash before they left. That kind of cultural mindset aids in fueling the immigration debate down here… but that discussion’s for another day.

    All that to say… if our CompUSA ends up being the local equivalent to a Newegg type of outfit, they’ll do well down here. Trying to find spare parts at the other electronics stores down here (we’ve got most of them) is a real crap shoot. Oh, and continuing to have kick-butt pricing on Trendnet routers & gear would be great too!